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    rikki237 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 2 months ago

    It’s been a while since I last posted… So here’s chapter 2 🙂

    To see chapter 1, just go to my favourites. Please let me know if there’s any typos or anything I should improve on.

    Chapter 2

    Zahara/Rose’s POV

    I stood there, outside of the thick mahogany door for a minute after Professor Dovey left. I gathered my courage and turned the intricate silver ****. The chamber was white with teal and lilac accents, and there were three silver canopied beds all against the teal wall, each bed with a snow-coloured chest at the foot of the bed, at the front of the room were makeup counters, at there were two large windows each with a window seat. The room was nice, but it wasn’t home, and it was much too girly. I picked the the bed nearest to the window on the left. I put my belongings in the white chest and brought the cats out from my bag. Exhausted from my journey, I fell into a deep slumber.
    I was sleeping a dreamless sleep, when a delicate whisper pulled me out of the dark depths of sleep and asked,
    “Is that her?” . Then another voice replied,
    “I think so.”
    The first voice hesitated before speaking,
    “Should we wake her up? Beautification is in 15 minutes…”
    “You’ve already done that, so there’s no need.” I said
    They both shrieked.
    The girl who had the quiet and delicate voice seemed like the sweet and quiet type. She had fair skin, grey eyes, long, wavy, dark brown hair pulled back in a braided ballerina bun topped with a silk turquoise bow. She introduced herself as Elizabeth ( @emanresu1234 )
    The second girl had long straight red hair, with medium sized almond shaped green eyes framed by long eyelashes, a heart shaped face, with a sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of her nose, full lips, and a tall willowy figure. She introduced herself as Ellyn.
    I introduced myself while getting ready for beautification. I guess I was getting used to this place, besides for one thing. I hated the fact that it’s considered taboo for evergirls to eat breakfast.



    Those sounds filled Cass’ ears as he lay on his back looking up at the droplets of water that dripped off of the ebony and blood red stalactites and into the crystal clear lagoon below. Cass stood up and looked over the edge of the ledge on which he was lying on, and jumped. Just as he hit the water, he blacked out.

    He was floating high above the schools, and castles were engulfed lilac-coloured flames, with teachers, and students running into the forest. Cases looked behind him and saw that the border of the forest was lined with lilac-coloured fiery figures that scorched everything they touched, reducing those things into ashes. In this case, those things were people.

    Cass had experienced visions similar to this. The fire, the carnage, the death, the smell of scorched skin, was familiar. This was the future.

    Cass hated it. He tried to concentrate on the present, just as August had taught him. He was about to close his eyes when he saw two figures, weapons at hand running towards the fiery figures. He screamed.

    His eyes flew open and he was lying face down on the white sand beach of the lagoon. He struggled to his feet, and sprinted down the tunnel that lead to the school master’s tower. Leaving only four words in his wake.

    “I’ve got to warn them.”


    Thank you so much to @emanresu1234 for lending me Elizabeth 🙂 .

    Here are my bios that I used in the chapter:

    Name: Zahara
    Nickname(s): Rose*
    Gender: girl
    Age: 14-ish
    School: school for good
    Parents: descendant of Jasmine and Aladdin, and descendant of jacks frost’s line and the little mermaid’s. I know that’s kinda confusing…
    Relatives within the school: Leto, her cousin (jack frost’s grandson)
    Personality: Sarcastic, polite, strong, kind, caring, honest, loyal, very stubborn, unorganized, intelligent, procrastinator, weird, introverted, brave, courageous, slightly insecure, somewhat confident, outdoorsy homebody (if that’s a thing), can be a leader if she wants to be, shy at first, cat obsessed, adventurous, admires nevers, down to earth, easy going, sly, witty, has a knack for practical jokes/pranks, mischievous
    Clothes: studded leather moto jacket, pants whenever possible, teal above the knee dress, black combat boots (always!), black satchel bag, black fishnet tights, black belt that she uses to sheath her dagger, school uniform during school ours
    Magic items: magic carpet, jack frost’s staff, a black satchel that is a portal to her room (stores anything)
    Likes: cats, chocolate, cats/animals, books, cats, water, ocean/beach/any sort of natural water, swimming, fish, junk food (poutine especially), cats, mint, and cats.
    Dislikes: judgemental people (racists, sexists etc.), eating fish (friends don’t eat friends!), work, pressure, uncomfortable clothes, Brussel sprouts (and some other veggies), dancing, waking up early, and shoes
    Physical Appearance: big dark brown eyes framed by long lashes, a small beauty mark diagonally underneath her right eye, small button nose, thin lips, heart shaped face, olive skin, long wavy thick dark brown hair with lighter streaks (dyes hair funky colours from time to time), shorter, average hourglass figure, feet on the larger size, wears glasses occasionally.
    Crush/ Boyfriend: I honestly don’t know.
    Talent: control over water, ice, and sand, can sing, her main talent is that she is amazing with fighting (archery, sword, fist, verbal, you name it),
    Fatal flaw: her family and friends. She also suffers from arachnophobia, due to a childhood event.
    Weapon: too many to choose from, but staff inherited from her grandpa (jack frost) and magic carpet (is that a weapon or an advantage used in battle?!), favourite is a dagger with a leather hilt.
    Pets: 2 female chocolate point Siamese twins (both are shape shifters)
    Friends: People outside of school, no one in school so far
    Finger Glow: teal/aqua blue

    *explanation for her name/nickname: since a lot of people can’t pronounce Zahara (means Rose in a few different languages), people call her Rose.

    Name: Ellyn
    Gender: female
    Age: 14
    School: school for good
    Parents: part fairy (neverlandish variation)
    Personality: flirtatious, kind, slightly conceited, a fierce and loyal friend, perfectionist, hates anything ***** and/or buggy, easy to anger, sweet in unexpected ways, caring, optimistic, girly, a typical evergirl
    Clothes: school uniform most of the time, if not wearing uniform her usual outfit is: a pale white-blue above-the-knee dress, with a thin sliver belt, matching enchanted silver flats, she usually wears silver accessories (handbag, jewellery, hair gear etc.), a white lace bolero (depending on weather)
    Magic items: her shoes. They can change colour size and shape (they can basically become anything)
    Likes: beautification, cucumbers, Cassius, meringue, fruit, the groom room
    Dislikes: anything filthy and anything with more than four legs, fighting (physically not verbally. She doesn’t mind verbally), physical activity,
    Physical appearance: long straight red hair, medium sized almond shaped green eyes, heart shaped face, full lips, tall, slender, willowy, pale skin with a sprinkle of freckles, long eyelashes,
    Crush/boyfriend: crushes on Cassius
    Talent: can grow wings at will (can control size, shape, colour and strength at will, can dance
    Weapon: her shoes. They can change colour size and shape (they can basically become anything)
    Pets: none
    Friends: Zahara/Rose, Cassius, Leto
    Fingerglow: silver

    Name: Cassius (his nickname is Cass. He hates Cassius)
    Gender: male
    Age: Immortal. He looks like a 14-15 year old. However he suspects that he was born in the stone ages, and claimed to have “evolved” with the rest of the humans.
    School: “Neither here, nor there” as he likes to say. He’s not a student (he once was at both school). Now he is a messenger boy. He delivers messenger from class to class, school to school etc.
    Fairytale relatives: He is Jack Frost’s grandson, which makes him Zahara’s first cousin/ uncle. They never really talk about it. Zahara and Cass are very close, as she grew up with him as an older and brotherly figure. His mother is an elf (which whom he inherited his immortality from)
    Personality: very quiet, peculiar, nonsensical, sweet, can be arrogant, kind, has a temper, he has a lot of regret in his heart, a prankster, fun-loving, the type who never stays in one place long (for him, long is 4000+ years), suffers from arachnophobia, friendly
    Clothes: he will wear a grey version of the ever boy uniform, during leisure hours he will wear: black combat boots with pointy steel tips, a white grey shirt, black slacks, with his black weapons belt.
    Magic items: himself- as he is a magician trained and tamed by Galapas himself (Merlin’s mentor/teacher), he is also a seer.
    Likes: cats, books, weapons/fighting (see talents), running, practical jokes, interrupting classes (especially history of heroism) with either witty comments and/or magical practical jokes.
    Dislikes: When people don’t take him seriously, spiders, being under/overestimated, class, being compared to others, professor Anemone (she’s self conceited, frilly, pink, and stupid, according to him), when people ask him questions about the past and future.
    Physical appearance: he has golden hair with lighter and darker streaks, a heart shaped face with a chiseled chin, full lips, tanned muscular body, about 5″4 tall, lively round gold-flecked blue eyes framed by long lashes, hands with elegantly long fingers, resembles a 14-15 year old, sometimes mistaken for Tedros (at a distance)
    Crush/S.O: He’s thinks that he’s asexual, until a few months after he meets Ellyn. He falls in love with her, however long it takes him to realize it.
    Talent: Magic, dance (although he doesn’t like dancing, he’s really good at it), can control ice
    Weapons: Magic, some enchanted daggers, a ice sword, a boy and arrow
    Pets: a snowy owl named Seamus, that flies off for years, but always comes back. The owl is almost as old as Cassius himself.
    Friends: Most of the nevers, Ellyn, Zahara, and Leto
    Finger glow: Changes colour depending on his mood.

        espilce replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        Good job

        caster replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        Good job

        soulreaper replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        those are extremely detailed bios, and as for the story, good job :>

        rikki237 replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        Thanks @esplice @caster and @soulreaper , that means a lot to me 🙂

        emanresu1234 replied 4 years ago

        Oh my word its been 2 months since you posted this, I am SO sorry for not seeing it earlier! Keep up the good work!

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