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    rosegoldtiger1005 posted an update in the group SGE MOVIE FANTASY CASTING 2 months ago

    Hi, so now the movie is up and running and in the works, everybody is talking about open casting and I really liked the idea at first but working in the TV and Film Industry, especially behind the scenes, is my dream and I’ve done a lot of research into the way the industry works and open casting is very tricky. Especially with a world-renowned book series like this. Those of us not in America would have a hard time auditioning which I don’t mind – as much as I would like to be an actress and did some professional work as a child, I’d quite like to finish my education here in England first and I’m very content just doing amateur theatre the rest of my life on the side of whatever job in TV and Film I get – because of the way child labour laws and curriculum works. If there even was open casting, you wouldn’t be looking at them casting anyone outside of the area they were filming, unless you were dedicated enough to completely relocate for a year and possibly change your curriculum. I still want to see them consider fans but they’d have to be careful about the fans they select to audition and be careful that people who send in tapes were actually eligble to film. This is just my opinion, steming from research I’ve done, I’d love to hear other people’s opinions on this, however, as researching requires a number of different viewpoints and I will continue researching into this kind of stuff for my future job’s benefit, as its a hard industry to get into so I need to start preparing young, even if I don’t start working young.

        bellarontiris replied 2 months ago

        well, of course you would relocate if you were working on the movie. that’s a given. also, I have heard many casting directors say that they think video open auditions are efficient because they can go through so many people within a minute (they say it only takes about 6 seconds to see if an actor fits the role). If organized properly, video open auditions would be great, especially considering the pandemic. Adding on to what you said, kids that do not have parent permission should not audition. The worst thing to do in this industry is waste people’s time.

          cocodaprankster replied 2 months ago

          i just asked my mum. she says if i get lead, supporting or a role thets not an extra that only says a few lines, we will relocate 🙂

          rosegoldtiger1005 replied 2 months ago

          Yeah, I definitely get that. It’s the auditioning all over the world – relocating was obvious but the way labour rights work and schooling works, you’re looking at either having all the kids come from the same or similar school districts or hiring different tutors who specialise in different curriculums. I want to audition and I probably will but people say filming is supposed to start in January meaning most British and some European kids aged 15-18 won’t be able to audition because of GCSE and A-Levels taking place in May. And I get that video tape auditions are effective but video tape auditions can only be round one, as you also need screen and chemistry tests and letting kids from all around the world audition might be cruel as flying them out to america for a single day just to have them fail one of those tests would be expensive. I suppose thats the way the industry works sometimes but that’s why most teenage-casted things aren’t open cast – they go to schools or approach agencies

        cocodaprankster replied 2 months ago

        I get that too but places like Australia almost never have big productions which is a disadvantage to many. the only productions I know of that are famous and from Australia is the movie ‘paper planes’ and ‘home and away’. (also MasterChef but they aren’t paid actors)

        evilkid replied 2 months ago

        When I was starting to talk about it my dad asked where are they filming, do you want to audition and I was like yaaaaaassss! But there has to be open casting!

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