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    roxy727 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years ago

    Name: Ella ~ School: Good~ Friend: doesn’t have any at the moment~ Talent: Turn things alive if willing to~ Finger glow: light orange~ Gender: girl~ Age: 13~ Siblings: none~ etc: just arrived at the school for Good~ Note: Is this how you introduce your character? I’m new to role playing here

        hello122 replied 3 years ago

        I love it

        emmal replied 3 years ago

        v===Welcome to RP Level 0: The Clearing! Here we write roleplay (RPs), which is basically a story. Yeah. According to Google definitions
        ( 😛 ), it’s to “act out or perform the part of a person or character”. Basically, you write a story that can feature… YOU! As one of the characters. This is optional, of course. 😉 Your RP does not have to happen at SGE, but just make sure you add lots of detail and keep your readers interested!
        Before you post your first chapter, you first post their bios, which is an outline of your character(s).
        Here is a basic outline of a bio:
        Flaws/Weaknesses: (This is VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!! Do not make your character a Mary Sue, which is basically a character that is super-perfect! Make sure that every character has their flaws and weaknesses.)
        Magical Power:
        Weapons (optional):
        Pets (optional):
        Friends (optional):
        Fairytale lineage (which fairytale are their parents from?):
        Backstory: (This should be VERY DETAILED!!)
        We then post our RPs, usually chapter by chapter.
        Another thing you need to know about is tagging someone. When you tag someone, it appears as a notification in the mentions section of their report card. To tag someone, put the ‘@’ symbol in front of their username. For example, here is me tagging myself: @emmal.
        Users will usually have a tag list: a list of people who want to be notified when another chapter of your RP is out.
        To find instructions on how to change your fonts ( like this ), go to @soulreaper or go here:
        Oh! Another thing: DO NOT BE AFRAID OF CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. We have a few really talented writers on here, and they will give you advice on your story!! No one is perfect, so you do not need to be hurt!
        Remember that one-liners (posts consisting of only one line) are NOT ALLOWED, because they push other users’ posts down. Try to make your posts as detailed as possible!
        Our elder (basically representative and leader) is @caramelprincess. She’s really nice and an AMAZING writer. You will sometimes see her around, helping out the community.
        And that’s pretty much it. I’m not part of the official Welcoming Committee, so maybe one of their members might give you more details. 🙂
        To read my RP, click here then click “Activity”: @emmal. If you ever need any help on a bio or your RP, please tell me and I will be glad to help!
        See you around then! 😀

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