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    royalfudge posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    To all who know what it’s like to see your friends become memory, or to become a memory:
    It doesn’t make sense. Not really. The way people come, bond, leave. It seems to be at a whim at first, or because of some little thing which changes life. We’re just people. And yet somehow, somewhere, we manage to grow, change, become something beautiful. From there, we become legends- stories which few remember, stories which seem more myth than truth. But we’ll always know the truth, won’t we? The truth that, through it all, we were once one whole, many parts. We know the stories as if they’re a part of us. Maybe they are. Probably they are. The stories of food fights, wizardry wars, parties, and so much more. Those are the legends that get passed down today. Crystal Week is almost a legend already, becoming something of the past. The end of summer party of two years ago, the Snow Ball, everything. Those are stories. There are sub-stories, as well, stories of a particular user inside the larger story. The telling of ghost stories, Spirit’s storytelling, Salty. It’s so strange. I remember each of those things so clearly… And yet they blur. I don’t think that makes any sense. Regardless, it happens. And then they left- CatsRule, Salty, N, Tailte, Orla, KW, Kris. Everyone. So many more than that. It’s just that they weren’t big name users, so they’ve been mostly forgotten, except for the occasional important memory: EmmaL was the first person to ever comment on my post, with HaileyBird soon after. Emmy helped along the #WeAreEqual ’cause’.
    We each have those small stories.
    We’re each a part of those small stories.
    We are the stories.

        thecoven4ever replied 1 month, 2 weeks ago

        It must be strange, to be a story. And yet, it means that you will be remembered. Not forgotten. Your friends may be memories, Fudge. But for every one person who met them, the real them, not the legend, is one more person who remembers it like it is. Like you remember it. I will try and remember it like that. Not as legends. But as people. Real people. People who shaped this site, this legacy. I will remember them not as legends, but as people. And I hope others will as well. I could never truly understand. But for the sake of everyone who once was and everyone who will be, I must try. We must try. Love you, Kira.

          royalfudge replied 1 month, 2 weeks ago


        eloiseruizpalma replied 1 month ago

        This is beautiful…
        I’m honoured to even know you <3

          royalfudge replied 1 month ago

          As I am, my friend. As am I. <3

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