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    royalfudge posted an update 2 months ago

    To any who see this
    I have dreams sometimes. Not the type you get when you sleep. Those, I have altogether too often. But dreams, as in things you actually think of, dream up… Those come few and far between for me. Sometimes, when I get one, I’ll share it- that’s half the ideas you see spouting from me today. More often than not, though, you won’t hear a whisper of it. It’s too close to the heart, too far away from yours, too messed up to be of any worth. But last night, dreaming away, I had one. One which seems to be a story more than anything else:
    To the end of your dreams.
    Sounds strange, doesn’t it? What it means, though, is that may you not only find your dreams, but may you reach the end of them. We have our dreams, and we get them sometimes, but it’s rare that we ever reach the end of them.
    I know I’ve only ever reached the end of one.
    So, I hope that you reach the end of your dream.
    I really do.
    I want to start saying this to all of my friends, so I think I’m going to start here-
    To the end of your dreams. <3

        thecoven4ever replied 2 months ago

        I love that Kira. Thank you.
        To the end of your dreams <3

        darkfire2010 replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

        I hope you reach the end of your dreams too

        skyfire1 replied 1 month, 1 week ago


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