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    ruby789 posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Hai I’m back with chapter 3!!!
    A book a day keeps the worms away XD
    Oh and before I start quick question…..Am I a lost pig??
    As everybody rounds on Samantha
    Hester senses fear coming in waves from but Samantha
    held her ground
    Your in and your never coming out a voice hissed in her ear
    Samantha gulps
    she had to find a way out of here!
    and if she didnt who knows what would happen to her
    She had made her decision when everyone was sleeping she’d flee back to her pedicures and home
    But first she had to… GET ALL THE MUD OFF HER DRESS XD
    She just decided she’d say….
    “umm SPACE PLEASE”
    “Ugh “and to call yourself a princess” Hester comments scornfully
    “I very much AM a princess” she says twirling her hair but only to find it was covered in mud
    And to get it back on her hands
    She silently curses
    And hester grunts
    Samantha gave her a hard glare
    Anadil gives Samantha a highly amused look

    She snorts and trudges her way through the crowd.
    She scuttles her way until she’s standing directly infront of him.
    “Y-yes sir?”She stammers
    ‘Idiot”he mutters
    “LAMANTHA CLASS IF YOUR SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW WHERE IT IS”Aron Smirks at the statement from Hester.
    Samantha rolls her eyes and trudges away with her head held up Indignantly
    P.S:From now on ima call her sam
    I do have some but I cant find em
    Pls comment if u asked previously or… you just want tagged 😛
    Baiii Ruby 🙂

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