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    ruby789 posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Hai I’m back with chapter 4!!!
    Wish to this swan”Emma (their teacher I couldnt remember her name)
    “Hester your up” Anadil calls
    Hester Strides over confidently
    Makes the swan do something bad
    “Sam your up”
    She matches Hesters stride but stumbles on the way
    She curses to herself and strides on
    She reaches the swan bends to one knee and wishes
    “May I go to the school for good and Tedros”
    It turns to stone
    “That means I would rather die than help you” Emma Says Quickly
    Just when She was about to die with outrage
    She felt a letter slip into her pocket

    Dear Samantha
    I know you will throw this letter in the trash
    The moment you see it’s from.
    But we need to find a way back home!
    I’m stuck with a whole lot of princesses who are nagging at
    Me to hurry up now
    Please return a letter at any
    circumstance that you agree
    Or if you have a plan
    But if you like itin the school for evil
    Your cray cray or you finnaly have some sense
    Please agree.
    From Mal Parker

    She didn’t know what to do would she reply to her childhood enemy
    Or would she stay here with “Hester”
    Welp you’ll find your answer in the next chapter!
    Sorry this was a short chapter.
    Ruby 😛 🙂 <3

        ruby789 replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        Ooops forgot tags 😛
        Tags: @Darkfire2010 she must of left the group…
        I dunno but I think @Princessgirl2911
        @Take2007? I dunno i get mucked up 😛 😀

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