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    s-aforever posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 months, 1 week ago

    Hey guys, chapter 5 of PORCELAIN! Hope you enjoy!
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    CHAPTER 5: Planting
    Flowers bring joy, happiness.
    So why was she so confused?
    She thought she got out of trouble.
    But she found herself in a whole different muddle.
    When Lithay opened her eyes, a neon green lizard blinking at her with bubble wide eyes. Pushing up, Lithay cocked her head, not seeing the usual ***** paths she was used to.
    She was surrounded by plants. Blue, red, purple, yellow, all twisting over each other in bursting colours. Green vines were tied and wrapped around each other, forming twisting tracks with what looked like long carts brimming with people. It was all so odd. Lithay stood up on a blooming tulip, twisting her head to see a wooden sign, blinking lights reading HIBISCUS LINE. 5 other boards read ROSALINDA LINE, TANGERINE LINE, ARBOREA LINE, VIOLET LINE and PEONY LINE. It was all curious, definitely, but the most important thing Lithay knew was that she had no idea where to go from here.
    Looking around for something familiar, Lithay stepped off of the flower, stepping onto other ones. For about an hour, Lithay stumbled around, almost killing herself twice. Where ever she was, it was beautiful but dangerous.
    “Excuse me, what train must I take to go to the School for Good and Evil?” a girl’s voice asked. Lithay evidently figured out who said those words that might save her.
    A caramel coloured girl was standing beside a man, her straight brown hair falling just over her shoulder. She was wearing a preppy navy blue suit coat, legs covered in thin leathery leggings. She was holding a worn paper, the man looking at it as well. Gold baggage was stacked around her, making it difficult for people to move around them. Slowly, Lithay walked towards the girl, her tight black outfit contrasting against the vibrant shades. Reaching the girl, she realized she was quite pretty. Her voice was direct and thin as she discussed with the man, nodding at him as he walked away.
    “Excuse me.” Lithay croaked, forgetting to clear her throat. The girl turned to face her, looking at her muddy black boots and skin-tight outfit. Her eyes crinkled for a second as she noticed the knives strapped to Lithay’s belt, but soon smoothed out when she looked Lithay in the eyes.
    “Yes?” The girl nodded, crossing her arms in a protective stance.
    “I overheard you were heading to the School for Good and Evil, and I um got a ticket and the weird caterpillar let me in, so I was wondering if you could show me how to get there?” Lithay asked, taking out her golden ticket and showing it to the girl.
    She looked at the ticket, slightly confused at the sight, but she changed her look back to unfazed.
    “Sure. Can you help me with my bags, and ill bring you to the train.” The girl handed Lithay a few trunks, in which she stacked up into her cradled arms. Apparently agreeing, Lithay followed the girl, blindly stepping on flowers. After a few minutes, the girl brought her to a train labelled HIBISCUS LINE, in which the vines glowed with a small hue of blue.
    “Just leave them here, the lizards will take care of them. You’ll need to show your ticket, and give them your name and location. What is your name anyway?” The girls smiled, the gold trunks clunking the floor as she dropped them on a blue daisy.
    “Lithay, Lithay of Thistle Berry Creek. Yours?” Lithay replied, carefully placing trunks on the flower. Taking out her ticket once again, Lithay looked for someone to hand it to.
    “Aria of Camelot, daughter of Sir Percival, future knight of the Round Table, loyal servant to Queen Agatha.” Aria smiled, handing her ticket to a neon blue lizard who licked it with a long tongue.
    “That’s… a lot of information….” Lithay mumbled, handing her ticket to the lizard as well.
    “Well, you should get to know me as we will be going to school together.” Aria climbed into the train looking thing, sitting on a seat, patting the spot beside her.
    “School? What school?” Lithay said, sitting beside her.
    “The School for Good and Evil, duh. Everyone knows about it unless you’re a Reader, but they take a stymph to school.” Aria laughed, snottier then Lithay thought it would sound like. A lizard then passed by them, handing them blue muffins and a sparkling vile of blue drink. Aria dug right in, eating the muffin in three bites. Lithay pocketed the muffin, not knowing to trust a lizard with food on a flower train.
    “Oh yeah… of course.” Lithay looked down, embarrassed. The rest of the ride was like that, Aria saying something slightly rude and Lithay laughing it off, until someone screamed words Lithay would never forget.
    Aria squeaked, brushing away crumbs and straightening her jacket. Lithay followed her moves, pulling at a vine at the same time. Holding on tight to the vine, Lithay barreled towards the ceiling, only noticing that it was made of thick, crumbling dirt.
    Lithay barely screamed as her head hit the dirt.
    @PYRO-SGE– Aria (Oh, Pyro, If Aria comes a little rude, its because I needed to let some room for character development)

        snakelover replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        Would you include cynthia?

          s-aforever replied 3 months, 1 week ago

          (Cynthia is coming. I need her for the Nevers team, and well, I have a plan for her…)

          snakelover replied 3 months, 1 week ago

          OOH YAY!

        snakelover replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        and this is amaze!

        pyro-sge replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        OMG! I can’t even begin with how awesome this is. Aria was played perfectly, definitely just a tad rude. I hope Aria and Lithay can be good friends!

          s-aforever replied 3 months, 1 week ago

          Teehee, I got a plan for these two for sure!

          pyro-sge replied 3 months, 1 week ago


        pyro-sge replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        I’m seriously so excited for the next part.

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