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    Yes, I realized this is my second time posting today. But please enjoy Chapter 6 of PORCELAIN!
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    CHAPTER 6: Landing in More Flowers.
    She woke up in more flowers.
    An ongoing theme.
    But this time they weren’t huge,
    They were magic.
    By now, Lithay was getting a little sick of plants. After her head burst through the dry dirt, she expected to be knocked out cold.
    But instead, is slowly parted around her, pulling her into a bursting white halo of light. When she finally pulled out of the ground, she was extremely perplexed about what was on the other side.
    A wide, vast field filled with brightly coloured tulips and poppies were spreading all around Lithay, the shock of every colour bringing shivers up Lithay cold spine. But what really took the cake was an immense glass tower, shimmering under the sun. Bright pink and gold turrets sprouted out of the ground, while blue and silver ones were almost floating above it, The sight was so pure, with all its regal linings and swirling pale colours making it look so angelic, so peaceful. But the sharpness of everything threw Lithay off. Because even though it was a perfect castle of polished glass, it also had an odd strength to it, as if it could be cracked but not quite broken.
    But it was enough to make Lithay, and imperantly all the flowers, gasp as well.
    As Lithay looked down at the flowers, who were petting her boots in a gentle caress and giggling, she couldn’t help but smile at them.
    “Lithay! Over here!”
    Lithay spun around, seeing Aria waving her over, a few feet away. Her bags were still spurting out of the ground, safety squashing the talking flowers. Lithay walked towards Aria, still looking down and the beautiful flowers.
    “Where are we?” Lithay asked when she finally reached Aria, currently sitting on one of Arias’s gold cases.
    “You’re incredibly silly, you know. Where at the School for Good. The fairies should be coming around anytime now, bringing us to Good Hall, if they ever come. Father said the first day is quite eventful, so you should save your energy when you can.” Aria whipped access dirt off her jacket, straightening her hair. Lithay followed her lead, taking out the loose braid so that her frazzled hair fell around her hips, curling and shinning under the bright sun.
    She caught Aria watching her do this action, their eyes locking in an incredibly intense stare.
    “What?” Lithay mumbled, suddenly feeling self-conscious. Quickly, Aria changed her eye’s direction, now looking past Lithay and towards another figure.
    “DARLISHA? DARLISHA OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!” Aria suddenly screamed, waving like a maniac to someone. Lithay spun around, seeing a blurry figure in the distance. The figure started running, sprinting towards them.
    “Who’s that-” Lithay began, only to see a girl barrel into Aria, knocking them both over and giggling like old friends. The girl had a short haircut, with a sea-green hue to it. She was more on the tallish side, her tan skin stretched over her long limbs. She looked quite pretty, from behind.
    As Aria and the girl got up, still hugging and laughing.
    “I didn’t know you got accepted into Good!” Laughed Aria, breaking their embrace.
    “Though it would be a surprise. Obviously, it worked.” Giggled the girl, face covered in delicate black sprinkles. She was quite pretty, in a sea-foam kind of way.
    “Well, you should have told me. God, packing would have been so much simpler if you could have asked you.” Smiled Aria, sitting down on one trunk. Throughout this whole conversation, Lithay was standing quite awkwardly beside the two.
    Laughing, the girl swept her hair behind her ear, her small nose tilted backwards.
    “OH! I almost forgot. Dar, this is Lithay of Thistle Berry Creek. Lithay, this is Darlisha of Neverland, my childhood best friend.” Lithay smiled at Darlisha, who responded with the same smile.
    “Where are your bags? I would hope you haven’t forgotten them.” Smiled Darlishia, sitting down beside Aria.
    “Oh well. They got lost at um the FlowerGround customs.” Lithay replied, easly saying the lie.
    “Yeah, they always lose stuff. Anyway, when are those ghastly fairies going to come?” Aria sneered, looking out towards the Good Castle.
    “Oh look! Over there!” Darlisha pointed towards the left of the school, where seven lights were buzzing towards them. Giddily, Aria and Darlishia stood, prepping their hair once again. As the lights zoomed towards them, Lithay got a little nervous. She’s met fairies before when she decided to steal one’s pixie dust. It was a failed mission, as the fairy spit a wad of sticky gold web at her, trapping her in an ally for hours. She didn’t want to cross paths with one again, but Aria and Darlishia seemed trusting enough.
    The fairies zipped right towards her, each having a pair of sparkling christle wings. They picked each of the girls up by their shoulders, zooming them across the field, leaving their bags behind.
    When the fairies reached the School, Lithay was bent over, throwing up into a bush. The flight was so blurring, so nauseating that it made Lithay throw up in the most un-princess like ways. Walking away from the bush, Aria patted Lithay on the back, handing her a navy blue cloth to wipe her mouth with.
    “Don’t feel bad. My mother did the same thing.” Darlishia said, sliding onto Lithays other side. Even with the two girls pitting glance, 58 other girls were looking at her with the most judgemental look they could manage. Lithay’s usual bloodless face heated red, embarrassing herself at their first meeting. As Lithay and her friends made their way through the large, gold doors of the Good castle, Lithay could sense their hatred seeping into her.
    As the girls walked on, Lithay couldn’t help but smile. A large hall, brimmed with mirrors, where filled with girls and nymphs, all busy laughing and looking extremely nervous. As Lithay looked up, she could see men and women all wearing slim, brightly coloured suits and gowns. They were all too old to be students, as their wrinkles and kind smiles showed. They were throwing blood-red petals over a banister, landing on the girl’s head. Lithay smiled at them, her black hair silhouetting her pale face. She kept walking, her friends leading her towards a nymph in bright orange hair, who smiled kindly to the girls.
    “Aria, Lithay and Darlishia,” Aria said, nodding towards the nymph. The nymph nodded back, pulling handing each of them a hanger with a silky white bag, a stalk of books and a few sheets of paper. They each nodded in thanks, although Lithay was extremely confused about what she would need with things so worthless, but she kept moving en with the two other girls.
    @FLUFFYCLOUDS52 -Darlishia (If it’s not I’m sorry I forgot teehee)
    @PYRO-SGE -Aria

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        OOH YAY!

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        YES! Loved it! Also, I think I see what you’re getting at and I like it.

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          Thank you for the character!!!

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          IKR! IT’S JUST SO GOOD

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