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    Chapter 7 of PORCELAIN! Hope you enjoy it! I’m looking for character BIO’S!
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    Chapter 7: Good Girls Are Bad
    The castle was so perfect
    Nothing out of place
    But as the saying goes
    Nothing gold can stay.
    When Aria showed Lithay her room, Lithay felt like throwing up again. When Aria stopped in front of a large, mahogany door, a gold 45 stable on, Lithay was genuinely confused.
    “This is your room. Charity 45. I’m just two doors down, so we got lucky. Darlishia got a room with a private tub since she needs it to communicate with her mother, So she’s in Purity, sadly. But you have some pretty good roommates, from the looks of it. Leila’s sweet, but extremely annoying sometimes. Karly’s is an extremely privileged pra*tt from Maidenvale, and god she’s annoying. Anyway, come to my room in a few, we will get dressed for the Welcoming together” Aria nodded at Lithay, walking down the hall in a few steps, disappearing into a room.
    Then Lithay was alone. Taking a deep breath, Lithay opened the door, expecting a cool glass room that matched the rest of the castle, but she was in for, once again, a shock.
    The room was overwhelmingly pink. Pink walls, furniture, carpets each looking disgusting like a baby’s vomit. Even someone who would like pink would hate it.
    Three beds were against the pink murals, a pink taffeta canopy above them. 3 desks were against the wall, a vase with blooming pink flowers in it. 6 trunks were beside the desks, two for each girl. A huge, gold mirror was covering a whole wall, a huge vanity station in front of it, enough to fit 3 people’s cosmetics comfortably. It all looked extremely disturbing.
    But the worst thing was that there were two girls already unpacking.
    One of the girls had thick, silk brown hair that curled at the edges of her elbows, framing her olive skin in the most perfect of ways. She had bewitching green eyes and thin, straight eyebrows, a small nose and an even smaller mouth. She was a curvy, hourglass figure, even if she was on the taller side. She looked exactly the way Lithay thought the girls at this school would look like. The other girl, who was on the much shorter side, had mousy, black hair that landed in the nape of her neck, a green headband holding it back. She had a small, heart-shaped face that healds her wide, black eyes in an adorable way, her small button nose and pink plump lips brightening her eyes. Her chubby, cute frame was hidden in lime green overalls, making her look extremely adorable.
    They were both looking at her the exact way she was looking at them.
    “Hello!” Said the adorable one, standing up and leaving her unpacking. She walked over to Lithay, smiling with bright eyes.
    “I’m Leila. You must be Lithay! The only bed left is the one beside the window, which isn’t so bad! Let me help you with your bags.” Leila leads Lithay in, pushing her to the farthest bed that was caressed in a warm light. This would be the first time she ever slept under a real roof.
    “Thank you, but I don’t have any bags.” Lithay responded, sitting in the bed.
    “No bags? What are you, poor?” Sneered the other girl, who stood up. Her nose was curled upwards, the most judgemental look Lithay had ever seen.
    “Karly, there’s no need to be rude. They’re probably coming.” Leia snapped, getting back to her unpacking.
    “I mean look at her. She looks like a leather-clad Never. And a Reader at that.” Smirked Karly, crossing her delicate arms around her chest.
    “Sorry, Never? Reader?” Lithay asked bluntly, fiddling with her knives. Leia’s eyes skipped towards this nervous movement, while Karly simply smirked.
    “So you are a Reader. Galvadon looks like a miserable place. I didn’t know they had leather though, only ***** smocks” Karly was laughing, a twisted little laugh that resonated around the room.
    “I’m not from Galvadon. Where ever that is. I’m from Thistle Berry Creek, a trading town-” Lithay smirked, looking up towards Karly, daring her to say more.
    “Then how do you not know what a Never is? A Reader too.” Leia asked this time, curious.
    “I’ve never heard those words in my life-”
    “Lithay! Time to get ready. Oh, Leila. Hi. Karly, not as good to see you but hello. What are you talking about?” Aria suddenly burst in, coolly looking at Karly.
    “This freak doesn’t know what a Never is and she’s from the Woods.” Smirked Kalry, hoping to bust Lithay in front of her new friend.
    Aria simply smiled, nodding at Leia and Lithay.
    “Me, Lithay and Darlisha are getting dressed together. Wanna come, Leila?” Aria smiled, knowing the missing invitation would hit Karly hard. It did, Kalry stood there, clenched fists as Leila and Lithay walked out of the room, following Aria out the door. Obviously, there was something between the two, something from the past they still held on to.

        s-aforever replied 3 months ago

        @FLUFFYCLOUDS52– Darlishia (If not I forgot who wrote the character)

        pyro-sge replied 3 months ago

        interesting, love a mysterious past.

          pyro-sge replied 3 months ago

          Can’t wait for the next part

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        really good

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