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    s-aforever posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Chapter 8 of PORCELAIN! Hope you enjoy, comments are loved!
    Follow me on Instagram, @Sugar_Queen_Sophie! I’m still looking for character BIOS!!
    Chapter 8: Different, but the same.
    Girls primp their hair.
    Paint their nails.
    And for what?
    For themselves.
    Lithay had never been part of a group activity. Nevertheless, a girly activity.
    So when Darlishia pushed Lithay into a plush pink chair and started yanking at her hair, Lithay ripped out her knife.
    “Wow um what are you doing?” Aria looked at Lithay, in a defensive position gripping a sharp, black blade.
    “She was pulling at my hair, trying to rip it out!” Lithay gasped, cheeks flushed. Leia snickers, while Darlisha just looked appalled.
    “Shes giving you a makeover, chill. Your hair would look great with a little product, and you looked pretty in braids, so I think that’s your look.” Aria smiled, easing the knife out of Lithay’s hand. Embarrassed, Lithay sat back down reluctantly, cheeks Christmas red.
    An hour later, Lithay was a completely different person.
    Standing in front of the mirror, Lithay touched her hair, which was now cascading down her back and carefully braided in a crown-like way. Her face was plumped and smoothed, silver powders making her face glow. Lithay was in shock.
    She didn’t think she liked it.
    “Ohhh you’re going to have so many roses!” Giggled Leia, admiring Lithay in the mirror as well.
    “Roses?” Lithay asked, braking her stare down with herself.
    “Ever boys give roses to girls every Welcoming. But I don’t think they’ll be too lucky this year.” Smirked Aria, looking over to Darlishia. Darlishia smiled back, a clear sign of something going on. Lithay simply shrugged, getting used to being confused.
    “Here, you can borrow a dress.” Aria handed over a blush blue prairie dress, delicate red roses en the sleeves and hem.
    It looked disgusting.
    “I’m good, thanks.” Lithay smiled, trying to be passive. She was fine with her familiar suite, keeping her weapons and last nit of home close to her. Aria simply shrugged, throwing the dress on the bed. She was wearing a navy blue top with puffy, slit open sleeves, a long gold skirt hugging her curves. Aria’s looked was definitely blue and gold since everything she owned seem to be in those shades. Darlishia was wearing a lumenestn, skin-tight dress, small pearls scattered around it, the light hitting every pearl in a limitless sparkle. Sea themes were Darlisha’s thing. Leia on the other hand wore very cutely, childish things. She was wearing a light pink overall dress, small buttons with hearts on them. Her top was a tight long sleeve stripped shirt, the stripes rotating from cream white to clove green. She was wearing a small purple beret with a cat face on it, and Lithay couldn’t help but admit she looked adorable.
    They were quite the sight, all of them. Each personal touche, especially Lithay, the only black thing in the castle.
    But Aria, Darlisha and Leia still smiled at her lame jokes. Still poor over her long hair. Even if they bugged her sometimes, they weren’t half bad. Nice. Caring. Everything this school preached.
    She didn’t realize they had their own thoughts on the traditions though.
    @FLUFFYCLOUDS52 -Darlishia
    @PYRO-SGE -Aria
    (To all who wrote Never characters, don’t worry, there coming next chapter!)

        pyro-sge replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

        Amazing as always! Love their looks, can’t wait for more!

          pyro-sge replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

          Also, what kind of characters are you wanting? Ever/Never, Boy/Girl?

        sapphix915 replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago


        s-aforever replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

        Ahhh means so much thank you!

        s-aforever replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

        (Pyro) I need mostly Boys!

          pyro-sge replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

          Name: Felix (Fox) of Neverland
          Fairy tale: Son of Pan
          School: Ever
          Pronouns: He/Him
          Personality: Almost childlike, cocky, tends to be a bit of a flirt, he really enjoys getting any type of reaction from people just because he can with means he teases all of the time.
          Looks: He has messy ginger hair and freckles, his eye are a dark green, his skin is tanned pale, he is slim but well built and taller for his age.
          Talent: flight
          Finger Glow: Lime Green

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