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    s-aforever posted an update in the group QUESTIONS FOR SOMAN 3 months ago

    Hello Everyone Who Will Read This. (Red Queen Part 2 Spoiler Warning)
    This is a serious matter in which this fandom must talk about it. It has come to my attention that there is a much-needed ship that needs a name.
    Tedros, we all know, and Cal, from Red Queen, have fallen in love in RED SCHOOL.
    I propose the ship name will be…… TEAL (Te for Tedros, AL for Cal)
    Please let me know if this will be official, Soman, but I’m afraid it must happen, TEAL or another name.

        sophiethequeengoddess replied 3 months ago

        I do not get that ship, but Teal is fine.(And as long as it prevents any Cal+Mare ships, I ship it 100%, because, btw this ship is name is crazy expiremental, Mareven, which is Mare+Maven. Also bc Maven totally deserves love and can’t get it if Cal is in the way, so why not go with TEAL?)

          aurieah replied 3 months ago

          Umm I don’t really ship TEAL, but everyone has different ideas!

          s-aforever replied 3 months ago

          Cal and Maven are to Gay for Mare’s Lesbian attitude tho-

          fluffyclouds52 replied 3 months ago

          theres already a ship for them but im team marcal also if you havnt read red queen you should. like right now.

        fluffyclouds52 replied 3 months ago

        have you read red queen?
        bc theyre totally not like that in red queen

          s-aforever replied 3 months ago

          I’ve read the whole series many times, and let me tell you, Mare is too broken to love someone. She’s too controlling, too cruel to love. Maybe Mare from the stilts could, but she’s changed too much. Scares can be hidden but the effects still come.

          fluffyclouds52 replied 3 months ago

          have you read broken throne? i just read it and it was so good but the first part was depressing

        iceangel replied 3 months ago

        I haven’t read Red School but I support it if it’s gay and not dysfunctional.

          s-aforever replied 3 months ago

          It’s not really about the romance, but I like to imagine that Maven and Cal are gay and it’s hilarious. 10/10 recommend

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