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    Chapter 8 of PORCELAIN! Please let me know what you think!
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    CHAPTER 8: Welcoming Nevers.
    Girls and Boys.
    Boys and Girls.
    The story’s read this way.
    But not the one that’s about to unfold.
    60 girls, all dressed in a number of clothes, skipped off to the Welcoming. They were dressed to their finest, all hoping to catch a rose.
    But Aria had other plans.
    Whispering into every single girl’s ear, sliding in every girl’s room, handing them the gold packages Darlishia packed from home, Aria’s plan was set. Now all she needed to do was wait for the boys to hand them those disgusting red roses.
    Imagine the look on their face, Aria thought, lips turning into her trademark smirk. Once she was done with her work, she skipped back to her room, as a girl with a plan does.

    When Aria explained her plan to the girls, they all laughed in delight. Lithay was simply confused, as usual, but decided to mimic their actions.
    “Alright then. Let’s go.” Leia smiled, adjusting her beret.
    “You think my sword would be overkill?” Aria said, ruffling through a golden trunk. How Aria fit all the contents of what we’re in the golden trunks in this room, Lithay didn’t know, and en that note didn’t care.
    “Yeah, Ria, there gonna think where forming a revolution.” Smirked Darlishia, picking up a beaded pearl clutch.
    “We are, Dar. If we won’t, who will? All the past Ever girls were stupid twits who only cared about two things. Looks and Boys. Well, Queen Agatha cracked those boundaries, and now I’m here to break them. And Ria? Really?” Aria smiled, quitting her search for the sword even after her speech. Lithay had a feeling speeches were her thing.
    And en that, the girls left the room, heading to what might be the most historic moments that ever happened at the Welcoming.
    As Lithay entered the famed Theatre of Tales, she didn’t know what to expect. But a seven-story wood theatre, with two, looming doors, one in which Lithay was walking through, separated in two sides by a long, silver carpet. Although there were rows and rows of dark, wooden seats, they were oddly different. On one side of the theatre, glass flowers and sculpted vines decorated the shiny pews, making it look neat and comfortable. On the other side, the wood was rotting, smelling of dead animals and dead vines with sharp, blackthorns coming out of them.
    They were clearly meant to separate the people.
    Aria sat down on the shiny side of the pews, glancing towards a giant, wooden stage that had blood-red curtains, a carved girl with long, thick locks of hair that looped and pool around her feet was carved into the stage. Lithay mimicked Aria and sat down beside her. So far, Ever girls were the only one at the Theater.
    Then the second door banged open with a loud, piercing squeak coming out of the hinges.
    Then 120 foul looking children stomped into the room. Each fitted in either a black, leather and gold slim dress with sleeves that puffed out, long, knee-high light leather boots, a black eye length veil with a rose en top and cobweb gloves showing off their fingers for the girls. The boys, though, were wearing a sharp purple coat studded with diamond spikes, with black leather trousers and jooti-style loafers. The outfits were all so totally ridiculous it worked, it’s clean demure not changing their awkward faces.
    One girl, to start, was ghostly pale, with crisp white hair fading to a foam blue then to onyx black. Her cool, blue eyes scanned the Evere girls, mouth sneering in disgust until her eyes landed on Lithay and her knives. Her smirk turned to a confused smile, shaking her head.
    One boy had greasy, red hair that hung over his hooded grey eyes, his extremely long and skinny body looming over all the other filthy students, looking like a scrawny beanstalk.
    Another child had a hideous purple and black mullet, looming eyes darting back and forth. They had a tall frame, almost as tall as the boy, a large blue bruise on their forehead.
    The last girl Lithay noticed had an odd-looking short haircut, the hair a thick black colour. Her eyes were bright red scarlet eyes glowing as she looked over at the pale one. She was extremely short, almost as short as Lithay, but her stance was more threatening, viler than Lithay.
    The three children were tight beside each other, the tall boy looming behind them. But the worst thing was that the children who walked in wherent looking at all the girls dress in bright shades.
    They were all staring at the black leather clad student who was sitting dumbly in the Good pews.
    @FLUFFYCLOUDS52 -Darlishia
    @PYRO-SGE -Aria
    @SAPPHIX915 -Talis
    @TILLYCAT8509 -Naya
    @SNAKELOVER -Cynthia

        pyro-sge replied 3 months ago

        LOVE IT! Can’t wait to witness Aria’s revolution!

        snakelover replied 3 months ago

        OOH LOVE IT!

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