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    Hey hey!! Chapter 9 of PORCELAIN! Hope you enjoy it!
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    Chapter 9: Girls can do what Boys do.
    “Welcome Boys
    This year is a little different
    Girls won’t be looking to you
    They’ll be doing things their own way this time.”
    “Nevers.” Sneered Karly, two rows down. As the Ever girls stared back dumbly at the Nevers, Darlishia and Aria shared a small smirk.
    “Nevers?” Lithay asked, breaking her glare with the white-haired girl, thin lips still smiling.
    “Evil doers, ***. Like were Good doers.” Leia whispered to Lithay.
    Were? Lithay didn’t do Good. She stole for a living! Use too. Use too.
    Lithay suddenly understood.
    If she wanted to escape her old life she would need to mould herself into the new one, as silently and stealthily as she could.
    “Lithay, did you live under a rock or something? EVERYONE knows about Evers and Nevers” Kalry giggled, giving Lithay a smile that she didn’t think was all that sweet.
    “And everyone knows how to be civil, accept witches like you.” Sneered Aria, glaring at Kalry.
    “Excuse me, if my mother found about what you said-”
    “If she found out what I said she wouldn’t say a dam*ned thing, or else ill tell everyone about how she had to beg just to get you into the miserable school” Aria yelled, loud enough so that everyone could hear, snapping her fingers in Karly’s face. Karly’s face turned white, realizing the words everyone now knew.
    “Oops, guess I already did” Aria giggles, innocent as the sweetest pea.
    It’s been a decent hour since the Nevers walked in, and they’re still weren’t a sign that this Welcoming was starting.
    “God, when are the guys coming?” Darlishia cried out, crossing her arms in annoyance.
    “Hopefully soon” Aria smiled, eyes still bouncing from her tongue lashing with Karly, who was now silent.
    It’s odd, Lithay though because she thought Aria wasn’t the least interested in a boy…
    But Lithay was wrong, it seemed.
    A few minutes went by, until an earthquake thunder through the Theater. Lithay reacted, ducking under her seat, wrapping her arms around her head. The thundering kept happening, shaking the pews in an irregular pattern.
    Don’t let me die. Dying can’t happen to me right now, Lithay prayed, her head thundering.
    “Lithay, what are you DOING?” Aria asked, flabbergasted, still in her seat. That’s when Lithay realized.
    She was the only one protecting herself. All the Neveres were still in their seats, looking even grimmer than before. Ever girls perked up a little, and from what Lithay didn’t know. Embarrassed, Lithay climbed back into her seat, trying to hide her burning cheeks. Darlishia patted Lithay in the back, a sympathetic way to say it was alright.
    That’s when the doors burst in, 60 blue-suited knights storming in. Clashing swords, twisting blades, the boys ran through the Theater, their boots the clear source of the earthquake.
    The boys kept clashing, trying to dislodge the swords from other’s grasp.
    That’s when something even stranger happened.
    Aria jumped to her feet, ripping out a hidden sword she actually brought, screaming as she went head into battle.
    “Shh just watch” Darlishia smiled, everyone’s eyes following the girl who ran into battle. Aria swung her blade, removing swords from the shocked boy’s hands. Finishing off the last of them, Aria smiled up at Darlishia, Darlishia returning the smile in the brightest way she could.
    Then the door banged one last time, and the final boy walked in.
    His curly, black hair was nervously tucked behind his big ears, his long pale body slinking into the Theater. He walked silently, forest green eyes falling straight to Aria. He pulled out a heavy black bow, then pulled out a silver-tipped arrow and slipped it into the ****, then gave the most ordinary of smiles.
    Aria charged with a scream. Holding her heavy sword, Aria hurtled towards the boy, about to remove his head. The boy rolled, instantly launching an arrow towards Aria’s direction. Aria blocked it, then lunged again.
    This happened over and over, an odd game of cat and mouse. Darlishia and all the other Ever girls were fully into it now, the beaten-down boys staying as they are.
    The battle ended when the boy was poised in front of Aria, about to launch an arrow through her head.
    With a cheer, the Ever girls and boys lept up, eager the boy won. Leia and Lithay looked over to Darlishia, standing in her seat and screaming in honour of Aria. Aria smiled up at her, nodding as usual.
    The boys ripped out their roses. Throwing them over the crowd, the roses nestled into the girl’s palms. The boys smiled at the girls, showing who caught their eye. Leia ended up getting three beautiful bleeding roses, Darlishia a few as well. Lithay didn’t get a single one, but she didn’t know what they signified, so she didn’t truly care.
    That’s when Aria screamed and dropped to her knee.
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    @PYRO-SGE -Aria
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        OMG! Aria was totally awesome in this chapter! I need another chapter as soon as possible!!!!! please.

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        Lets just say Aria’s plan works perfectly.

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