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    Hey hey! Chapter 9 of PORCELAIN! Enjoy!
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    Chapter 10: Girls can love each other, too.
    Everything happens for a reason.
    Rebellions and Wars.
    But both sides think there doing what’s right.
    Yet one is wrong.
    Aria kept screaming until every single person’s thoughts were directed to Aria, still kneeling and screaming.
    The boy who beat her rushed towards her, worried about something he didn’t know yet. Aria pushed him away ruffly though, screaming long enough until everyone’s attention was hers.
    Her screams stopped, and a beautiful smile replaced the shrieks. Taking something out of her pocket, everyone tried to see what was in her nestled hands.
    A small velvet pouch was in her hands, and Aria was taking out a small golden butterfly out of the pouch.
    “Darlishia of Neverland, will you take my gift?” Smiled Aria, eyes glowing at Darlishia.
    No one took a breath.
    No one spoke a word.
    Everyone was so shocked by what just happened.
    Darlishia was the first to move. Giggling, she sprinted down the pews, running towards Aria.
    No one twitched.
    No one reacted.
    Darlishia plucked out the golden butterfly and slipped it into her hair, revealing it a clip.
    “Yes,” she smiled, smacking her lips against Arias.
    That explains a lot, Lithay giggled to herself, smiling despite herself. Lithay expected the Never to react, to scream in injustice.
    But they all were laughing and smiling, whispering that it’s about time. Ever boys were the most confused, but none of them spoke a word. Still in an embrace, Aria pointed towards the Ever girls, in which they knew what that sign meant.
    The Ever girls got out their little pouches from their bags, giving their butterfly clips to other Ever girls. Lithay and Leia exchanged clips, smiling like a new bond between friends where made. Some gave it to the one who caught their eye, others to friends to be. But with this step, the group of Ever girls destroyed the long-overdue tradition of Boys with Girls, making everything for this year more freeing and amusing.
    The girls were smiling. The boys were smiling as well. The Nevers were happy, knowing that this group of Evers weren’t as infuriating as the rest.
    Then, the teachers walked in.
    “TAKE YOUR SEATS” a growling, cruel voice spit out, booming across the Theater.
    20 adults, young and old, walked into the Theater, some wearing dumping blacks robes or tightly fitted suits, and a few wore sharp-shouldered gowns or lacy elegant ones, each looking regal and menacing at the same time.
    The staff’s eyes skimmed the students, some locking eyes with the ones who caught there eyes.
    Darlishia and Aria had the most eyes locked onto them. Skipping to there seats, everyone settled down, ready for hours of new rules and discipline.
    Two female teachers walked onto the stage, each staring at the students, one eyes kind, the others piercing.
    “Welcome, Evers and Nevers! I’m Dean Antoinette, Dean of the School For Good and teacher of Good deeds. This is-” the kind one started, her yellow gown dotted with white silk bows.
    “I can introduce myself thank you” snapped the menacing one, sharp red gown glinting under the stage lights, the reflection making it look like warm, pooling blood.
    “I am Dean Aradatlette, Dean of the School For Good and teacher of Talents. And yes, that is my sister” sneered the Dean. Lithay suddenly noticed how similar the woman looked, each in their mid-forties, with black curling hair and warm tanned skin. Except, of course, one’s heartbeat Evil, the other beat Good, clearly visible in how they acted and talked.
    “This is the Welcoming, where you will learn all the rules, lessons and whatever cra*p Antoinette will tell you,” Dean Aradatlette said, looking suddenly extremely bored with herself. Dean Antoinette looked extremely insulted, yet she recovered quickly, smiling at the students.
    “Let’s begin” she smiled, eyes darting straight to Lithay.

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          O-O Chapter 10-

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