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    CHAPTER 11 OR PORCELAIN! Hope you enjoy it! Also, I would like to say the biggest reason I would attend SGE is the food! I feel strongly about the food there, so I thought I could share. (This story is now 24 pages, 10791 words and too much time taken)
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    Chapter 11: Eating for the Lonely.
    Steak pie, Cinnamon carrot salad,
    Everything so different.
    Boys who launch arrows, Girls who clash sword,
    Everything so different.
    After the extremely boring second part of the Welcoming, Lithay found herself in a glass-domed Super Hall. Waiting in line from what Lithay could tell was a meal, she was genuinely excited for her first ever cooked meal. Aria and Darlishia were somewhere else, probably still on the high from the Welcoming. Leia was heatly discussing the Gillikin fairy population, whatever that is, with an Ever boy with silky black hair and olive skin, looking a lot like Leia…
    Peeking over the Ever boy’s shoulder in front of her, trying to find where how long it would take for her to eat. The reason she was late is she and 4 other students needed to get trunks and supplies for the year with Dean Antoinette, who was shocked that Lithay didn’t bring her own things. Lithay didn’t feel like apologizing to the women, so she grabbed her things and ran to her room, dumping them in her bed and sprinted back to the dining room.
    She got lost for a while, an embarrassing amount of time.
    When she finally found the Super Hall, her once silky hair was knotted and matted, her once cool face now flushed with heat. Nevertheless, Lithay slipped into the line, and now here she was.
    Looking over the boy’s shoulders again, stretching her toes to see over his tall body, her once sturdy knees gave out, abruptly making her stumble into the boy’s lean shoulders.
    “Sorry!” Lithay gasped as she was knocked to the floor, the boy still strongly on his feet. His black hair fell over his eyes as he looked down at Lithay, weak on the ground. He had pearlescent forest eyes, eyes that Lithay remembered.
    The boy with the bow. The boy who beat Aria.
    “It’s fine. I can be clumsy too” the boy smiled, reaching his long arm down to Lithay. Lithay wrapped her small hand around his wrist, letting his muscle pull her up to her now untrustworthy legs.
    “You’re the boy from the Welcoming. The one with the bow” Lithay asked dumbly, shy eyes looking up into his strong ones.
    “Glad I have a reputation… and your the Ever girl dressed as a spy” smiled the boy, shyly looking down at her.
    Maybe not so strong after all.
    “Easier to move around. Easier to steal” shrugged Lithay, suddenly protective of herself.
    They moved a few spots forward into the line, but still, her super was far away.
    “That’s what my father always says” the boy tucked a lock of hair behind his ear, glancing over at Lithay.
    “My kind of man. I’m Lithay” Lithay gave him a shy smile, not sure if the words came out cocky or insecure.
    Hopefully in none of those ways.
    “Shane. I never met an Ever girl who wears black” Shane replied, returning the shy smile.
    “Well Shane, I’m not like most Ever girls, or so I’ve been told…” Lithay looked once again, moving her feet a few inches closer to the table. Three more people were up ahead, then she could finally eat.
    “Well thank the lord. All the other Never girls are extremely annoying” giggled Shane. Lithay was taken aback, never hearing a boy giggle before, but that only made Lithay smile, glad that boys weren’t expected to chuckle anymore.
    “Not all of them. Aria is pretty good with a sword, I think. Leia seems to REALLY care about other creatures, and Darlishia has a major personality to her” Lithay explained, grabbing a gold tray. Shane grabbed one himself, plopping steak pie onto his plate. Lithays mouth salivated, already chewing the tender meat.
    “Aria IS amazing with a sword, her dad made sure of it. We use to spare as kids, then I took up the bow. Didn’t realize she got so good though…” Shane smiled, thinking back of Aria. When they were fighting, Lithay thought they hated each other, for whatever reason. Now Lithay knew it was just old games.
    “You knew each other when you were young?” Lithay asked, slipping some salad onto her plate. She slipped a vile of fizzy juice onto her tray as well, almost finished with the line.
    “We were best friends, then her father sent her away to finishing school and I got sent to Sherwood, to learn the bow like my father” Shane stepped back from the line, motioning to Lithay to follow. Trays in hand, they walked over to an empty table y a large window, the silver light from the moon beaming around them.
    “Where are you from?” Asked Lithay before shoving a large piece of steak pie into her mouth, the hearty meat filling her mouth with a heavy smoky taste.
    She decided she loved it here right then and there.
    “Camelot, then I moved to Nottingham for prep school. Hated it though, so I applied here, mostly by force though… where are you from?” Shane asked, taking an equally large bite of steak pie.
    They kept talking through the rest of dinner, enjoying the food and each other’s company until the Super Hall bell rang, signalling curfew. Forced apart, Lithay waved goodbye to Shane, who stayed sitting in his seat, smiling at Lithay.
    When Lithay was walking back to her dorm, she realized something was hidden in her pocket.
    Taking it delicately out of her hands, she cocked her head looking at the bloodred rose, knowing it was from Shane even before she read the note.
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    @PYRO-SGE -Aria
    @SAPPHIX915 -Talis
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