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    Chapter 12: Until Breakfast.
    Confused little Girls and Boys
    Starting there first day
    At the famed School
    But famed for which reason?
    Shane missed curfew. He had a good reason.
    He couldn’t move his legs. His mind couldn’t work.
    He just stopped working.
    Maybe it was the girl. The soft one dressed in black.
    Maybe it was the boy. The one who was waiting up in his room, waiting to pounce.
    Maybe it was his lies, rushing back towards him.
    He didn’t want to tell Lithay that the reason he moved away from Camelot was his parent’s death. That the death was his fault.
    He didn’t want to tell her that it was his rose in her pocket.
    Lithay’s POV
    As she woke up the next morning, the room was deserted. None of her roommates her in their beds, none of their things were taken from the shelves.
    So, Lithay got up and peeked at the stack of books on her desk, picking each of them up. The tittles included Winning you Prince (Or Princess!), Good Deeds LV.1, A Recipe Book for Good Looks Vol.1, Talking with Your Pets (Chrips, Barks and Neighs) and Self Positivity. Each extremely bored Lithay out of her mind, until she reached for a crisp piece of parchment.
    CHARITY 45
    Session 1: Beautification/ Princess Empowerment with Professor Anemone
    Session 2: Animal Communication with Princess Uma
    Session 3: Swordplay and Weapons Training with Professor Espada
    Session 4:Princess Etiquette with Professor Giselda
    Session 5: Lunch
    Session 6: History with Professor Hort
    Session 7: Good Deeds with Dean Antoinette
    Session 8: Surviving Fairy Tales with Lilian the Wood Pixie
    Well. That schedule seemed livable. Checking the time, Lithay realized she was late for breakfast. Rushing to comb her, Lithay slipped on a pink camellia pink taffeta dress, zipping her black leather boots comfortably on her feet. She combed her hair quickly, the slipped it into a braided crown. Grabbing a heavy bookbag with her name inscribed into it, Lithay threw her books inside, running towards the Super Hall.
    But not before running back, packing her blood rose snuggly beside the books.
    “Lithay?” a familiar voice asked, making Lithay swivel around from her spot in line. Shane was shyly walking towards her, curled hair tucked behind his ears once again. He was wearing a royal blue velvet vest with gold epaulets, a cream shirt slightly washing him out. His tight carmel breeches (slightly shimmering, due to the dragon-fly polish on them) were tucked into a supple obsidian leather with indestructible palladium buckles. He looked quite handsome, in a ghostly knight way. And best of all, he was walking straight to Lithay.
    “We need to stop meeting like this” he smirked, standing behind Lithay in the lunch line.
    Once again.
    “In a line where I’m not doing anything embarrassing? Nah, it’s fine” smiled Lithay in response, switching her bag onto her other shoulder.
    “Point made. Anyway, what crazy rich food are we enjoying this fine morning. Here, let me take that” Shane asked, taking Lithay’s book bag. Smirking, Lithay looked over at the sign which the menu was written in cursive, the chalk slipping off.
    “Gingerbread pancakes, Wild Strawberries and Licorice-clove tea. Is it weird that it sounds gross enough to work?” Lithay read, laughing at her own joke. She picked up a tray, gladly taking a stack of brown-ish pancakes bathed in syrup.
    “That’s probably proven somewhere. Gross food tasting better when you call it rich.” Shane said, pointing over towards the same table they sat at last night, this time bathed in sunlight, kissing their pale skins.
    Lithay laughed, glad that her first day started with something good.
    That’s when Karly banged into the Super Hall, 3 perfectly groomed girls sashaying behind them. Swishing her hips towards Lithay and Shane, Lithay barely had time to whisper to Shane,
    “Say nothing, she’ll finally go away.”
    “Shane! I thought Father told us to stick together, it was his last words” scolded Kalry, sliding beside Shane, abruptly throwing her bookbag onto the table. Her three minions stayed standing, looking more awkward than anything.
    Father…?? Now Lithay was confused, once again. They couldn’t be siblings, they looked too different… or did they? They each had the same curved nose, same sharp cheekbones.
    Honestly, they could be related.
    “Karly, don’t you have people to boss around?” Shane said in a cool way, looking straight at Lithay. Lithay didn’t like the way this was going. At all.
    “Don’t be cruel, little brother. Remember why you here” Kalry sneered. Shane winced, taking the little brother insult quite seriously.
    Shane said nothing to it, taking Lithays advice.
    “When you have swordplay? I didn’t sign up, with my nails and all. But I’m sure I could still beat you if I tried” smirked Kalry slowly, picking at her nails. Shane looked close to exploding, his usually pale face flushing red, the exact way Lithay’s does.
    “Where leaving,” Lithay said suddenly, standing up. Nodding at Shane, who quickly followed her lead, they both walked off, leaving an extremely smug Karly at the table, the warm sun not heated enough to melt Karly’s shocked expression.

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