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    sallysallysally posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 8 months ago

    Hi all, I’m doing @skyfire1 ‘s competition of creating a new chapter for a new story!
    Bio will come soon.
    Chapter One
    Breaking Away
    Jayna closed her eyes as she stirred the purple potion. She dreamed of going to the shining School for Good, where no one would know her to be the poisoned girl who sold illegal potions to survive. Where she could actually reveal herself as the girl who wanted friends and family. Who loved art and singing. Who couldn’t hide the fact that potions, the thing that she was the best at, was the reason that the knights of Jaunt Jolie were after her. If she truly was an Ever, a letter from the Dean would arrive tonight.
    A bell rang as a customer opened a door. “Hey Jayna, I’m here to get my healing potion,” said a blonde girl wearing a baby blue dress. Her hands fidgeted behind her back.
    “Emilia!” Jayna yelled. She stopped stirring the potion and ran over to her and gave her a hug. Emilia backed away, leaving Jayna with a hurt expression on her face. “What happened?” Jayna asked, wondering why her only friend would turn down a hug.
    “M-my mom said that we couldn’t be friends anymore.” Silent tears ran down both of their faces. Jayna quickly wiped the salty tears off of her face and poured the potion that she had been stirring into a small vial.
    “You know what, Emilia?” Jayna said, handing her the vial. “Tell your mom that I don’t care. I want to be your friend forever.” Jayna trapped Emilia in a hug before she could react. Emilia slowly pushed her away.
    “I don’t think that she’d like that very much, Jayna. But I’ll be with you in your heart, just remember? So, for the last time, goodbye, Jayna.” Emilia left the abandoned shop that Jayna had turned into her own, the tinkling bell ringing as the door closed.
    Jayna fell onto the floor, sobbing with the loss of the only friend she’d ever known. She knew that this would’ve happened eventually. Emilia’s mother had always disapproved of her friendship with “the poisoned girl”. Yet, Jayna had never expected their friendship to end so soon.
    Jayna lay on the floor of the shop and let the tears roll down her face. Drip, drip, the tears went falling onto the floor. To Jayna, these sounds felt like her hopes and dreams. Friendship; drip, crash. Having purpose; drip, crash. Going to the School for Good; drip, cr—
    The bell rang as another figure entered the shop, slowly gazing down at Jayna. Jayna shut her eyes. “Please,” Jayna whispered, curling up, “just leave me alone. I’m done with you’re teasing.” But, the figure didn’t respond. It went over to Jayna and she felt a small peck on her nose. She opened her eyes and came face-to-face with a hummingbird, it’s claws holding onto a letter. She cautiously took the letter and the hummingbird exited the store. She opened the envelope and pulled out a Floweground ticket and a note reading, “Dear Jayna of Jaunt Jolie, you have been accepted into the School for Good, due to your kind deeds and loving heart. Inside this, you will find a Flowerground ticket, in which you will use to go to the School. Myself and the rest of the faculty hope to see you in class. -Dean Trina Clairmont.
    Jayna gripped the note, expecting this to be just a dream. But, the note didn’t disappear. This was real. She was going to the School for Good.

        skyfire1 replied 7 months, 4 weeks ago

        Interesting!!! Thanks for entering the competition!!! Also if you do turn this into a story please tag me.

          sallysallysally replied 7 months, 4 weeks ago


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