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    Chapter Two
    Clean Slate
    Jayna ducked her head as she ran through the mobs of people of Jaunt Jolie. She didn’t want anyone to recognize her and report her. Even though she tried her best, she stuck out like a sore thumb. Her dark clothing was separated from the brighter pinks and blues. A small boy noticed the black hair with dark green at the bottom that only belonged to one person.
    “It’s the POISONED GIRL!” he shouted. “She’s here!”
    Everyone turned to Jayna. They started circling her, like sharks that had found their prey. Jayna slowly put her arms up. “What are you talking about?” she squeaked. “My name’s Maria. . .” She glanced down at the ground, “Maria Ground.” A girl with curly red hair chuckled.
    “Poisoned Girl goes at it again,” she sneered. She looked down at the Flowerground ticket Jayna was gripping.
    “What’s this?” She reached for it and snatched it out of her hands. “A Flowerground ticket! What are you going to do, run out of here?” The bully stood on her toes and shouted, “Where are the knights? The Poisoned Girl is back!” The patrol that was supposed to guard the market rushed over.
    “It’s the potions girl!” one shouted. “Get her!”
    Jayna quickly stole back her Flowerground ticket and bolted. She pushed past everyone, running away to the place of her dreams. Along the way, she knocked down stands to manage to outrun the guards or at least get to the Flowerground in time. She soon reached a sign that read, “FLOWERGROUND STATION: JAUNT JOLIE”. Behind a desk made out of roses stood a blue caterpillar. Jayna glanced back at the guards, all of them charging straight for her with their swords raised.
    “Um, sir, can I go to the School for Good? I’m in a bit of a rush right now. . . .”
    The caterpillar stayed stone-faced. “Ticket?”
    Jayna quickly slapped her ticket on the desk. “Can you please to quickly?”
    The caterpillar got out a stamp and slowly pressed it on the ticket. The ticket was now marked with a crest with two swans.
    Jayna quickly rushed to the Flowertrain. She was almost there when a knight grabbed onto her dress and pulled her up. Jayna tried to kick him and be released from his grasp, but it was no use.
    “Let me GO!” she yelled in his face.
    “Young dear, you have broken many laws. I am afraid that I cannot let go of you,” he replied. The other knights soon caught up with him and started writing down the broken laws and shoving it in her face.
    This was it. All she did, just to end up in a musty Jaunt Jolie prison cell. She lost all hope when suddenly the guard dropped her on the ground. The knight had received a sharp push from a girl about Jayna’s age.
    “Emilia!” Jayna said, seeing her ex-best friend trying to distract the soldiers. Emilia turned back to Jayna and winked at her.
    “Go, go, go!” she shouted at Jayna. “Leave, Jayna! You are planned for so much more in the Woods!” The knights trapped her, and many were going after Jayna but stopped when they saw that she had stepped on the Flowerground already.
    “Emilia! We will always be friends!” she shouted, watching Emilia being taken away by the knights.
    “Jayna of Jaunt Jolie, you are a star. Shine bright and don’t burn out for me,” Emilia called. The knights took her away from Jayna.
    “I’ll shine bright enough for the whole Woods to see,” Jayna said to herself as the Flowertrain started heading to the School for Good.

        skyfire1 replied 7 months, 3 weeks ago

        Awesome!I wonder what happens next…

        nevermore2 replied 7 months, 3 weeks ago

        How old is Janya?

          sallysallysally replied 7 months, 3 weeks ago


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