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    Chapter Four
    Welcome to the School for Good and Evil
    Jayna’s eyes fluttered open.
    “Darling, Jayna, you’re finally awake!” Jayna came face-to-face with a woman with pale pink hair put into a messy bun. “I’m Professor Kate Trill, you’re Etiquette and Chivalry teacher. We were all so worried that you wouldn’t wake up in time for the Welcoming! But, here we are, only thirty minutes ‘til! Ooooh, and you’ll get to see the Everboys!” Professor Trill’s eyes lit up like she wasn’t talking about boys who were years younger than her.
    “Hold on a second‒where am I?” Jayna sat up and realized that she was in what seemed like a hospital bed. The walls were dotted with pink and blue.
    “Honey, you’re in the infirmary after the fight that you started with your roommate, Kalypso. Apparently, you punched her in the face and she just pushed you over. Didn’t know that fights could end so easily!”
    Jayna’s eyes furrowed, not understanding what Professor Trill was saying. “That’s not what happened. She said that she hated me and punched me in the face.”
    Professor Trill was completely unfazed by this. “Well, you’ll just have to sort that out with the Dean.”
    Jayna pulled herself out from under the bedsheets and ran out of the room. She hated how her too-small black dress stood out from all the girls already in their pink, lacy uniforms.
    Kalypso was not in the dorm when she got there. Wonder what she could be doing, Jayna thought. Probably punching more girls in the face. Jayna quickly stuck herself in her dress, finally realizing that it looked beautiful on her. She had never worn pink, so she never knew its effect on her.
    Jayna followed a mob of girls rushing down the hall. Girls named Diana and Kinira were chatting about politics in the Woods. Jayna was almost to the Theatre of Tales when someone called her name.
    “Jayna!” a girl with golden-bronze hair called. Only Kalypso and the teachers know my name. Who is she? The girl caught up with her, blue eyes shimmering.
    “You may not know me, but I’m Teah of Shazabah!” she held her hand out for Jayna to shake, but Jayna only stared at it. “I noticed you from your encounter with Kalypso‒” Jayna’s face instantly paled “‒and I thought it was super cool that you brought her to justice! Can we be friends?” Even though Jayna had managed to get punched in the face on her first day of school, she could still get a friend.
    “Oh, of course! And, it’s actually Princess Jayna of Jaunt Jolie,” Jayna said, blushing. I have a friend now.
    Teah and Jayna walked side-by-side into the Theatre of Tales, sitting next to each other on a crystal bench on the Good side of the Theatre.
    Dean Clairmont entered the stage and all of the chatterings that were going on instantly came to a stop. “Welcome to the School for Good and Evil, Evers and Nevers!” Dean Clairmont announced. The students clapped vigorously. “At the School for Good and Evil . . . .”
    Jayna blocked Dean Clairmont’s voice out and could only look at Teah braiding her hair. She wished that she could look like Teah. Her complexion was beautiful and tan, her eyes like sunny skies. Jayna was overwhelmed with jealousy.
    Dean Clairmont soon cut off Jayna’s fixation on Teah with an exciting announcement. “. . . and welcome the Everboys, future heroes of the Endless Woods!”
    All of the Evergirls squealed and blue-uniformed Everboys walked into the Theatre of Tales. All of them were unbelievably stunning, but only one boy caught Jayna’s eye. The boy had dark brown hair, one shielding a turquoise eye. He seemed to be the only one that did not look excited to hand out a bloodred rose to a princess.
    Jayna saw a prince with flaming red hair tossing a rose toward her and she reached to grab it‒but the rose was intercepted and stolen in the air by a girl with gold and bronze hair. Teah. Teah turned around with the roses all over her body, giving Jayna a small smirk and fake smile. Teah pushed Jayna down, and Jayna knocked down the girls behind her.
    I thought I actually had a friend, Jayna thought to herself. But of course, they will always deceive me in the end. No one can be my new Emilia.
    After nearly all of the Evergirls had fallen over, the Theatre was in complete chaos.
    “Uh, can you please get off of me?” The girl that Jayna had fallen on pushed her off of her and quickly brushed off her body. Jayna scanned for her nametag and found it hidden under her thick brown hair.
    “Kiara of Woods Beyond,” she whispered to herself.
    “Yeah, next time please don’t try to smush me,” she said, glaring at Jayna.
    “I’m really sorry, my friend Teah pushed me down and then‒”
    “Well, I don’t care. Just try and do yourself a favor and punch that girl in the face.” Kiara gave Jayna a wink and disappeared in the mob of girls.
    The Dean of Good was staring in silence at the commotion that Jayna had made. “I was trying to deny this, but with each action, she has proven to be more like the Jayna I’ve always known. Always inevitably getting into trouble, always inevitably feeling terribly sorry about it.”
    The Dean of Evil burst onstage with fury burning in his scarlet eyes. “I TOLD YOU TO KEEP THIS UNDER CONTROL, TRINA! THIS IS ONLY THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL AND YOU ALREADY ******* IT UP!” he yelled, his eyes turning darker by the minute. Dean Clairmont could feel the room heating up.
    “Araneus, Araneus, please calm down. It’s just a small thing, and they should be going back to their dorms anyway; it’s fine.” Dean Clairmont tried to calm Dean ******, or as she liked to address him, Araneus, by putting her arm on his. His eyes went back to normal and the anger receded from his face.
    “Okay. I suppose that will do,” he agreed.
    Dean Clairmont turned toward the rowdy Evers and Nevers. “Evers and Nevers, it has been a pleasure telling you about what our school has to offer. Please rest up in your dorms and prepare for your first day tomorrow!” Relieved to be out of the mess, Jayna rushed out of the Theatre of Tales and into the dorm. Kalypso was sitting on her bed, already in her nightdress, and looking dreamily at two roses that she had caught. When she saw Jayna, she tried to glare, but the happiness that she had shone through.
    The next morning, Jayna awoke with the sound of Dean Clairmont’s voice. “Evers,” she choked out, sounding stressed, “I am sorry to announce that last night, Diana of Hamelin, one of your future classmates, was stolen from her bed and has gone missing.”
    Thank you to:
    @crystalwillow, for creating Kiara!
    @iceangel, for creating Kinira! (she will be featured a lot more in the next chapter)
    @arcticsorcerer, for creating Teah!
    @raynaevil809, for creating Diana! (she will be featured a lot more in later chapters)

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        Ah! Can you continue to tag me?

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          Of course!

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        This is great! I love it!

          sallysallysally replied 7 months, 2 weeks ago

          Thank you!

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        Yayyy!!! Thx, and good job! Keep tagging me plz!

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        Wait, I’m confused, Janya is a PrInCesS

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          She was lying

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        oh my god, I love it!

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          Oh, do you need more characters for boys? I have a lot of great ideas for the boys. Can you also countinue to tag me, the story is getting interesting.

        sallysallysally replied 7 months, 2 weeks ago

        Hey, @ohhi I’m on a bit of an overload of characters. If you want though, you can create a bio for one of the boys in the chapter. Red hair boy: Gallant, daring, ladies’ man. Brown hair dude: stubborn, quiet, caring

          ohhi replied 7 months, 2 weeks ago

          No it is ok, thanks for telling me though.

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