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    Chapter Five
    Friends & Family
    It had been an amazing first day at the School for Good for Kinira. She and her roommate were already best friends, and she had caught two roses at the Welcoming! She expected the next day to go as well, if not even better.
    But when her sea-green eyes met the sunlight in the morning, she let out a scream of shock. Diana wasn’t in the bed, and the window was half-open. Diana had been kidnapped.
    After confronting Dean Clairmont about the incident, she couldn’t get through the rest of her classes. She couldn’t pay attention, the only thing she could think of Diana. That Diana, her new best friend, had been kidnapped, and, once again, Kinira was left alone in this big school of fairytale princes and princesses.
    Getting last ranking in Animal Assistance and second-to-last in Finding Yourself Through Beauty, Kinira sat alone at Lunch, quietly chewing on a piece of lettuce from the salad that she had been served. Soon, two girls came up to her, concerned looks on both of their faces.
    “Kiara of Woods Beyond and Jayna of Jaunt Jolie,” she whispered, reading the name tags that were on their uniforms.
    “Hi, I’m Kiara, and this is Jayna. We heard what happened to your roommate this morning, and we want to help you. Right, Jayna?” Kiara said, winking at Jayna. Jayna looked confused as if that was not what they had planned to say.
    “Uh, yeah! Totally,” Jayna agreed, looking lost. Kiara gave Jayna several different looks and hand gestures. Jayna nodded her head, finally understanding.
    “Oh, okay. We’re going to discuss how to find Diana tonight. We’ll meet in Kiara’s room. Come after dinner to Charity 42.” Jayna and Kiara waved goodbye, leaving Kinira in stunned silence. What just happened? Maybe she did have friends here after all.
    Was she going to far with this? Probably. Was she going to stop? No. Jayna wanted to help Kinira, and she would help her. Diana probably wasn’t even that far away from school. But to find her, she would have to break into the Dean’s office.
    Dean Clairmont had a list of the names of the first years and where they were at the current time. All Jayna had to do was steal that list, and she could find out where Diana was.
    Kiara had given Jayna some sort of charm that she was sure would work. She didn’t know why Kiara was her friend now, but ever since last night, she probably decided that since she had helped Jayna, then she could be her friend. And Jayna guessed that that was true.
    Jayna put her hand on the gold doorknob and pulled. Surprisingly, it came open easily. She expected Kiara’s charm not to work, but she had underestimated her.
    Jayna began sorting through Dean Clairmont’s drawers for the list, but she stopped when she came upon a framed painting that hung on the wall behind the Dean’s desk. There were a lot of other paintings, so it was hard to spot. But when Jayna looked closer, it seemed odd for Dean Clairmont. In the painting was a woman with pale blonde hair who was certainly Trina, but she was wearing regular peasant clothes and was clenching the hand of a young child, about five years old, who looked nothing like her.
    The child had pale skin, dark brown almost black eyes, and . . . black hair with dark green highlights. Jayna read the bottom of the painting.
    “Jayna and I at the Foxwood Festival”. The memories rushed back to Jayna. Growing up with this woman. Running away with her. Playing with her pretty blonde hair while she practiced her sword-fighting skills.
    Because Dean Trina Clairmont was Jayna’s adopted mother.

    If you guys don’t understand the ending, I can repost Jayna’s bio.
    Bio for Jayna
    Name: Jayna of Jaunt Jolie
    Age: 12
    School: Good
    Finger glow: Dark green
    Family: Granddaughter of the Wicked Witch of the West, but doesn’t know it ‘cause she was abandoned as a baby
    Appearance: Dark black hair that is naturally green at the bottom. Pale skin, sort of black eyes, dark freckles. Quite skinny and short. She wears a short black dress and black mismatched boots that she’s found on the street.
    Personality: She is quite sweet, but no one knows since they all judge the book by its cover. She is clever enough to survive on her own. She loves everything in the arts, loves inventing/creating. An expert at making potions.
    Backstory: Was abandoned when a baby, but an outlaw found her and cared for her, but realized that she couldn’t handle her when Jayna was six and left her in Jaunt Jolie. Jayna learned potions from a potion book that her actual birth mother had left with her when she abandoned her. She came to know from cover to cover and sold potions at a local market. It all went fine until she sold a beauty potion to a young man, and the day after he drank it, he got sick and died. People then labeled Jayna as the poisoned girl, and the knights came after her to arrest her. She ran to the outskirts of Jaunt Jolie and found an abandoned shop and chose to continue her potion business there. Even though she moved out there, some bullies would come and endlessly taunt her, and sometimes hurt her. Jayna still chose to stay there, and she continued her business.

        nevermore2 replied 7 months, 1 week ago

        Plot twist
        Love it by the way 💕

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        ooh, suspense… ❤ it!

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        ooh! this was great sally! ❤️

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        Thank you guys!!!!

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