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    Hi! I’ve been on here for literally less than an hour and I’m already hooked. So, since I haven’t seen this question yet (and I’m most likely mistaken): What is your favorite thing about writing? I think mine would be discharge of spontaneous creativity. I seem to have random creativity bursts at weird times. Kind of like the opposite of writer’s…[Read more]

        samanthaoffoxwood replied 2 years, 1 month ago

        I forgot to mention music. I LOVE music. Especially anything older than me, which is most things. I’ll listen to and love anything from Beethoven, to the Beach Boys, to Imagine Dragons. I’m extremely infatuated with 70’s and 80’s, and am currently binge-listening to any/all Queen songs. (Is binge listening even a thing? lol) Anyways, bye and thank…[Read more]