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    The Journey into the New World
    Chapter 9
    ~Reina’s POV~
    I ran swiftly through the trees. The cops were after me. The green of the trees cleared out and the noises of the city came at me. I ran across the street, avoiding cars. When the cops are after you, there is no stopping until you’re safe. I made a turn left then jumped into a darkened alleyway. With my back pressed against the wall, I held my breath a the cops stopped in front of the alleyway.
    “It seems like we lost her again, Johnny. Let’s go back, maybe we can find her in the parking lot.” One of the policeman said. They started to walk back and I released my breath. Taking a few steps, I tripped over some rusted metal cans and fell face first to the floor. Bam! I looked up and spat the dirt out of my mouth. Ahead of me was a rusted metal can, rolling toward the cops that chased me! I scrambled up and before I could reach it, it hit the heel of the policeman’s shoe. He looked down at the can, then looked up at me. I froze in fear but, he squinted at me like I was far away from him.
    “Hey Johnny! Are you alright?” Policeman #1 asked. Johnny squinted at me then looked back at Policeman #1.
    “Yeah. I’m alright George.” Johnny replied. He then turned back to George as if I was never there! Once they were out of sight, I walked out of the alleyway and sighed.
    “Well that was a close one.” A voice said behind me. I turned around to find a beautiful woman with soft golden hair and dark purple eyes.
    “Alyssa.” I said.
    She smiled at me. “Reina, I see you’re still running. Why don’t you move to headquarters?”
    “Over my dead body. I will not go to headquarters nor will I move my position as runner. I’m perfectly fine in my place. And nothing can change my mind.” I declared. Alyssa sighed. “But if you move to headquarters your position would change to Runner Coach. That’s a very important job and, besides you’re one of the best runners there is. But if you don’t go to headquarters, your brother will pay. You know what happened to the last one who didn’t go to headquarters. And you don’t want the same thing to happen to your brother and you, right?”
    I stood there looking up a Alyssa. A sly grin formed on her lips, showing pearly white teeth. As if I was hallucinating, those pearly white turned into yellow fangs.
    “Fine I’ll go. But don’t you dare bother me while I’m working.” I threatened.
    “Why I wouldn’t imagine doing something like that.” Alyssa smiled. “Ta-ta.” She waved as she sashayed back into the shadows. “Why that woman’s got some nerve.” I muttered until my breath. I ran across busy streets until I stopped at an apartment. Walking up the steps, I opened the door then started walking up another pair of steps.
    ~Tiffany’s POV~
    The door to the Dark Room opened and Alyssa walked in. The lights were dimmed so low that I can barely see anyone.
    “Did you convince her to move?” A low voice beside me asked. Alyssa flipped her back.
    “Yes, I managed to convince her but she is a stubborn girl. If you say the wrong thing she’ll go off running, God only knows how long she’ll run, and if you try to tell her something she’ll refuse and go off running again. That’s how she is.” Alyssa replied.
    “Well, we’ll have to be careful around her. She is capable of doing anything.” The voice beside me said.
    “But Luke, what are we going to do when she comes?” Alyssa asked.
    Luke smiled. “That’s when SHE comes in.” Luke turned to me. “Tiffany your job is to befriend Reina and guide her around here. When the time comes, and Reina is ready to be on her own here, we will continue our original plan. Do you understand me?”
    I nodded.
    “Good. You better go off to your room now, Reina will come early in the morning so you better get your rest.” Luke said. I opened the door to the Dark Room and made my way back to my room.
    ~Olivia’s POV~
    I opened my eyes to see my brothers still arguing. Ugh, it has been an hour and they are still fighting like a cat and a mouse. I covered my ears with my hands and walked away from them but the followed me still arguing. Then I just couldn’t take it anymore and whipped around to face them, with my hands at my sides.
    “Just stop! Okay?! I have had enough already, and no matter where I go, you two are always following me and arguing! If you want to argue do it somewhere else. Now I have somewhere to go, so please just leave me alone.” I said, furious and walked away from them. When I was far enough away from them, I rubbed my temples and sat down on a bench.
    “God, why do they have to argue all the time? It gives me a headache.” I muttered to myself.
    “Well you should teach us to get along then.” A voice behind me said. I turned around and saw Oliver leaning above me.
    I stood up and crossed my arms. “Oliver what are you doing here? I thought that I told you to go away and argue with Jacob somewhere else.”
    Oliver shrugged then sat down next to me. “If you were really that annoyed you could’ve just told us, then we would stop. And I wouldn’t have to see you this irritated.” He said. Sometimes I can’t believe he’s the same age as me, I mean, he acts like what an older sibling is like.
    “But, Jacob would probably pick a fight with me again, so I suppose there’s no end to it. But of course he would walk away in fury and blame everything on me again. But he’s not smart enough like me to learn how to control his temper.” Oliver said simply. I shook my head in agreement. Sometimes Jacob’s emotions take over him and then the two start quarreling. Now that I think about it, the two have been fighting with each other for years. I’m not sure what would happen if I don’t stop them before it’s too late.
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