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    saphire101 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 6 months ago

    Hi guys!
    I’m back after what is feels like forever. I don’t think I’ve been on here in like months. It feels like a lot has changed over the past couple months. But, anyway, here is a new chapter! And also constructive criticism is welcome.
    The Journey into the New World
    Chapter 10
    ~Tiffany’s POV~
    Luke paced back and forth in worry. We were paying so much attention to try and get Reina to join us in headquarters, that we forgot that the deadline no later than nine weeks away. Sometimes Luke can be very stupid. Alyssa was just standing there, leaning against the wall and watching Luke mumble to himself. “Maybe we can monitor Reina while Tiffany is in the school but then we will have to monitor Tiffany as well in case if our plan fails and Tiffany will get stuck in there. Or we can have Alyssa watch Reina while Tiffany goes to the school, but then Reina wouldn’t feel comfortable with Alyssa watching her and will most likely try to kill her. We can have that happen, we need Alyssa here to give us information from that place.”
    I got really irritated Luke for being so dumb and wasting my time when I had a job to do. My meeting with Reina is starting in five minutes, and Luke is making me stand here doing nothing when Reina could be here any minute!
    “How about I just take Reina with me there? Besides she might be of great use to our plan.” I said annoyed. Luke stopped to look at me. You know that might be a good idea. Why didn’t I think of it before?”
    I rolled my eyes at him. Luke is so stupid. “Alyssa when Reina gets here, tell her that she will be taking a trip instead of taking the job as R.C (Runner Coach).” Luke ordered. Alyssa dipped her head in understanding and left the room silently, leaving me with Luke.
    “Are you prepared Tiffany?” He questioned, turning to me. I nodded. “Good. We need people that are strong and prepared for the outcome of this mission.” He sighed. “So much trust and responsibility has put a lot of weight on my shoulders. I don’t know why he picked me to do this; leaving an army into what it seems, a world of fantasy and magic.”
    “Before I created this association, I was a school janitor for a very prestigious prep school in England. The school was mainly for the rich kids but then they opened it up for the very talented kids. It was the worst job ever. Those snotty brats think they’re better than anyone else. They taunted me and imitated me. They dumped all their trash on the floor so I could pick it up for them. And they kicked my **** around, making me do stuff for them. Even the teachers and parents looked down on me. Before the school became like this, it was a public school that had a great reputation. I went there but then left for college. I came back because my friend worked there and asked me to fill in for the absent janitor, and so I did. It was a big mistake. Despite how nice and big the school was, it was *****. Walls full of graffiti, muddy floors, and ***** windows. I then got straight into cleaning. I stayed at the school waiting for the previous janitor to come and take the work away from me but, he never came.
    “A few years later the school turned into this **** stuck up school for rich brats. I hated it there. But then one day, I heard him. While I was cleaning the smelly gym, he came to me, telling me that I was special, that I was meant to do something greater than working as a janitor. He gave me hope. Hope that I didn’t have to do this. Hope that I could do something better and make those people who doubted me, respect me for what I’m doing. I then told the school principal that I wanted to quit, and that’s how I got here.”
    I felt a twang of sympathy for Luke. He had it hard but he worked hard to make it up to here. I guess he’s not that stupid as I thought.
    ~Meghan’s POV~
    After Dovey sent me away, I found myself standing at the gates of the school. A golden sign caught my eye at the side of the gate.TRESPASSERS WILL BE KILLED. Great, now I’m an official trespasser. Thanks a lot Dovey.
    Looking back into the trees, I saw something moving ever so stealthy. It was creeping towards me fast. Panicked, my finger glowed dark purple, creating a ball of light that lit up the surrounding area. As the thing crept closer to the light, I saw that it was just a black thorny vine that was going to kill the trespasser, that unfortunately had to be me. The vine stop a few feet away from me, looking like a snake that’s ready to strike for the kill. Before one grabbed me, I jumped over it, running as fast as I could and jumping over bushes and other vines that tried to grab me.
    Up ahead of me was a big clearing, I looked behind me only to see a vine speeding towards me. As I got closer to the clearing, I jumped falling on my side then rolling away from the thorny vines. I stopped rolling then looked up, the vine that almost caught me was now retreating back into the dark woods where it came from. Standing up, I brushed off the dirt on me then looked around to see where I was.
    I was in the middle of a large clearing surrounded by a ring of trees. Right in front of me was a short tree stump, like there used to be a tree here but someone had cut it down. Farther away from the stump was a small cave fit to shelter one person only. I walked past the stump and to the cave entrance. The entrance looked about five feet high and six feet wide. But luckily, I’m not that tall so, I just walked straight into the cave and plopped myself down on the ground.
    ~Asteria’s POV~
    I picked at my dinner, not even hungry for it. My room looked darker, even with the lights on. Earlier, I was sent to my room and was not allowed to eat dinner or come out, but my brother sneaked in some dinner and ordered me to eat it. And because of this curse, I have to obey everyone and I can’t go against their orders, or else I’ll go through this immense headache. One time when I did try to defy my sister, I felt this incredible headache and collapsed from the pain, and fell unconscious.
    My mom, dad, and sisters hate me for being born, even though I was adopted by them. For some weird reason, I wonder why I was ever adopted by these people. I mean, if they hate me, why are they letting me live in their house, I could always go back to the orphanage, but why did they adopt me?
    I laid back into my pillows, and rolled over to my right, careful of my dinner on the tray. I looked out the window and saw the night stars twinkling in the night sky. I wonder if my real parents are alive and looking for me right now. Maybe they’re looking up at the same starry night sky as I am. I wonder what it will be like to have a family that loves you. My eyelids felt heavy and soon, I fell asleep, thinking of the family I have now.
    Okay, so, over the long weeks when I wasn’t on the site, I was thinking of writing a new story that I’m gonna post soon, it’s non-SGE related and I have been thinking of writing this story for a long time. It’s called The Trials Among Us. I will tag those on my tag list but if you don’t want me to tag you, just say so. I will be posting the bios for my new story soon.
    I guess that’s all I have to say.

        evilerruler845 replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        Whoa, I haven’t seen you post your RP for a really long time… Very nice chapter!!! Plz keep on tagging me.

          fsa161 replied 2 years, 6 months ago

          Hi!! Love the chapter!!! Can’t wait to read your new story. I would love you to keep tagging me. 🙂

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