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    The Journey into the New World
    Chapter 11
    ~Jacob’s POV~
    I thought about last night’s dream. A black swan came to me and started talking to me. It was trying to convince me to do something it wanted. But of course, I denied because it’s just one stupid dream. But then, it’s black eyes flashed and I felt my body beginning to sweat. My lungs gasped for air as I clutched my throat. The swan’s eyes flashed again, and my body stopped sweating. Taking big gulps of air, I glared at the swan. It flew closer to me and looked straight into my eyes.
    “Jacob of Avalon Towers. You are 13 years old and have a younger brother and sister, who are both twins.” The swan said. I stumbled back away from the swan. How did it know my age, and more importantly my siblings?
    The swan tilted its head to one side. “You’re very jealous of your brother and hate him, right? You very much want to prove to your brother how strong you are. And you also want revenge for everything he has done to you and made you like this. Correct?”
    I slowly nodded my head. How did it know my darkest desires and my hatred toward my brother? How much exactly does this swan know about me? I grew suspicious of this swan.
    “Well, I’m gonna ask you again. Will you join me and my fellow followers into taking over the school?”
    I shook my head. “Why would I do that? If I help you, what benefit will it give me?”
    The swan sighed. “If you help me, you will be able to make your brother your *****, and make him do whatever you want. Think about it. If you help me, you will be granted whatever desires you want.” The swan began to fade away slowly, the color draining out of its body.
    “Oh, and also Jacob, I will come see you again when you find the answer.” The swan started to disappear.
    I ran to the swan. “Wait! The answer to what?!” But the swan was already gone by the time I reached it.
    ~Thalassa’s POV~
    I entered my dorm room. Without Meghan here, the place looked almost empty. My water tank was pushed to the far end of the room on the left, right next to my bed. The reason I have both a water tank and a bed is because if I turn into my siren form, then at least I have salt water near me. But even in my human form, I have to stay hydrated, so I drink a lot of drinks with a special kind of salt water.
    Walking over to my desk, I pulled out a drawer and grabbed a thin silver chain out from it. The chain had a small silver charm of a music note. My mother gave the necklace to me before I left to the school. She told me that if I had trouble sleeping, then I just dip the charm into a glass of salt water and drank it. But it would also help me concentrate in class too, which would help a lot so that I could become Class Captain.
    I held the charm in the palm of my hand and looked down at it. Leaning against my desk, I turned the charm around a couple times. The silver charm glinted in the dim light. I put the glass down and left the necklace on my desk.
    I changed into my pj’s and climbed into my bed. I laid down under the covers and put my index finger out from under the blankets. My finger glowed sea green and the lights turned off. My finger stopped glowing and I sighed. I closed my eyes, hoping that tomorrow wasn’t going to be boring unlike how today was.
    ~Agnes’s POV~
    I found myself back at home inside my room. The place looked elegant as ever. A big canopy bed with satin curtains and a pretty crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling. I walked over to the bookshelf that sat across the room from the bed. My hand reached out to touch a book, Fairies and Witches, one of the books I enjoyed as a little girl. My hand when right through the book and it flickered.
    Right. I told myself. It’s just a dream. I’m not back at home. My hand drew back and I turned around. I looked around the room, and something caught my eye. It was some sort of black feathery thing that was hidden behind the satin curtains on my bed. I slowly walked over to the bed and right through the curtains. Sitting on the bed, was a black swan.
    Aww. I feel like this chapter is really short. So are the POVs. Oh well. I hope you guys enjoyed my story so far.

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