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    saphire101 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years ago

    Here is my 1st POV for the SGE RP Club. I hope you guys enjoy. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    ~~Ember’s POV~~
    I arose from a field of flowers. Other beautiful girls appeared from out of the ground, confused about what happened. I looked up ahead and saw the Good castle in the distance, with its pink and blue towers sparkling in the sunlight.
    I’m finally here.
    At the School for Good and Evil.
    I’ve finally escaped the life I’ve always hated. The rumors and the pain. The pain that I’ve endured in that place.
    I saw some very familiar girls and some girls that I didn’t recognize.
    Huh, they must be Readers. I thought to myself.
    A lot of girls saw me, and immediately came over to me.
    I recognized all of them. They were the friends I met in the past. The people that wanted to know me and be my friend. I remember them asking to be my friend. I wanted to say no, to spare them the pain. But I was selfish and said, “Yes.”
    I wanted to have friends. To be loved, and to take my mind off the pain. But then, they all went away. Moved to a different kingdom, that was what they said.
    “Oh my god, Ember it’s you!” I was surrounded by girls, all of them talking to me at the same time. One of the nymphs tried to hand me my books and schedule, but couldn’t get through the girls surrounding me. I tried reaching for it, but that didn’t work out either.
    “Um, excuse me, but can I get my stuff please?” I asked. They looked at me confused, they must’ve not heard me say anything.
    “Girls, can you move please?”
    The girls turned around and I looked up to see Dean Dovey standing behind the girls in front of me. They cleared for Dean Dovey and went back to the nymphs to collect their stuff. I turned back to Dean Dovey and she gave me my books and schedule.
    “I hope that you’re alright with sharing a dorm with three other girls. I put you in a room with girls I think you’ll get along with.” She whispered. I smiled at her. “Thank you. But I don’t think I’ll get too close with anyone.” The Dean nodded her head and then walked away.
    I looked the top of my schedule, and at the top was:

    Ember Rose Thorn of Avalon
    Purity, 51

    That’s it. I thought. A new home, a new year, and no more pain. No need to hide in the past, because now I am a new person. I’m not like what I was before. I am strong. I am new. I am Ember Rose Thorn.
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