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    Chapter 3:

    Anya’s POV

    I ran to my attic room, my cheeks burning. What was l thinking? I would never be able to infiltrate the royal family now! I would most likely be fired and executed in the morning, which meant only one thing: I had to run.
    I quickly packed a small bag, and ran down the servant’s staircase to the kitchens. I ducked down behind the countertop and scutled towrds the door. But before l could reach it, l was intercepted by a voice. I turned around to see the princess standing in the doorway.
    “You know,” she began, almost converstionally, “I was treated with contempt, pity, even violence in this palace. But l never tried to run.” She was looking at me with a strange look in her eyes, and then l recognised it – betrayal. It annoyed me enough that l snapped, “Well, you didn’t have to fear execution, did you?”
    For the first time, a look of confusion enetered her eyes. “What?”
    I felt sorry for her. “If we fail our jobs, we are executed. Happy now?”
    She looked thoughtful. “You haven’t failed.”
    “But l – ”
    She interrupted, “You told me the truth. I would never punish someone for that. But by all means, leave.” She stepped to the side.
    I stared at the clear doorway. I could do it – l could just leave, and never come back. But l had a duty to my family, as the only one able to make money, and besides, l wanted to prove to her that if she could survive in this place, so could l. So l stood up and took her hand.
    “Ca you actually fly?” she asked suddenly, wonder amnd pain in equal measures in her voice.
    I nodded. “Want to try?”
    She shoom her head, though regret clouded her eyes. “I’ve got a meeting in the morning.” She turned around and started walking towards the stairs. I suddenly felt a sudden need for her to stay with me.
    “Evie?” I called out. She spun around, surprise lighting her gaze.
    I felt tongue-tied all of a sudden, and forgoed what l was meaning to say. Instead, l just said, “See you around, okay?” Duh!
    Her eyes narrowed with amusement, all she said was, “Let’s hope so.”

    Evelyn’s POV

    The next morning, I woke up and got dressed, with Anya refusing to meet my eyes, and walked into the Hall for the inevitable torture that was to follow. My siblings immediately amabushed me with water, and as I laughed, I reflected on what life would be like if l could do what they did. My twin brother, Edward (younger than me by two minutes) pushed them aside and hugged me, but he was also wet and I was again reminded of how different l was.
    “Right, Father’s going to be here in a minute, so Lizzy, try to dry everyone.” I took charge, speaking to the only one of us with the fire ability. “We cannot let him see us like this.”
    Just as we were all dry, our father walked in, and we lined up in order of inheritance: Edward, Ella, Evan, Elizabeth and me.
    “Good morning, Father,” we chorused.
    “Children, the Resistance is rising,” he began, getting right to the point. “We believe that they even have a spy within the palace. You are confined to your rooms until the spy is found. That should take around a week.”
    What? No! The freedom to roam the palace was the only power l got! I stifled my cry of shock, however, and sttled down for his lecture on safety.
    This was going to be a very long week…

    Hope you liked it, sorry it was so long. Comment if you want to be tagged, consructive criticism is welcome.

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        My names Anya!

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        Love this story!

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          Yay Eryn, you’re back!
          Cool Harmony, do you want me to tag you?

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        love the chap!

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        can u tag me for previous chapters? just wondering. i want 1 and 2

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        oh, good idea. @sapphy, can you tag me for chapter 1?

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        LOL SORRY!!! Your writing is just so good!!

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