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    Name: Evelyn Kolder
    Age: 14
    Appearance: long white-blonde hair and ice-blue eyes, the most beautiful out of her family
    Personality: Shy, reserved, bookish, clever, hates the ***** and parties that she has to attend, charming but has no interest in romance, pessimistic
    Lineage: Her parents are Emperor and Empress of the Water Kingdom, and her brother is the heir
    Power: None
    Backstory: In her world, everyone has a elemental power: air, water, fire and earth. She was born in the royal family of the Water Kingdom but with no power, so her parents are ashamed of her and made her younger brother the heir. Because of this, she is quite reserved and shy and is ashamed of who she is.

    Anya Carpenter
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Long black hair and brown eyes, quite plain
    Personality: Outgoing, bossy, temperamantal, optimistic, smart
    Lineage: Parents are two carpenters from the poor end of the Aqua City
    Power: The most powerful Air sorcerer in hundreds of years, even more powerful than anyone in the Air kingdom
    Backstory: She grew up knowing that she would never have a good job or a good life, but then she got given a job at the Palace so that the royals could keep an eye on her.

    Note: The kingdom you are in does not influence your power, it just means that Air powers are likely to be stronger in the Air kingdom and Earth powers are likely to be stronger in the Earth kingdom

    Chapter 1:
    Evelyn’s POV

    I sat on my bed, staring at the exquisite gown in front of me. It was sky-blue, to match my eyes, and had small waves on the bottom to represent the Water Kingdom. I started as a mini whirlwind flew into the room, but relaxed again when l recognised my little sister. “Lizzy!” I laughed as she jumped onto my lap. She squealed as I tickled her, but l stopped abruptly as her nurse came into the room. Lizzy playfully sent a lick of fire at her, and the nurse immediately blocked it with a wall of water. I felt a pang of hurt at not being able to share this with them, with intensified as the nurse looked at me with pity in her eyes. I hated being the sad one, the crippled one, the poor princess. Even the poorest servant and the youngest baby could manipulate an element – and l had to hide my… disability, For the sake of the kingdom – who would ever want a powerless princess?
    Who would ever want me?

    Anya’s POV

    I lifted up my baby sister, up from the dirt and filth from the slums of the city. Giving up on holding her, I flew up and started in the direction of home. I had to arrive soon anyway – my job letter was coming that day, just like every other fourteen-year-old in the city.
    I got home quickly and started singing as l waited. My voice filled our narrow alleyway and soared over the rooftops, the air lifting it up and taking it far away. I heard the plop of a letter through the old rusted letterbox, and ran over – to find two letters. The first had the royal crest on it:
    “Dear Anya Carpenter,
    You have been selected to work as handmaiden to the princess Evelyn Kolder. I hope you will do your job well.”

    It didn’t need to add “or else”. Everyone knew that if you failed your assigned jobs, there were no second chances – you would be executed.
    My heart started to beat faster at the next letter:
    “To Agent Air,
    You will work in the palace. You will work for us, secretly. Not for the kings. We need you. You will gain the trust of the monarchy.
    And you will bring them down.”

    Chapter 2:
    Evelyn’s POV

    I whirled around the dance floor in the arms of a prince – Charles, prince of the Earth Kingdom. Many people said that Earth was the weakest element, but as he danced across the dance floor, l felt trapped in his strong arms. All through the evening, l had been introduced to society ladies and ambassadors, and l was exhauseted from the sheer effort of pretending l was… normal.
    Finally, I was taken to meet my new staff. Taken from the poor part of the city, they were paid a pittance to do work in jobs like this. I walked in and there were three girls, the same age as me, standing in my room. I felt self-conscious in my ball gown, while they were in their servant uniforms.
    “I’m Ada,” said a tall one with black hair.
    “Sally,” nodded the redhead.
    “My name is Anya.” I was almost frightened by the look that she gave me, deep and assessing. I suddenly felt insecure, and ducked my head to hide my expression. She was plain and small with mousy brown hair and eyes, but she radiated an air of power that made me immediately curious and drawn to her.
    When l was ready for bed, l sat on my lavish four-poster and beckoned Anya over. “I can help you. Do you need anything?”
    To my surprise, she pulled away. “You can’t do anything.”
    “I can!” I protested. For some reason, l wanted this girl to like me.
    She looked angry. “You’re all the same!”
    I was confused. “What do you – ”
    She stood up. “You all think you can help us. Living in your perfect little bubble – you think that you can help us – we’re not just your good deed!” And she pulled away from me and ran out of the room.

    Chapter 3:

    Anya’s POV

    I ran to my attic room, my cheeks burning. What was l thinking? I would never be able to infiltrate the royal family now! I would most likely be fired and executed in the morning, which meant only one thing: I had to run.
    I quickly packed a small bag, and ran down the servant’s staircase to the kitchens. I ducked down behind the countertop and scutled towrds the door. But before l could reach it, l was intercepted by a voice. I turned around to see the princess standing in the doorway.
    “You know,” she began, almost converstionally, “I was treated with contempt, pity, even violence in this palace. But l never tried to run.” She was looking at me with a strange look in her eyes, and then l recognised it – betrayal. It annoyed me enough that l snapped, “Well, you didn’t have to fear execution, did you?”
    For the first time, a look of confusion enetered her eyes. “What?”
    I felt sorry for her. “If we fail our jobs, we are executed. Happy now?”
    She looked thoughtful. “You haven’t failed.”
    “But l – ”
    She interrupted, “You told me the truth. I would never punish someone for that. But by all means, leave.” She stepped to the side.
    I stared at the clear doorway. I could do it – l could just leave, and never come back. But l had a duty to my family, as the only one able to make money, and besides, l wanted to prove to her that if she could survive in this place, so could l. So l stood up and took her hand.
    “Ca you actually fly?” she asked suddenly, wonder amnd pain in equal measures in her voice.
    I nodded. “Want to try?”
    She shoom her head, though regret clouded her eyes. “I’ve got a meeting in the morning.” She turned around and started walking towards the stairs. I suddenly felt a sudden need for her to stay with me.
    “Evie?” I called out. She spun around, surprise lighting her gaze.
    I felt tongue-tied all of a sudden, and forgoed what l was meaning to say. Instead, l just said, “See you around, okay?” Duh!
    Her eyes narrowed with amusement, all she said was, “Let’s hope so.”

    Evelyn’s POV

    The next morning, I woke up and got dressed, with Anya refusing to meet my eyes, and walked into the Hall for the inevitable torture that was to follow. My siblings immediately amabushed me with water, and as I laughed, I reflected on what life would be like if l could do what they did. My twin brother, Edward (younger than me by two minutes) pushed them aside and hugged me, but he was also wet and I was again reminded of how different l was.
    “Right, Father’s going to be here in a minute, so Lizzy, try to dry everyone.” I took charge, speaking to the only one of us with the fire ability. “We cannot let him see us like this.”
    Just as we were all dry, our father walked in, and we lined up in order of inheritance: Edward, Ella, Evan, Elizabeth and me.
    “Good morning, Father,” we chorused.
    “Children, the Resistance is rising,” he began, getting right to the point. “We believe that they even have a spy within the palace. You are confined to your rooms until the spy is found. That should take around a week.”
    What? No! The freedom to roam the palace was the only power l got! I stifled my cry of shock, however, and sttled down for his lecture on safety.
    This was going to be a very long week…

    Chapter 4:

    Anya’s POV

    I smiled as l cleaned, remembering the events of last night. Finally, Evelyn stormed in. “Ugh! Can this day get any worse?”
    “What’s the matter?” I asked, ignoring the sharp looks from Sally and Ada.
    She sat down abruptly. “Edgar’s making us stay in our rooms until the Resistance spy is found.”
    “Edgar? Is that yout father?”
    She looked arond absentmindedly, before realising what l had asked. “Oh – oh, yes. He makes us call him that. I don’t see what’s wrong with the Resistance anyway. They just want to stop the segregation between water-powered people and people with other powers, right?”
    I shook my head. “No, they want to stop the monarchy’s rule. They want the more powerful people to be in charge, so they sometimes resort to violent protests, imprisonment, even assassination attempts. That is why they are fighting so hard.”
    She scrutinised me carefully. “You know a lot about the Resistance, don’t you?” A careful, probing question – that l had no idea how to answer.
    “Um, yeah. I read it in… pamphlets.” I stuttered.
    She looked almost… excited. “What pamphlets?”
    “Just pamphlets.” I couldn’t have sounded more suspicious if she tried. But she didn’t care. I glanced down. Our hands were almost touching. Slowly’ l edged my hand closer to hers. She grasped it as she processed what l’d told her about the Resistance.
    “But if the Resistance get what they want, then people like me… we’d get nothing.”
    The words came out of my mouth before l could take them back. “So what?”
    She stared at me, disbelieving. “Seriously?” And before l could stop her, she ran up the stairs to the abandoned tower.
    “Stop! It’s not safe up there!” I shouted, but all l heard was the thunderous crashing as the tower collapsed.

    Chapter 5:

    “Evie! EVIE!!!” I screamed at the top of my voice, running forward to comb through the rubble of the tower. “Help!”
    Servants came running, alerted by my cries. A couple dropped down and helped me, but most stood there, confused, until l cried, “The princess is in there!”
    I panicked, tears running down my face. Finally, we pulled her out of the rubble – but she was limp and unmoving. Was she dead?
    I heard a commotion behind me, and looked back to see the king approaching, with some of Evie’s siblings behind him. What was he thinking – this was no place for children!
    “WHAT is the meaning of this!?” he bellowed, pointing at me. “I shall have you whipped for this!”
    Evie’s eyes fluttered. “Don’t punish Anya. I ran into the tower. It’s my fault.”
    His attention turned to her. “SERVANTS. Lock my daughter in her room.”
    She let out a short cry. “No!”
    He glared at her. “You have cost me a lot of money repairing that tower. How could you? You are worth nothing Evelyn Kolder.” Her eyes welled up with tears as he turned around. As he stood at the doorway he said one last thing.
    “I wish you weren’t my daughter.”

    Chapter 6:

    Evelyn’s POV

    “Help! Somebody help me!” I screamed, throwing myself against the door. I finally sank to the floor, exhausted. After a few minutes, I heard a knocking at the window and looked up to see Anya floating outside.
    Open the window! she mouthed. I pressed against the window, and finally it flew open.
    “Evie! Come on!” She beckoned me over to the windowsill where she was standing, and l climed over to her precarious perch. She lifted me up – and took to the skies.
    I screamed with pure joy as we swooped through the air and flew over and over in a wild spiral. But suddenly, she started to look pale.
    “Are you okay?” I asked, concerned.
    She started to reply. “Yes, l’m fine,” she began – and plunged to the ground.

    I had no time to even scream as l fell towards the floor.I hit it and felt a deadweight hit my body.
    “EVIE!” Anya screeched. “HELP! I NEED HELP!”
    “Anya? It’s okay,” l rasped. “I’m okay.”
    I was in shock, l registered as agony hit my leg.
    “Evie? Is it broken?”
    I squeezed out a nod as l screamed, and then a sudden calm washed over me. I stared down at my leg as the bones moved. The pain completely disappeared as I gazed down at my healed leg.
    “Did I just…”
    Anya smiled. “Yes, Evie. You just used magic.”

    Hope you like it, I’m a bit busy spamming dueling hesterisqueen so yeah, I’ll be a few days

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