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    The Elemental Rebellion

    Chapter 11

    Phoebe’s POV

    The first day I met Anya was on my birthday.
    I had just witnessed the worst argument yet between my mum and dad, and she found me crying on the edge of the Stream. “Hi. What’s the matter?” she asked. She was about… seven, I think. But powerful, even then. She was already notorious for being able to fly. She would be notorious for simply being my friend. Me, the misfit, the girl with the ****** parents, the girl that was different. Sometimes I wonder whether that’s what humans are really afraid of. Difference.
    I didn’t answer, only sent a current through the earth. I thought she would be shocked, but instead she laughed. One laugh, and I felt like we could be friends. Just one laugh, and I knew that she was the same as me – weighed down by the responsiblity of love.

    When I was younger, there were rumours about a secret Resistance against the monarchy. Now, they were no longer rumours.
    They were truth.
    And I was part of it.

    I remember killing my father. Anya calls me a monster, but she doesn;t know the full story. I went to his house to talk to him. Nothing else. When I got there, he was waiting. Waiting for me. He leapt out at me when I tried to talk to him, but that was before her saw the knife in my hand. He tried to take it. He wanted to kill me. And so it was all too easy to slide the knife between his ribs, and I watched him breathe his last without shedding a tear.
    Because there are two types of people. The type whose natural instinct is to protect. Or the type who only want to survive.
    Can you guess which one I am? Can you guess?

    I stood in front of Anya, surprised at how easily she seemed to have forgiven me. Just weeks ago, I would have been comfortable talking to her about anything. Now, all I could seem to talk about was the Resistance. And the fight for freedom.
    I knew that Anya wasn’t so happy with the Resistance methods, but I had thought she still agreed with the principles. So when I had seen her with the princess, acting like nothing was wrond, at first I had thought she was pretending to like her. But the more I watched, the more I realised that she was blind to what truly mattered. And it was up to me to give her sight again.
    Even if I had to use unsanitory methods to do it.
    After all, what’s a little blackmail between friends?

    I hope you liked this chapter, yadda dadda, bye,

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          I LOVE IT!!

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        oohhhhhh this is getting INTERESTING!

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        Great chapter!!!

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