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    The Elemental Rebellion

    Chapter 1

    Raya’s POV

    I’ve been thinking lately about an old musical.
    I’ve got what some people would call an obsession. Me, I just like them. This one was better than most, and there was one song that gets stuck in my head whenever I hear it.
    It’s called ‘somewhere over the rainbow’. I suppose I didn’t find it so impactful before the thing happened with Phoebe.
    The thing is, it’s almost exactly what happened to her. The difference is that with Phoebe, unlike with Dorothy, she’s not coming back, according to the Empress.
    Not if I have any say in the matter.
    One of the other musicals I watched – one of the few that was actually set on the island – was about some swords. Swords that would open a portal. And they are real – I have to believe that they are. Otherwise Phoebe is gone.
    I met her when we were part of the Resistance together. She was so pretty back then. Not that she isn’t now, but she had longer hair. I always liked girls with long hair.
    I had helped her learn how to throw a knife, shoot a harpoon gun, and disable a man twice her size. She in turn taught me how to pretend to be a servant – after all, she had been doing it for a year.
    I had a crush on her since the day I met her, essentially.
    Then she disappeared.
    And then I started looking for the swords.
    I walk into a dark room – Phoebe’s old house. I’m waiting for Anya, Phoebe’s old friend, and Lillith, her sister. I told them to bring someone along – this endeavour is, of course, highly illegal, so they’re going to need backup.
    Lillith walks in, no backup. Stupid – she should know that we’re vulnerable. She should have guessed that I didn’t have any backup.
    Not that she knew me that well.
    We stand in silence for a few minutes, and then Anya walks in, a boy following her. I recognise him immediately, despite never having met him before. “Anya. Why did you bring a prince here?”


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        This is good, despite me not understanding it lol

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        ah yes, the old not-understanding-at-all problem. FD?

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