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    The Tale of Edgar and Essa

    Chapter 32

    “What are you doing here?”
    Agatha clasps Tedros’ hand, staring at Arthur. “This is your dad? He’s dead, isn’t he?”
    “Yes. Chaddick?” He walks forward. “How are you alive?”
    “The waters of Avalon… they resurrected us.”
    His eyes widen. “But… that means that we can resurrect anyone! Lady Lesso… Nicolas… Cinderella, Lance -” He cuts himself off as Arthur walks away, towards a dark-skinned girl in a pink dress. “Nicola?”
    “You shouldn’t have said that. We can’t resurrect anyone.”
    “Why not? Haven’t you lost anyone that you’d like back?”
    She turns away from him, and he realises his mistake. “Of course I have. But I wouldn’t think I had the right to wake them.”
    “I’m sorry -”
    “It’s fine.”
    Nicola walks towards them. “What’s happened while I’ve been gone?”
    “Well… we have a new Dean of Evil, we have a claimant to the throne of Camelot locked in a room and now we have a whole castle full of refugees.”
    “That beats us.”
    “So… Arthur?”
    Nicola shrugs. “We went to the Lady of the Lake and found them. She told us to find someone called Valentina, so we found her, but then her sister ran away and she went after them. So the long and short of it is, we don’t have Valentina.”
    “Who is she anyway?”
    She shrugs again. “I don’t know. But she has this cool power. She can see the past.”
    Merlin runs out, but Arthur is nowhere to be seen. “Arthur -”
    “He’s gone inside.”
    Agatha looks over to Kara and Sebastian, who are hugging. “I need to talk to someone who knows what happened. Kara!” Kara walks over to her.
    “I have no idea what happened!” she says immediately, forestalling Agatha’s questions. “Nina just got the whole school on board apart from Mean Girl A and Mean Girl B, and then she just… took us all to Camelot and attacked.”
    “Where’s Nina?”
    “She disappeared before we got here.”
    Nicola, meanwhile, is talking to Tedros. “Your dad isn’t upset because of your closeness with Lancelot. He’s made his peace with that.”
    “Then what?”
    She looks at him as if he is stupid – maybe he is, who knows. “He didn’t know Lancelot was dead, you *****.”
    Ruby is playing cards with Anastacia when the attack happens. “Don’t worry, Frances,” she says. “It’ll be nothing.”
    She feels uncomfortable, but doesn’t push it. She will be safe.
    A few minutes later, all the noise stops, and Anastacia sits back in satisfaction. “I told you.” She puts a card down – the ace of hearts. “I win.” They start dealing out the cards for a new game, but Edgar storms in. “Excuse me!” Anastacia says.
    “You need to come with me.” He pulls her out of the room, ignoring Anastacia’s protests. He takes her back to her room and pushes her into the stone room, sending her flying into the wall. Miles looks up, his eyes bleary with sleep. “What’s happening?”
    “There was an attack on Camelot. I want to find out what she knows.”
    Ruby frowns. “I don’t know anything.”
    “Forgive me if I do not believe you.” He walks to the corner of the room, to the row of weapons. Miles winks at her – Rowan coated them with the poison earlier that day.
    “I’m telling the truth.”
    She shakes with fear as he picks up the whip. “I still find that hard to believe.”
    She quickly runs through her options in her head. He will hurt her no matter what she says, and she might as well go down fighting. “Yes.”
    “You know something?”
    She laughs, smiling despite her fear. “I’m not telling you.”
    “Of course you’re not.” He sounds disappointed, but not surprised. “Get against the wall.”
    She obeys – he is much stronger than her, and is willing to force her. “I’m not scared of you.”
    “Maybe you should be.” She flinches as the whip hits her back, but doesn’t scream.
    She cries out, and Edgar smiles.
    He doesn’t stop.
    And then she’s screaming, begging him to stop, but he doesn’t, and the pain is too much, and he keeps doing it until –
    Edgar spins around. “What?”
    Miles stands up, leaning against the wall. “I said that the poison should be setting in any moment now.”
    Miles nods at the whip. “It’s poisoned.”
    Edgar looks down at Ruby, crumpled on the floor. “Will it kill her?”
    “No, no. You’ve got it all wrong. Not her.
    “What are you talking about?”
    “It was the handle that was poisoned.”
    Edgar steps towards him, but before he can come closer, his eyes roll back in his head and he falls to the floor.
    Ruby nods towards the coffin. “In there,” she whispers. “Save them.”
    She watches as he opens it, sees his mouth open in wonder as he sees Excalibur. He leans down towards her. “If I die, then could you do something for me?” She nods. “I had a wife and two children. Arsinoe, Eadlyn and Leonine. Could you find them for me?”
    “Yes. And… if I die… tell my family that I’m sorry.”
    “If I die, tell your mother that I love her.”
    “If I die, the people I love will know.”
    He flinches. “Will you forgive me?”
    “No. But maybe one day in the future.”
    He leaves her then, blood pooling on the floor around her.
    She’s not scared of death.
    Not anymore.


    Hope you liked it!
    Side note: she’s not dead. She’s not going to die. Spoiler alert.


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