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    sapphy posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years ago

    New story!!!!!

    Name: Evelyn Kolder
    Age: 14
    Appearance: long white-blonde hair and ice-blue eyes, the most beautiful out of her family
    Personality: Shy, reserved, bookish, clever, hates the ***** and parties that she has to attend, charming but has no interest in romance, pessimistic
    Lineage: Her parents are Emperor and Empress of the Water Kingdom, and her brother is the heir
    Power: None
    Backstory: In her world, everyone has a elemental power: air, water, fire and earth. She was born in the royal family of the Water Kingdom but with no power, so her parents are ashamed of her and made her younger brother the heir. Because of this, she is quite reserved and shy and is ashamed of who she is.

    Anya Carpenter
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Long black hair and brown eyes, quite plain
    Personality: Outgoing, bossy, temperamantal, optimistic, smart
    Lineage: Parents are two carpenters from the poor end of the Aqua City
    Power: The most powerful Air sorcerer in hundreds of years, even more powerful than anyone in the Air kingdom
    Backstory: She grew up knowing that she would never have a good job or a good life, but then she got given a job at the Palace so that the royals could keep an eye on her.

    Note: The kingdom you are in does not influence your power, it just means that Air powers are likely to be stronger in the Air kingdom and Earth powers are likely to be stronger in the Earth kingdom


    Hope you like it, comment if you want to be tagged

        elvish replied 3 years ago

        please tag me, this sounds like a really interesting story.

        hesterisqueen replied 3 years ago

        Yes can’t wait for the story!

        geek replied 3 years ago

        TAG ME!!

        everagathaneverhester replied 3 years ago

        Tag me!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

        agathag replied 3 years ago

        this sounds like an amazing story, can’t wait to read it! please tag me!

        sierralovespuppies replied 2 years, 9 months ago

        This sounds really good!!!!

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