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    schoolofevil posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 4 years ago

    Hi guys! I AM HERE WITH THE FIRST CHAPTER TO MY NEW STORY! I LIKE CAPS LOCK BTW! I don’t really know what the title of my story should be so if you could suggest some. I created some bios for my story that you could check out at @schoolofevil. Also, if you haven’t heard my friend, @demonz4life, has joined the ever-never army and she might post stuff on my account or I might post some stuff on hers. Oh ya, just saying each chapter will be a different name for a different character CAUSE I WANT TO.
    CHAPTER ONE PART ONE: Kingdom of ashes. Angelina’s POV
    I stared at the houses burning in front of me. Everything was destroyed or is in the process of being demolished. The little village was a flame. I don’t know what this village is or who lived here, but it seemed so familiar…
    A cold hand gripped my shoulder.
    Startled, I jumped. I would of fallen face first into the dirt patch in front of me, but this person’s grip held me up.
    I turned my head to see a man. You couldn’t tell what The detail on his face was, though, because the reflection of the flames blocked them out. But anyone could tell he was smiling, even if you couldn’t see his face.
    I knew who he was, I had this dream over and over, to many times to count. I’m beginning to think this is more than a dream. could it be a message from the man?
    He was my dad.
    And I could tell he was saving me.
    I awoke with a jolt from the carriage I was in. I had this dream so many times in a row. I must’ve hit a rock or something cause my head was bleeding for I hit it on a metal bar. It was small but I quickly wiped it away. I don’t want them to put it in a bottle and burn it like it’s some kind of poison. That’s what they always do when I bleed.
    I wiggled in my seat to look out the window in the carriage. The ropes held me back, though. My wrists burned from the friction but I had to know how close we were, how close I was to freedom.
    I was an inch away from looking out the little window but the ropes were about to snap and I didn’t want them putting stronger ropes on me so I gave up. I sighed. They treat me like I’m a monster. Maybe at this school I’ll become a monster and haunt that terrible village.
    “What are ye doin?”
    I looked up. It’s that wretched old priest.
    “Sitting here as you treat me like some monster. Oh and by the way, ‘ye’ and ‘doing’ aren’t words,” I spat at his feet. Scowling I turned my head away. One day I’m going to release **** on him. He thinks I’m a monster and is doing his precious little kingdom a favor be ordering someone to torture me. Idiot. I’m just a girl.
    “Who do ya think ye are?” He said poking me with a stick, “besides from being a monster’s child? Eh?” I could see missing teeth in his mouth, and the ones that are still there are yellow. He had a giant mole on his face and a horribly crooked nose. If anyone’s a monster, it him. Not me.
    “Well you’re right about one thing, I am a monster’s child. You may think my dad is the demon, but it’s really My mother who is the devil. He’s a hero and he’s going to save me,” I snapped back
    He seemed shocked and insulted. I should be the one who is insulted, not him. After all he’s making me stare at his face…
    “How dare ye!” He scowled, “ye mother is a savor! She gave up ye for la greater good! But who could ever love ya, I guess it was easy,”
    I snapped, “what kind of priest says that? Well? Blaming me for everything to distract you from your own miserable life.”
    His face was red hot but I was on a role, There’s no stopping me, “you punish me for the sins you create so you can get away with it? After all the people with just think it’s me, won’t they? You pick the girl who only had one parent, and turned the only person she had against her? You terrible demon,”
    That’s all I got too before he used his magic and sent me into slumber. Time to dream of the burning village again…
    But this time it wasn’t burning.
    It was already burnt. Ashes were everywhere. Coughing, I squinted, trying to see if anyone was alive. I don’t remember this being in the dream…
    But then I saw an old man struggling to get up, covered in ashes. It was hard to tell, but I think he was dressed like a priest. Wait. It’s him.
    I walked toward him but then another figure stepped behind him and I stopped.
    “It’s okay, come,” he said to me. I tilted my head, how come he isn’t coughing from the ash? But regardless, I stepped toward the two men. I looked up and squinted, trying to get the detail in his face, but I could only see his eyes. The same dark blue eyes I have. He’s my dad.
    He grabbed my wrist with his cold grip and rolled my sleeve up. His eyes scowled as he saw the scars on my arm. I tried to break free from him, I don’t want him looking all over me.
    But then he put a watch on my wrist. It had a golden chain and was cold like no one wore it in a long time. The clock itself was deep dark red roman numerals. It was an old watch, and pretty too.
    “Take it,” he said. I looked up and saw he held a knife. I grabbed the **** of it and gave him a confused look. What does he want me to do with this?
    I saw him nod at the priest begging for help.
    I opened my mouth to ask him what he wanted me to do, but I could make any sounds from my mouth. I panicked, trying to scream, but no sound came out.
    I guess he realized because he held my hand with the knife. I was still worried but I stopped screaming. He led my hand toward the priest’s chest, and then let go.
    I looked up at him, giving him a confused look. I don’t get it, does he want me to stab him?
    “Do it,” he said.
    The priest screamed.
    When I woke up we arrived. There was something cold on my wrist and I looked down to see the watch. What the? Isn’t this from my dream? I quickly pulled my sleeve over it. I don’t want that old priest to take it away until I figure this out.
    The carriage door opened and the man screamed, pointing at me. Why is he screaming? Did I turn into a snake woman or something? Then I realised he wasn’t pointing at me, but Behind me. I turned my head to what he was staring at.
    The priest was dead.

        impossiblegirl replied 4 years ago

        I LOVE IT!

          theheartofgold101 replied 4 years ago

          SAFE! 🙂 That’s a funny term! 😉

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