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    schoolofevil posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 10 months ago

    Hi guys! I’m here with the second part of chapter one, Click @schoolofevil to catch up. Oh and make sure to check out @catofthewoods. I like her story a lot! Oh one more thing, my story is going to be a little different from most RP’s here. Please excuse spelling , and comment and enjoy!
    Chapter 1 part 2: Angelina’s Pov
    I froze. He’s dead. He’s Actually dead.
    “You killed him,” stammered the man, reminding me that I wasn’t alone.
    I shot my head up, “What! No I didn’t!” I didn’t kill him, right? I mean I only stabbed him in the dream. And dreams don’t come true. Right? I felt something cold on my wrist, and I looked down to see the watch from my dream. If dreams don’t come true, why do I have the watch? Then that means I would have the…
    I stared down at my hand. There, sitting calmly in my palm was the knife from my dream. Blood splatters were on the grey blade. Detail in the knife that was covered in ash in my dream showed clearly now. The metal handle had carvings of flames, burning people alive, while others fled and begged for mercy. What the…
    Can’t they come up with something less gruesome?! I mean, what the heck!!
    “Stay away from me!” he said backing up, stumbling over the wheel, his eyes falling on the blade I held.
    Nervously, I stepped out of the cart, and placed it on the dirt ground. I stepped away from it, my eyes locked into his, with my hands raised.
    “You are a monster!” he yelled, running to the front of the carriage, whipping the horses and racing away. My eyes lit up with realization of what he was doing. I tried to chase after him but he was gone, far away, covered by the dead trees.
    “Wait!! Come back!” I screamed, but I knew even if he heard me, he would never come back for me.
    I sighed. Great, just great.
    “You have all my clothes and everything else of mine” I mumbled to the disappeared man. I glared, and kicked the ground.
    But then Something blinded my eyes, forcing me to put my hands up to block the light. What the…?
    I forced myself to walk toward the light to find the source. I put my hands out, trying to see if it was invisible, but nothing was there. It must be on the ground.
    I squated down, looking in the other direction to save my vision, to pick up the knife. When I touched it, the dimed out, till It looked like it’s dark grey color again. I stared at it. What’s going on?! I mean everything started going weird the closer I got to freedom, the school.
    I sighed. All I have is a strange blad, a watch, and me. This is going to be great, just great.
    I turned around and I stopped. I can’t believe what i’m seeing…
    A rising school tower, like a winged demon, reached toward the heavens. But my attention was mostly focused on the loomed, blacking castle on the left. The jagged, sharp spires walls ripped through the thunderclouds above.
    My mouth dropped.
    THAT’S where i’m supposed to go to school?! Why would anyone build a school like that? Are they trying to scare kids of?!
    Joy, freedom is a castle of darkness for me. I rolled my eyes, a monster goes to a monster school. No wonder they let me leave…
    I sighed, kicking off toward the school. I really don’t want to find out what the punishment for tardiness is here…
    I raced on the dirt ground, heading towards my new school. I passes dead patches of grass here and there. This place is SO inviting, i mean can’t they get a few gnomes or something to get rid of the dead grass, or just make the whole field dead grass! I don’t care! Why am I even wasting thinking space in my brain for this?
    I stopped sharply in front of the doors. The black, wooden, so called ‘doors’, were about 9 feet tall with carvings all over it of famous villains. I placed my hand on it and instantly I wished I didn’t. I could feel something evil in there. Like a force that kills your kindness.
    Cautiously, I pushed the doors open.
    I’m not going to even bother describing the entrance hall. Evil castle, evil rooms. I’ll let your imagination run wild. But I can say that even though it’s dark, it was pretty impressive. There was three interestingly designed staircases, each leading to a different tower. There was some many hallways that you could get lost even if you just turned one corner. I would of dropped my mouth, but it was still open from first seeing the castle.
    I stepped forward, my shoes echoing in the big, bitter cold, castle. I rubbed my hands on my arms, trying to warm myself up while looking for signs of life. So far, this castle looked abandoned. Either everyone died, no one came here in the first place, or there all of having a secret meeting somewhere.
    I felt a tingling sensation inside me and instantly I felt warm. I hadn’t realized I sped up on rubbing my arms. It was like a warm fire was flowing through me. Not the kind where you scream from the pain, but the kind you sit by in the cold winters and sip hot cocoa, relaxing while your mother make dinner and your father reads to your younger siblings.. Not that I ever had that…
    I rounded a corner and bumped into something fuzzy. I backed up and my eyes almost popped out of my head.
    “A wo-olf,” I stuttered, backing up, starring at the beast. WHY THE HECK ARE THERE WOLVES WALKING AROUND FREELY IN THIS SCHOOL!
    A low rumbling sound came from its mouth and I froze. It’s growling. Why is it growling?! Is it going to eat me?! I thought they like deer or something? I am NOT going to be eaten by a wolf. What a dumb way to die….
    “You gonna eat me,” I glared, and shock seemed to fill the animal’s eyes, “Well at least fight me first so I get some sort of reputation when I die,”
    “Im not eating you,” He muttered, his voice growing louder. It talked. It talked,”.You should be at the speech,” He snapped. What speach?
    Before I coud ask him, he unhinged his jaw and clamped his mouth on my waist and started dragging me away,
    “Hey!” I yelled at him, “I thought you weren’t gonna eat me?” I saw him roll his eyes and I realized he was taking me somewhere.
    “What’s this speech, you taking me there? Oh ya you can’t talk, i’m in your mouth,” I asked unhappy, “I can walk myself!” He put me down and I thought he was going to let me walk, but turns out we were already there. We stood in front of a beautiful pearl-white door that should not belong in this school. Pictures of happy children skipping away with flowers in their hands to give to their mothers were painted on it. Gorgeous children that looked like children of angels fought of witches, dragons, and other monsters, while graciously helping people.
    “What is,” I couldn’t finish my sentence because the wolf shoved me in.
    I was in an auditorium, split into two halves. The west doors opened into the side for dazzling looking children who looked purely good, decorated with pink and blue pews, crystal friezes, and glittering bouquets of glass flowers. The east doors however had warped wooden benches, carvings of murder and torture, and deadly stalactites dangling from the burnt ceiling which opened to the students who I would guess belonged to to the students of the castle we were in. As students sat into their halves for the speech the wolf was talking about., fairies and wolves guarded the silver marble aisle between them. MORE WOLVES!?
    I saw people turn around and stare at me, wondering why I was standing. I sat down next to what I think are the students in my school. Those other people look too perfect to go to my new school.
    After I finished staring at there too-good-to-be-true faces, I focused my attention down at the stage. I was sitting in the back and I’m pretty sure all the people’s heads were blocking what I was seeing.
    Two dogs, one looking horribly rabid and the other looking like a dog version of a goody-tu-shoes, were on the stage reading off rules.
    “And because of this rule 45 is in place: if you fall receive a 20 three times in a row, you fail.”
    I starred. This is a joke right. A speech about rules? I was going to curl up and take a nap, but I felt a pair of eyes stare me down, but when I looked up, no one was starring in y direction. This is so weird…
    I nervously, turned my head back to the stage and there it is again! That stare! You know when you’re sitting down, and you just feel like someone is stalking you? Well that’s how I feel right now.
    Keeping one eye out for any fishy behavior, even though I have like no idead what fishy behavior in this place is, and the other eye on the wolves (who knows when they’ll put me in their gross mouth again? I have saliva all over me), I was ready to make a fit. Look at it in my shoes, having THIS being called freedom?! This is like – i don’t know, maybe **** is the right word! Oh wait, my village was ****, I wonder what this will be.
    Joy. My life is so awesome.

        schoolofevil replied 3 years, 10 months ago

        I am so sorry about the spelling mistakes! I got a new computer and auto correct is going crazy!

        fsa161 replied 3 years, 10 months ago

        AMAZING, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        So good!!!!

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        Amazing!!!!! And thanks for the tag!!!!

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