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    schoolofevil posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 10 months ago

    Hi peoples! Sorry if this is bad, i have like five minutes to write this cause I havent posted in a while, so Im cramming it in now. Here is the next chapter, or POV, of my story, Kingdom of Ashes
    Ash’s POV of Chapter one: I’ve become a stalker.

    Having to smile at the Good girls’ glossy hair, dazzling smiles,and chic pink dresses, made me want to puke. I watched my fellow students as their perfectly tanned skin peeked through light blue sleeves and stiff collars; tall navy boots matched high cut waistcoats and knotted slim ties, each embroidered with a single gold and silver initial. They playfully crossed swords, loosening tucked in shirts revealing slender waists and muscles. I did that all two, except I was the only one who wanted to ruin it. In a last moment, we were supposed to draw roses from our shirts and with a shout of ‘My lady!’, throw them to the girls who most caught our eye. To me, though, they were all the same. Obsessed, stupid, useless, ever girls who dream of a prince that will do everything for them so they just have to sit in a castle and rule, cough- ruin- cough, kingdoms. There probably the worst type of parasite to infect on the brain and are SO annoying. But needless, I smile and throw the rose.
    I mean I Threw the rose, just not to anyone. I saw girls try and catch my rose, only to realize they are far from it. They all think someone else caught it, but no one at all did. I melted into the shadows and now it’s sitting in the corner, which when I go to sit down, I can collect. Stupid girls, use your brain. But then they go and try and catch other prince’s roses. I glared. It doesn’t matter who, it could be anyone, just as long as they have a prince. They will never love their prince, just play the part.
    I sat down, sighing, in my seat. What a waste of time. Why do I have to love one of those girls?
    This is boring, this ‘welcoming’ thing. . I think i’ll just…
    I melted into the shadows of the dark theater and escaped. What’s the point of it anyways? To know how the school works? BORING.
    Oh BTW I didn’t go to the school for good, i went to the evil territory. The giant castle was ice cold, but it was worth it to go where I belong. My heart is freezing. Idiots.
    I skipped myself up one of these stair cases and stepped onto the roof. It had sharp spikes all over it but I could care less. Watch me bleed, i hate being good. I pressed my pointer finger on top of one of the spikes as A drop of blood bubbled around my finger, where i cut it.
    “What! No I didn’t!” said a female voice. I looked down and I saw A man stepping away from a carriage. Someone’s late…
    ‘Stay away from me!” he sputtered as A girl with long black hair slowly get out of the cart nervously. SHe had dark blue eyes and light freckles, with a pale face. She had a grey blade but the handle looked full of designs that are too far away to tell what they were, but there was blood on it. I looked into the carriage, cause you know, connecting the dots.
    I saw a dead body, a dead priest.
    . She put the knife down and stepped away from it, raising her hands. This seems interesting…
    “You are a monster!” he yelled, running to the front of the carriage, whipping the horses and racing away. It took her awhile to figure out what he was doing, but when she realized he was escaping, he was gone covered by the dead trees. She still tried to chase after him tough, even though he was long gone.
    “Wait!! Come back!” She screamed, still clinging to hope that he will come back, but she and I both knew even if he heard her, he would wouldn’t come back for her.
    She sighed, “You have all my clothes and everything else of mine” she mumbled to the disappeared man, glaring and kicking the ground.
    I was intrigued to see what she would do next, but a sharp light cut into my vision, blocking my sight. **** it, stupid light!
    When it stopped and was safe to look, the girl was holding the blade from before as it dimmed out till no light was left from it. What the…? Why was her knife glowing like that! I mean it’s cool, but why? Her ****** expression told me she had no idea either, at least I think so.
    She turned around facing the school and quickly, I hid behind one of spikes on the roof.
    I guess she didn’t pay much attention to the school before cause only now she took the site in. I saw her eyes fill with shock, her mouth dropping.
    What an idiot. Suddenly I felt a cold shiver down my back. My eyes drift down to my hand where a golden ring layed on my finger. It’s cold texture seemed to never heat up, always freezing. The Dark blue colored jewels sprinkled around made my back shiver. The ring was made of something I shouldn’t have. But I don’t care. At least it’s sorting my priorities out and making me mentally stronger.
    A breeze brushed my hair into my eyes and I snapped my head up, annoyed at the wind. When I brushed my messy hair back hair back, I noticed the girl was missing.
    Wait no – she was at the door, er, entrance way? sHe pressed her hand on the so called ‘doors’ and walked through.
    Alrighty, time to go, I thought as I slid down back into the theater.
    I entered the auditorium and slipped into my seat in the back of the room.
    “Hey, how much longer is this,” I said to James, one of my ‘Friends’.
    “Duh no, but look,” He said pointing to a very familiar girl, “Someone is late,” He chuckled.
    I looked up to see the girl sitting down in the evil side. She has brownish blackish hair and it is up to a little below her shoulders. Light freckles skimmed her cheeks below what was before dark blue, but now dark red eyes. When she moves, you could see the black shirt she was wearing with her jeans move, to reveal scars all over her body.
    I watched her, my eyes burning in the back of her. I flickered my eyes to the other direction when she looked, though. I don’t want her to know i was following her. Cause, if you ask me, that’s pretty weird.
    Another shiver crawled its way down my spin. My eyes snapped down toward the ring. It feels like it’s freezing on to me, pushing liquid ice or something in. But I don’t take the ring off. I’d rather get shiscobabed then take it off.
    I glared at the world around me, my eyes finding that girl every time. Great, how am I supposed to be happy and enjoy this stupid school? I hate it.

        luna101 replied 3 years, 10 months ago

        Awesome chapter!

          fsa161 replied 3 years, 10 months ago

          I agree with Luna101 this is Awesome! 🙂

        impossiblegirl replied 3 years, 10 months ago

        I love it!

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