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    schoolofevil posted an update in the group RP Level 2: Blue Forest 3 years, 10 months ago

    Hi guys! I’m @demonz4life, but my computer is weird and it’s not letting me in my account so Im using my friends. Sorry I haven’t posted my POV, i’ve been really sick, but I’m better now. This is my first POV so just tell me if any thing is wrong, if it’s to short, ect.
    Angelina’s Pov
    I didn’t talk to anyone during first period cause I was trying to keep a low profile. I rather just be by myself and alone, I don’t like unwanted attention. I mean I have no problem with other people, I just don’t like to talk to them.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that the second class of the day.
    Combat training took place in a courtyard with both schools, so there was a lot of kids and I did NOT like it. I just wanted to leave, there was way too many people for comfort.
    As I was standing, Something bumped into me, pushing me down onto the cobblestone ground. My knee had hit the floor hard and it had a giant, **** bruise there. Gross.
    “Hey watch it,” said a voice, probably the person who pushed me, “You nuisance,”
    I pushed my hands off the rough ground, picking myself up, turning to face the kid who pushed me.
    It was a boy, and he looked stupid. His chin was hairy as though he were growing a beard, and failed miserably. Oh and you can’t forget the giant mole above his eye, it’s like someone threw a cat into a bag and then the cat barfed on his face.
    Behind him, his goons were equally disgusting. I’m not gonna bother describing them because i don’t give a **** about any of them. They were giggling, though, like demented hyenas with ADHD. What’s so funny? I mean it’s not like I cracked out a joke, and their laughing from the stupidity of it because mine suck. One kept coughing, and scratching what seemed to be a rash on his neck. How do they not get bullied? I mean seriously, there like built to be made fun of. You should see them..
    “Can I help you?” I said, staring at the boys with a bored face. I was used to kids having their fun at me, but these people were seriously ****.
    “Yes you can. Why don’t you say sorry to me and kiss my feet for pushing me?” said the boy with the mole, who looked like the leader.
    I gave him a terrified look, I mean who wants to kiss HIS feet. I shivered with disgust, imaging what kind of fungus was growing on the nails.
    , “ i’m sorry, but i’m definitely not kissing your feet,” I said staring at his shoes. Just looking at them made me want to puke, no way in h*ll am I kissing them .
    “Excuse me?” he said walking toward me, about to punch me, but someone’s loud voice boomed and everyone shut up in the courtyard.
    I turned around to see a very large and tall man with grey-ish blue-ish skin. One word to describe him: massive.
    “I am your combat training teacher, velcome to my class,” He spoke, his accent thick and unknown to me, “Today ve shall start out simple. You will pair up with another from the opposite school and duel with them so I can know your skill level. If you don’t have a weapon, pick one out from the table over there,” he said pointing to a table covered with weapons of all sorts, “Alrighty, let’s go,” And he clapped his hands once, singling the start of the lesson.
    I watched as other kids clustered over the table, trying to get the best weapons, while students who own weapons already started pairing up, and even battling. The next thing I new everyone was dueling except for me and a few other kids and I found myself standing next to a kid wanting to battle. My twin knife and felt heavy in my back pocket, like stones that grow weight with every passing second.
    “Take your weapon out already,” said the kid, who was unusually tall and skinny, with messy pitch black hair and eyes that have different greys in them, swirling around together like the world was black and white.
    I brought my knives out and held them out in the position that an assassin would. I’ve fought infected animals and people who tried to rob me before and survived, until I came here and I chose to stay even though I wasn’t infected. I don’t really have a home, or anywhere else to go, but here so I haven’t really fought in a while before this class.
    My sleeves covered the handles so my opponent only saw little blad. I took a deep breath and advanced on him, circling him. He had a sword that was about sevenish~eightish inches and it was silver, like one of the many grey’s of his eyes. He could just stand there and tap me with his sword, not requiring any skill at all, and I wouldn’t be able to get close to him. If I threw the knife, I would kill him, cause you know, my aim ***** and I would probably hit his heart.
    But if I slid on the ground toward him fast enough, the blade should not touch me. unless he moves his arm which could end up with me losing…
    I faked going one way, throwing him off and slid across the cobblestone ground straight up to his knees. I raised my arm to put one of my knives above his heart so I would win the match, but before I could get it all the way up there, He put his sword against my neck.
    I closed my eyes, sighing. I’ve lost. He raised his sword and helped me up as I slipped my knives back in my pocket.
    “Good fight,” I said, not really knowing what to say,. I didn’t have any reason to talk to anyone before I came to the school, so I’m super bad at talking to people.
    “Ya same. Good job!” he said, smiling at me, “I’m Ash,”
    “Angelina,” I nodded to him, awkwardly.
    “You-” He started, but got cut off by a booming voice, creepily close behind me.
    “Vell done, have you used a svord before?”
    Shocked I turned around to she my giant teacher staring at Ash, waiting for a response.
    “Yes sir!” he said smiling proudly as I just stood there awkwardly, watching them talk, but i’m glad i’m not part of the conversation cause I would rewin it.
    But my luck wasnt on my side at the moment and the ginormous man started talking to me, “Vell I can clearly see that you have used knives before, though I think vith a svord you vould do much better,” He said scanning me with his eyes. My heart sank, the first comment I got from my teacher was negative, I suck
    “Well you see i really want to master one thing before I…,” I started before I got cut off by my teacher…
    “Vell I see your point, but still every once and a vhile, use a different weapon,”
    He left, leaving me upset. I can’t be that bad can I? I mean I survived before…
    **** it, thought kicking the ground. Even though I don’t like to talk and I’m okay with people talking without me, I don’t like want them to say bad things about me.

        fairytalegirl123 replied 3 years, 10 months ago

        Awesome! Very good first POV.

        wenteo replied 3 years, 10 months ago


        jasminebeard123 replied 3 years, 10 months ago

        Very Good!

        nightshade11 replied 3 years, 10 months ago

        I think that’s pretty good for a first POV 🙂 Just a few little mistakes like not having the ‘d in I’d for the second sentence or some commas instead of periods.

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