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    schoolofevil posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 10 months ago

    Hey guys I’m still sick but here is the next POV to my story. I’ve only written like 2 POVS so there’s not much to catch up on, if you need to – @schoolofevil. Here it is. P.S It starts in a flash back thing a ma *****
    Angelina’s POV of Chapter 2 part 1-ish: A tattered gown

    I sat alone in the cold dungeon, only the dungeon master for company as he whppes me. I felt like crying, but I didn’t. I won’t give in to them. I a not a monster. I am not.
    I sighed, closing my eyes. I haven’t slept for more than a few hours in the past 3 days and I felt like just melting into my seat. How long is this stupid speech? How many rules can one school have?!
    I still felt those eyes burning on my back, but no one was looking in my direction. Maybe everyone feels it, maybe it’s just how the room is.
    I closed my eyes, telling myself that was the truth, even though I didn’t believe it.
    I didn’t remember actually falling asleep, but I must of because I woke up in an unfamiliar room.
    Opening my eyes I saw that I was in a room that had once been nice, before it got burned and sliced. I viewed two beds leaning on either side of the burnt walls, with a window at the far end. A little desk was next to each bed as well as a broken bookshelf in the room. The walls were a grey and the room had a wooden floor along with a mouse hole.
    My body throbbed from pain that was from what that was unclear to me.. I forced myself to sit up groaning. My head killed me, like someone threw a angry cat in a bag and threw it around and now it was clawing at my brain. I grabbed it, leaning over the bed, falling off it.
    “ow, “ i muttered stepping up.
    Wait a minute?! Where’s my knife? And what about the watch? I dived into the nightstand to see the grey blade starring back at me. I picked it up starring it. In the reflection I saw the watch on my hand and I looked down to see it.
    “Looks like sleeping beauty is awake,” said a boy and I snapped my head up toward the voice, but no one was there.
    “Hello?” I said confused, “Anyone here?” I said walking toward where the voice came from with my hands up, trying to feel if there was an invisible man.
    “Now I have a ghost in my room,” I muttered, falling back on what I assume is my bed. I sighed, closing my eyes.
    “Nope, I’m 100% alive,” said the voice, cheekily and I quickly sat up, shocked. I saw a boy standing at the edge of the bed. He was tall and had messy black hair with grey eyes. I felt my hand grab the knife behind my back. Who is this guy?
    “Um, were you watching me sleep?” I asked, slightly worried. I mean, who wants to have someone watch them sleep. It’s a little bit creepy, if you ask me.
    His face seemed shocked, like he wasn’t expecting me to ask that.
    “Who are you anyways,” I asked him, clueless.
    He smiled, “I’m ****. Got to go” And he walked out the door.
    “What? Where are you going?” I said walking out the door. I was in a dark hallway with doors leading to dorm rooms, rare lanterns skimming light into the hall, but the boy was gone.
    “Helloooooooo?” i spoke, irritated in the hallway, apparently to no-one. As I thought, there was no response. I sighed, what a waste of time.
    Then something hit me in the head as black spots sprinkled over my vision. I stumbled onto the ground, my hands holding me up so I was on all fours, like a dog.
    “You monster, how dare they let you roam free,” said a voice, and I was about to turn my head to find out who it was, but the person hit me over the head again and my consciousness failed me.
    The masquerade was beautiful in my dream. Men in gorgeous suits, faces covered in masks of wild colors, others plain black, danced elegantly with equally stunning woman in breathtaking dresses, their faces as well covered with masks. I wasn’t There at the ball, but I was watching it, like how you watch a movie, but in a dream.
    In the center of the ball was a woman with caramel brown hair over her golden dawn and hazel eyes peeking through the mask She was absolutely gorgeous with her tall slender body and the kindness eyes.
    Only I knew she wasn’t kind.
    That woman is my mother – or rather was. She chose a long time ago not to be my mom. I hate her.
    Someone slipped up behind her, whispering in her ear and she smiled. He was very tall and had very messy pitch black hair with his mysterious figure. His dark blue eyes reminded me of someone so familiar…
    “Of course,” she whispered back, her smile showing the joy she felt, almost like she was an angel. I snarled at her, at least as much as I tried too in a dream, she is no angel.
    They next thing they did shocked me. They started to dance. The familiar man spun my mother around the floor, her gown flooring over it as they danced. Other couples danced together in the center of the room, but my mother and this man seemed to be away from everyone, almost like no one saw them.
    The man swept my mother off her feet as they moved graceful, slipping in a back corridor. I couldn’t see them, but I heard my mother’s giggles as she laughed with joy at the man. The music faded to me, but to everyone else in the dream they seemed to hear it.
    The giggles, though grew softer, until there was no more.
    Immediately the scene changed from the ball to a field outside a castle, and I saw my mother running. Her red dress was torn and I could only see fear in her hazel eyes. Good, let her be afraid. I hate her. Wait, I thought she had a gold gown…
    Her cheek was cut and bleeding, as well as her wonderfully curled hair a mess. She was running, but I could tell someone where In her she wanted to stay, as though she had to leave or her life might be taken, but loved what ever might kill her so much she didn’t care.
    She looked behind her and I followed her gaze. The man was there and I froze. I know who the man is. He is my dad.
    Then the weirdest thing happened and I swear it was just the trick of the light, but how can you be tricked by light in a dream?
    My dad stared right into my eyes, wherever they were. He stared at me and at first I thought he would kill me somehow, but then he smiled softly, looking at me with hope that I would understand. He seemed to be invited from his usual self, at least the version of my dad I got from my other dreams.
    My mother didn’t seemed to notice me, and now that I think about it, I don’t think anyone else in the masquerade did either. I think my dad was the only one who could see me, or did he invite me into this image?
    I was so confused. I don’t understand.
    My father seemed to sense that and he frowned, disappointed and sighed. He turned around and snapped his fingers and The scene turned black.

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        Woah, that was amazing!!

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        I love it!

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