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    schuyleringrids posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 7 months ago

    Chapter 2 of this random story I had the desire to write.
    The next morning, I woke up early. Olivia and her band had a huge concert later that day, and I had promised her I would be there. It was also the day of her big job interview, and so I couldn’t let her down.
    My alarm clock was set for ten O’clock, but I woke up at eightam due to the sun streak searing through my window, shining directly in my face. I groaned and stumbled out of bed.
    I had a slow morning. I showered, got dressed, did my makeup, and ate breakfast. My mother still wasn’t awake when I left at eleven, but I wasn’t worried. She always slept late. Usually, when I saw her still asleep, id go back to sleep. When she woke up and my sister and I were still sleeping, however, I would get yelled at. Olivia, on the other hand, was “busy,” and “needed her beauty sleep.” I would roll her eyes, and Olivia would just sigh. Yeah, my mother had picked favorites long ago.
    Our town is small. Its population is around seven thousand people, which isn’t a lot. Therefore, the walk to the gizebo wasn’t far from my house. The town gizebo is on the center green. Kids play soccer there every day as I look at the sun set. Its sort of a magical place.
    Anyway, the concert Olivia’s band was performing was big. Most of the town would be there; everyone loved Olivia. Her voice was pretty good, but everyone LOVED Olivia. Because of the huge crowd expected to show up, my sisters band looked terrified when I arrived.
    “Hey, guys,” I said, giving the band a wave as I walked over. Scarlet gave me a wave back, Erik smiled nervously, and Quiz called, “hi.” Calleigh was so nervous she couldn’t even awkwoledge me.
    Scarlet ran over as she saw me.
    “Hey, Mia,” she said.
    “Hi, Scarlet.”
    “Did Olivia tell you the plan?” Scarlet asked me.
    “No. I didn’t know there was a plan,” I said. Of course. Leave it to my sister to throw a twist on things at the last second and not tell me.
    “Oh,” Scarlet said awkwardly. “Well, I’m sure she was planning on telling you soon.”
    “Yeah,” I agreed. “I’m sure too.”
    “Oh! Amelia!” a voice called. I looked around and saw Olivia coming towards us.
    Her brown hair was in a business like bun. She was wearing a white t-shirt, a baige leather jacket, and skinny jeans. She held a brief case in her hand. Her makeup wasn’t over the top, but her sparkly high heels were.
    “You’re in charge,” my sister said. “You know what to do?”
    “Get all the equitment hooked up and survive sound check,” I nodded. Olivia smiled.
    “Scarlet and Erik can help you if you’re not sure about something. But remember, they’ve got their own things to do. Oh, and don’t mess up! Everything has to be perfect,” Olivia ranted.
    “Olivia!” Scarlet said. “We’ve got this.”
    Olivia gave me a look, so I nodded.
    “Ok,” Olivia laughed. “I’m so nervous.”
    “Don’t be,” Scarlet said at the same time I said, “You’ll be fine.”
    We said our goodbyes, Olivia tripped several times, and then she was gone.
    “Ok,” Erik said. He’s Olivia’s boyfriend. They dated secretly, because our mom says we have to be seventeen before we get boyfriends. Then, on her seventeenth birthday, he pretended to ask her to be his boyfriend, and she accepted. He plays drums in the band.
    “Time for sound check.”
    What I didn’t know about sound check was that the band needed a lead singer, and Olivia was in the state capitol at a job interview, so I had to fill in for her.
    I sang all the songs, most of which I knew. What was cool was that the band added their own twist to the songs. They told me I had a beautiful voice. I probably blushed, like I do over every complement. After soundcheck, the girls did their makeup, and the boys went to change into more nicer clothes. I stayed with the girls and their makeup at the gizebo. Once Kalleigh was dome her makeup, she offered to do mine. I didn’t want to be rude, so I said sure. Not to be a **** or anything, but I thought she made me look pretty good.
    People started to file in around two-thirty. I stood in the front with my best friends Stephanie and Kalle. Stephanie’s brother, (also my crush) stood with us. I probably blushed the whole time, just by standing next to him.
    Olivia got back at two and took over. Her makeup was done, and she changed by taking of the leather and replacing it with

        schuyleringrids replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Sorry! Don’t know what happened.
        a sweater. She took her brown curls out of the bun and suddenly she was a whole new person.
        At three, the concert started. Around three thousand people came, nearly half our town. I don’t know how the green fit it all. Olivia blew the crowd away, like I knew she would. The band was great. Quiz did a little magic trick at intermission. Overall, they were charming.
        The crowd went wild at the end. There was screaming and laughing and clapping and cheering. Olivia looked so happy on the stage of the gizebo.
        “Thank you,” she called. “Goodnight! Thank you for coming!”
        Kalle, Stephanie, Brendan, and I stayed afterword to congragulate them personally. They were all flustered and out of breathe. They hugged us and nearly fell on us.
        “That was the best two hours of my life,” Kalleigh breathed.
        “Definitly,” said Quiz. Everyone else just nodded.
        “Do you need a ride home?” Olivia asked me.
        “Actually, I wanted to walk Amelia home. You know, if she let’s me,” Brendan said. My insides screamed, and I resisted the urge to jump up and down.
        “Sure,” was all I could manage without loosing controll.
        “See you at home,” Stephanie said, as she and Kalle started walking away. Brendan raised a hand in farewell, and I called, “bye.” And that’s when I realized… why the heck did I agree to be alone with Brendan.
        I don’t know wby the first part posted while in was writing. So sorry!!!!
        If you want to be tagged or have feedback, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!
        Thank you! 🙂

        schuyleringrids replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        I would love to!

        legendaryevilbandit replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Nice chapter! Tag me!!!

        sparklyfairy123 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        AWESOME!!!! Nice writing skills. I would just recommend proofreading the chapters to check for typos. Tag me please!

          schuyleringrids replied 3 years, 7 months ago

          No, @evilerruler845. I won’t be able to go another website for a while. I’m sorry. If we can’t do the collab on here, that’s ok, I guess.

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