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    scubatuba posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 8 months ago

    That faraway place.
    Chapter one: Daisy crowns and my sisters frowns.

    I watched the rain quietly pitter patter on the kitchen window, listening to Carla’s sweet voice, as she sang folk songs so old no one remembered who had written them. My mother chopped vegetables merrily as she hummed along to the tune of Carla’s favorite song, it’s called ‘blue jay’. The rain begins to lighten up, reminding me of the familiar lyrics.

    The rain is falling down, down down from the sky.
    Don’t you worry child, there is no need to cry.
    The rainbow soon will come, and the blue jay will sing his song.
    The rain slowly lightens, as the sky brightens.
    Your rainbow is now here, take comfort in this fact my dear.
    The blue jay flies freely, as we sing this song gleefully
    The blue jay knows the way, let him guide you.
    The rainbow fills the sky with happiness, and know I love you true.

    I find myself humming the merry tune myself now, breathing deeply through my nose, enjoying the comforting smell of mothers cooking.
    “Jamie, what do you think we should get daddy for his birthday?” Carla asks, as she stirs the ***.
    “I don’t know, what do you think mousy?” I respond. She’s quiet for a moment as she thinks.
    “I want to make him something, y’know? we could make it together, so he has something to remember you by when you go to school” I consider this a moment before speaking again.
    “Alright, we’ll make something after the rain stops. how’s that sound mousy?” She smiles, her blondish brown curls bounce as she rocks back and forth on her heels.
    “That sounds great!” She says, before skipping to the living room on her black flats to tell mother, her knee length dress flowing back and forth. I stand and flatten the wrinkles out of my own dress,it’s a light lavender color, that reaches to my mid calf. I always thought it was strange how all the other students of the school for good where giant gowns all day, and I couldn’t believe how they managed having so much makeup on. I figured I would get strange looks, what with my simple pony tale and pink lip gloss, but I think Carla will get less stares, she has natural beauty. All she needs is her pink dress, short curls, and soft face. I know she’ll fit in once she’s twelve.
    My mind wanders to how much I’ll miss her at school, I want to spend as much time with her as I can these last few months, I leave in three months, to be exact, and it already feels like the time is water, slipping through my fingers. Mother enters the kitchen again, smiling lovingly at me, I’ll miss her too. She stirs the ***, then adds some herbs, salt, stirs again, then she covers it. Carla is keeps looking out the window between coloring and helping mother cook, no doubt waiting for the rain to stop, I want to take her out now, to run and splash in the puddles, but I don’t want her to get cold, and we wouldn’t be able to focus on making dads birthday gift with the rain dripping on our noses every two seconds anyway.
    “Whacha drawing?” I ask as peer over her should to look over her paper.
    “it’s a dog” she answers swiftly, focusing on her paper and pencil, I begin to see the outline of the unfinished, i have to admit she’s not the best artist in the world, but she’s not half bad either. The dog seems to be giving me puppy eyes, and i cant help but smirk as I notice she’s mimicking the dogs expression while she illustrates its face.
    “I think the rain stopped enough to go out” she says as she looks out the window, I look too, and she’s right, its stopped.
    “you’re right, mousy” I say as I change from my white flats to my yellow rain boots. she pushes her drawing aside and begins to struggle with the buckle on her shoes, i help her undo it, she always fastens her shoe buckles so tight that they get stuck, so it takes me a little while to get her shoes off. She puts on her pink rain boots with white hearts, and pulls me out the back door.
    “lets make daisy crowns, one for me, one for you, one for mom, and one for dad!” she says as she runs over to the patch of wild daises that grow in our extremely large backyard.
    “all right, that sounds fun” i call to her as I begin to catch up with her.

    She sat down in the wet grass, and began to pick the daises with the longest stems. How many times we sat over here, talking, joking, eating lunch, it’s like our sacred spot. And over there, to my right, is our tree, with the tire swing on it.
    “Are you exited to go to school Jamie?” she asks as she begins to weave the first flower crown.
    “yeah, but i’m a little nervous too, I’m gonna miss you” I say as I lift her up in the air, she laughs and i laugh to.
    “put me down put me down! you’re gonna make me rip it!” she say, holding up the three daises she’s weaving for emphasis.
    “all right all right” I say as i put her down. I begin to pick daises myself, to make the second flower crown. son we’re both quiet, we sit in the silence listening to the animals, and the water drip from leaves and land on our shed.
    “Jamie?” She asks, there’s a serious edge to her voice and I know that she’s going to tell me something important.
    “yes?” I answer. her face contorts in a weird way, as though she trying to make it do one thing, but its trying to do something else.
    “I don’t want you to go to school…” She admits, I notice the tears stinging her eyes and i feel a jolt of pain in my chest.
    “It’ll be alright” i tell her, pulling her in for a hug. “Mom and dad will be here, an i’ll be back before you know it…” I’m quiet for a little while, trying to think of something more to say “you’ll probably make new friends” I say.
    “I know, but…” she trails of as she finally let her tears fall, i hug her harder and let her cry, we stay like that for a while, because there’s nothing else to say

        fsa161 replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        Whoa, that was awesome!

          scubatuba replied 4 years, 8 months ago

          thank you alot, @fsa161 ! i worked ******* it!

        rubyred1213 replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        This is the best story ever!!!! You should actually type it and print it, Illustrate a cover, and make it a little paper book. ;p

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