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    scubatuba posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 8 months ago

    hey! i’m here to continue my story, rp? i don’t know! elders help! am i doing this right!? anyway, i’ll just continue my weird story thing for now.
    read oart 1 here! @scubatuba
    that faraway place. part 2.

    Me and Carla entered our house damp and *****, but happy all the same. Carla had just admitted to her dismay about me leaving, but soon she recovered and we were able to finish the present she wanted to make for daddy, a daisy crown, she also insisted mom, me and her all were one too, i obliged happily.
    “Mommy! look what we made for you!” Carla says, handing the daisy crown to mom.
    “oh its lovely, thank you!” she says, as she places it atop her head “oh! Carla dear, whats wrong?” mother seemed upset, and soon i knew why, Carl’s eyes were pink and slightly puffy, indicating that she was crying.
    “hm? Oh, its nothing, don’t worry” Carla told mom, rubbing her eyes dry.
    “well… if you say so…” mom replied, i liked that about mom, she knew when it was our business, wen we didn’t want to tell her something she let it go, well, as long as it wasn’t important. “your father will be home soon, Jamie dear, could you set the table?” she asks me politely.
    “sure” i reply simply, walking to the cabinet to fetch the plates. “what’s for dinner?” I ask, placing the plates carefully around the table.
    “oh, you know, that vegetable stew i make, but i though it would be interesting to add something else, so i’m adding meatballs, how does that sound?” she says, checking something in the oven.
    “sounds nice” i say, just as Carla says
    “it sounds yummy!” it’s at this moment that I realize something, something that i hope Carla hasn’t realized herself yet, i’m twelve, and Carla’s nine, that means when i get back from school, Carla will already be packing to go herself, we’ll have hardly a month to see eachother again. I suddenly feel sick, as i realize how much carla’s going to change within those three years, how much she’ll chage again at school…
    “Jamie, daddy’s home!” Carla calls from the living room, where she greets father by jumping into his arms, placing the daisys on his head, and telling him happy birthday. i follow mother to the door, where she gives him a kiss, then wishes him a happy birthday as well.
    “happy birth day dad!” I say merrily, giving him a hug, knowing ill miss him terribly.
    “well come on then! dinners not gonna eat itself!” mother says after a little while, breaking away and heading toward the kitchen, we follow, me walking next to father, Carla in his arms as he brings her to the table. I plop down in my seat, and dad place Carla down next to me, then he walks to the other side of the table and sits next to mom. nothing much happens during dinner, we laugh and joke, and sing happt birthday when mom pulls out a surprise cake she made, then we lightheartedly discss the things i’ll need for school, and we decide to go to bed when we realize its later then we though when Carla falls asleep in the middle of eating her cake, and i lie in bed, thinking of how much I loved today, as i drift peacefully off to sleep.

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