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    scubatuba posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 8 months ago

    that faraway place, part 3

    I awoke early in the morning, bright sunbeams shinning through the window onto Carla’s sleeping form, I slowly lifted my covers, and stepped out of bed, my bare feet moving soundlessly over the wooden floors. I look out the window, gazing at the beautiful sunrise, I then quickly slipped my feet into my slippers, and pulled on a robe over my silk pajamas, careful to slowly open the door so as to not wake up my sister. It seems I have perfected running without making noise, I think, as i glide gracefully down the stairs, i decide, that this is because i often wake up much earlier then the rest of my family, and i have to be careful to not disturb them. I take a deep breath of the cool morning air, as i open the front door, I then walk out onto out lawn, surveying the town below the hill my house rests comfortably on. I read the sign that I’ve read to many times to count, it says, “welcome, to Marinia” I began to think about how uneventful it was there, there had never been a fairy tale written where Marinia was mentioned, maybe that would change, though, maybe I could have a fairy tale written of me, but that would be silly, I’ll probably get tracked as a helper, or mogrif, but it’s nice to dream. I walked over to the swing set, that sat firmly in the ground to the left of the house, and sat on the swing on the right side, slowly rocking back and forth, i looked up, the sky was always dazzling when the sun rose or set, i loved that about my town, every thing was beautiful, everything was perfect, maybe that was why there was never a fairy tale written about it, it was too perfect, there was nothing about it that needed to be fixed, it was too good. I began to swing faster and faster, until it felt as though I were flying, it was lovely, the breeze blowing my hair back, and then-
    ” ‘Morning…” a sleepy voice called from behind me, i turned my head, and sure enough, it was Carla, standing in the door way, her blanket wrapped round her shoulders, and her teddy bear in her arms, I stopped the swing and walked over too her, she smiled brightly at me as i pick her up, cradling her as though she were still an infant.
    “morning” i whisper softly to her ” what are you doing out of bed?” i ask, nuzzling her nose with my own
    “I woke up, and came too see you” she said back, whispering herself now. I begin to bring her to the swing set, “will you brush my hair?” she asks, still keeping her voice quiet, as she holds up her hairbrush, which was concealed under her blanket.
    “‘course, mousy” i say sitting down in the grass next to the swings.
    “thank you” she says, even more quietly, as she situates herself in my lap, normally i would find sitting in the grass uncomfortable, i would find it scratchy, and painful, but we don’t mow our lawn, which allowed the grass to grow long, instead of being short and spike like. I begin to brush her brown curls, which have tangled into frizz over night, with slow and gentle strokes, not wanting to hurt her.
    “will you sing?” she ask airily, she’s obviously still extremely tired.
    “what song, shall i sing?” i whisper back, beginning to feel a bit of give on the brush, indicating her hair is untangling.
    “blue jay” she says back, i clear my throat and begin to sing, normally when i sing, its not all that good, but when i sing to Carla, i let the love i feel for her make itself present in my voice, making it sound so much better, and my voice, accompanied by the bird song that begins to fill the air, the true beauty of the song is apparent, and i understand fully why this is Carla’s favorite song. Her hair has been smooth and free of knots for a while now, but we still sit, me singing, and brushing her hair, until the song ends, i look at Carla’s face, and i realize she’s fallen asleep again, i carefully pick her up, and bring her inside, upstairs, and place her in her bed. I go down stairs, and sit for a little while, looking at the unfinished drawing of a dog she began to make yesterday. It’s not long until mother and father come down stairs, mother in her nightgown, father in his darkly colored pajamas, mother says good morning, and father kisses my forehead, and mother begins to make breakfast while father puts on the kettle for tea. we sit in friendly silence, simply enjoying each others company. We must have spent a while like that, because then Carla comes down stairs again, looking more rested then she did earlier, mother has me set the table, and Carla gets the biscuits and arranges them on plate, and father helps mom serve the food, and we sit together, all of us drinking tea and eating breakfast.
    “Oops!” says Carla as she drops a chocolate biscuit into her mug, I laughed and passed her a clean fork for her to fish it out with, she eventually gets it out, but its soggy and gross, she tosses it in the trash can, and dips a new biscuit in her tea, this time, successfully.
    “So, Jamie, I have off today, we can go and get you your supplies, how does that sound?” a weight drops into my intestines as father says this.
    “that sounds good” I reply, while I push my plate away slightly, having lost my appetite.
    we finish breakfast, and Carla continues to work on her picture of a dog, I help mom wash up, and then I go sit on the tire swing in the backyard, and read a book to calm my nerves.
    Authors note: sorry this wasn’t a very eventful chapter, but i wanted to establish the family’s relationship, especially Carla and Jamie’s, i also wanted to show Jamie’s personality. some people might have noticed already, but this is heavily inspired by the hunger games, specifically the way Jamie is so attached to Carla, and the way jamie acts.

        fairytalegirl123 replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        Yes, I noticed. It’s really good!

        fsa161 replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        COOL, VERY NICE! 🙂

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