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    scubatuba posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 8 months ago

    that faraway place. part 4

    Dad and i walked down the street, towards the market. He wanted to get my school supplies early, i don’t know why, but he thinks its a good idea, so i don’t argue. We enter a shop to the right of the road we were just following.
    “Hello!” my father says to the man behind the desk, he looks old and crippled, but he smiles back at my father and replies in a chipper voice
    “Good day young man! How may i be of assistance to you?” I reach into my pocket and pull out my list of supplies and hand it to my father. He recites the items and the old man begins to gather the things we need with shocking speed for how old he looks. I inspect my ****** tooth quill sharpener while dad pays the old man.
    “Well, he had almost everything we need, only thing left is a Gilikin mahogany trunk, then we have to get it engraved” I nod, not really listening as i already know what we need, lost in thought, So lost in thought,even, that i only notice we’ve enter another shop when father jostles my shoulder as he speaks to the store clerk about how much it’ll coast to get a trunk engraved. We leave the shop, father carrying my parchment, quills, etc, while i lug my trunk behind him, its unusually heavy, and i worry for a second how the fairies are going to manage it while its full of things, i banish the thought from my mind, and decide to think about more important things, like what i’ll get Carla before i leave as a super early birthday present, as i wont be with her to get her a present on her actual birthday.
    “Dad, wait” i say as i spot a particularly beautiful porcelain doll, dressed in white silk, and pink ribbons, with curls falling down her back in a brown waterfall.
    “what is it, Jamie?” dad says, stopping to look at me.
    “can you watch my trunk for a second?” i ask.
    “Why? whats up?” he says
    “I just want to get that doll, for Carla” i respond, looking at my dad, and trying to estimate how expensive it’ll be
    “oh, sure, just don”t take long okay?” he answers, I put my trunk down and run over to the store, i push the door open and am greeted by a tinkling bell above my head. I walk over to the doll, and as i search for a price tag, i hear a woman’s voice say to me
    “hello, how may i help you?” I turn around and see a young woman, maybe somewhere in her early twenties, gazing down at me, her straight blond hair framing her thin face.
    “oh, i uh, I wanted to get this doll, um, how much is it?” i ask, she glances behind me, and says
    “that particular doll, is one hundred dollars” my stomach drops.
    “oh uh… i’m sorry, i’ll just…” i go to leave, but she puts her hand on my shoulder to stop me.
    “ah, no- wait, i was only kidding” she smiles at me, and i feel relived, i sigh a little in relief.”It’s actually forty dollars, but i could give you a ten percent discount” she adds on, her smile growing “you seem like such a nice girl” i reach in the pocket of my light tan skirt and find my wallet, i hand her thirty dollars and she packs up the doll in a cardboard box, with a little pink ribbon. I’m at the door, when i swivel around and say, “oh,i-i forget to thank…” she must have had other things to do since she disappeared almost as quickly as she appeared.
    “okay, lets go” i say to dad, and we trudge up the the hill our house sits on, its almost painful in this heat.
    “oh wow! it’s beautiful! thank you, Jamie!” Carla exclaims when she opens the box, it’s wonderful to see her this happy.
    “it’s an early birthday gift, to make up for the fact that i’ll miss a few of them” I say to her, she places the porcelain doll carefully on the kitchen table, and turns to me,
    “really Jamie, thank you” she hugs me, and i think she cries a bit, i feel sad about this, i didn’t mean to upset her by making her think of me leaving, this was supposed to make her happy, but i guess it will in the long run. we have lunch, and the rest of the day passes normally, that night though, i find myself unable to sleep, i’m tossing and turning but i can’t drift off, but finally, late in the night, i fall into sleep purely from exhaustion.
    zoom, i’m sitting up, i’m wide awake, and I’m terrified. I’ve woken to Carla’s screams coming from the kitchen.

        caramelprincess replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        Whoa interesting ending. And the part where the lady helped her get the doll for less and then suddenly disappeared is a little suspicious (magic already? haha). Also, when you do your “I’s” (letter I), make sure you capitalize them. 🙂

          scubatuba replied 4 years, 8 months ago

          yeah sorry, I was in a rush to get it posted

        fsa161 replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        Awesome ending, Great job!

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