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    scubatuba posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 4 months ago

    That far away place. chapter 7. find the other chapters in my activity, at @scubatuba

    The first tear was quickly followed by others, cascading down my cheeks. I tried to stop them, but actively doing something about it let out the little hiccup that was lodged in my chest. Carla turned to me, as I tried in vain to staunch the flow of tears, they were coming at an alarmingly quick pace, trickling down my wrists and off my elbows. Carla’s face turned from one of mild curiosity to shock and sadness in an instant, she threw herself at me, squishing me in a hug.
    “Jamie! Oh, what’s wrong?” she asks me, but she gets no answer, I fear that if I speak, it will break the last bit of the dam holding me together, and I’ll not be able to control myself. “Please tell me? Please? I’m your sister Jamie, I’m worried!” she says, her voice muffled by the fabric on my chest. I wrap my arms around her, and rest my head on top of hers, and say as calmly as I can “I- … I don’t want to lose you” My voice is deep, and I take a measured breath between words, but I keep my composure. She pulls me to the ground, and as i sit in the tall grass, she puts her arms around my shoulders, and pulls me close to her, as she kneels beside me, in a way quite similar to how i would comfort her, and says, her own voice sounding slightly choked now.
    “you won’t, I promise, you won’t” But that’s not true, i know it, she’ll change, it won’t be her fault, but she will, she won’t be the same girl anymore.
    “but you’ll change, you’ll be here, but you’ll change!” I’m starting to let myself go now, my sobs wracking my body. Carla cries too, but she’s the strong one at this moment in time.
    “yes! yes, I will! but I’ll never stop loving you! And isn’t that what matters? You’ll still love me, I’ll love you, we’ll be different, but still us!” she’s dampening my dress on my shoulder, but I don’t care. “let’s make a promise! alright? we’ll promise not to let the other go! okay?” this moment, this promise, it means so much to me, and I know I’ll never break it, it’s such a complicated feeling that I have right now, like longing, comfort, hope, and fear and pain all mixed together, but the only response I can make is
    “yeah” A sob interrupts me “lets do it”.
    And we did, we promised, never to leave the other, and as we walked back home, I felt the sunset on my face, warming my tears and reminding me of my sadness, but now I have hope. Hope that maybe I won’t lose her.

    It seemed so long ago that I made that promise. So long ago that we shared tears and heartbreak, but now we were sharing something else, a good bye. In the weeks that had passed I had been getting steadily more nervous, but I trusted Carla with our promise, and she trusted me. I kissed my mother and father goodbye, and almost suffocated Carla in a hug. And as the flower ground train whisked me away, only one tear was shed. The other girls around me were intimidating, and all of them were prettier then me, surely, with their full red lips, and long dark eyelashes. The boys, too, were intimidating, but in a different way. they were all large, and strong looking, almost all of them were taller then me. One girl who caught my eye was a tall girl, with wide hips, thin waist, and a full *****, her limbs thin, but not scrawny, and her face was full, but not pudgy, their was not a single sharp angle on this girl, but somehow she reeked of maturity, she could be 14. her hair was a shocking red, long and full, with cute little ringlets at the bottom. As she fidgeted in her place, she chatted with a small girl to her right, with blond curls, reaching her shoulders. This girl was also thin, but much more girlish, with less curves, but her shoulders were as sharp as blades. For some reason, these two seemed nice. And I decided to try and make them my friends. The rest of the ride to school went mostly without consequence, except for a few polite words between me and my neighbors. I got a funny feeling in my stomach toward the end of the ride, and my arm started to ache with the strain of holding my trunk for so long, but eventually, the train stopped. slowly everything wen’t quiet. and we began to ascend through the ground, and onto a meadow, filled with beautiful talking flowers. I nervously looked up. There before me, was the school for good and evil.

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        Nice job

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        Great chapter

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