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    selene270 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 months, 1 week ago

    Starting a new school is tough- both on the mind and body. I was exhausted even before I walked into the school building. And yet here I was, being carried worryingly high in the claws of a stmyph over the towers of the School for Good and Evil. I wonder which I am: Good or Evil. I haven’t done anything particularly evil, however I haven’t done anything particularly good either.
    Suddenly my brain blanks as the talons that clutched at my shoulders were released: I was falling down to the school below.
    I was faced to the side of the school submerged in pink and blue hues. Is this the school for Good? I assume so- but you can never tell from appearances. The ground was getting closer now- speeding towards me.. wait. I was speeding towards it! I hit the ground with a crack: then everything goes black.

    As the world came into focus once again, I could make out a figure standing beside me: eyes, ears, mouth, nose, head, shoulders, knees and toes. No, I can be more descriptive than that! She had black hair, cut short to a pixie style. Her deep brown eyes radiated mischief, although they also seemed to carry a soulfulness that the ordinary person had yet to understand.
    I roll over onto my side- she starts suddenly, then exclaimed in outrage:
    “How can you be sleeping! I’m supposed to report to the dean when you’re awake!”
    “Don’t blame me,” I mumble through my hair and the mattress under me, “I was up all night yesterday- you earth people have it all wrong. Why sleep during the night and not the day?”
    “Umm… Earth people? Moon, we’re all from earth.” She replies with an incredulous grin. I shake my head indignantly, then realise what she has called me, “Why Moon?” I ask.
    “You give off that sorta vibe? I dunno…”
    My shoulders slump- no one ever recognises me as the moon’s daughter.
    “Anyways, Moon, we’ve got to go.” The pixie-human with dark eyes says.
    “uugghh” was my reply. She rolled he eyes exaggeratedly, then grabs my arm and heaves me into a standing position. “There we go,” she says, and I suddenly realise that I do not know one key detail about her (and I like to know everything about everything).
    “What’s your name?”
    “Evadine,” she replied.

    The pixie-human known as Evadine then proceeds to pull me by the arm out of the room in which we had been. I was faced with a long hallway, then a grand staircase, almost haughty, then another door.
    This one was not simply just a door- it was an entrance into things greater and far more significant than your existence; it was a way to leave yourself behind and progress to a better world. Am I going overboard about a door? Probably.
    The door begins to be pushed open with a creak, and I realise that Evadine is gesturing for me to follow her through…

        selene270 replied 4 months, 1 week ago

        Hi guys, please comment with any improvements or character ideas!! 🙂

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