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    sephtis25 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 11 months ago

    Mark of the Beast
    Chapter 4 Regan POV
    Regan had to blink a few times before his vision became clear again, and Just as he thought it was girl who had received the rose. Regan smiled mischievously at her “ok I will!” Regan threw her off of him and got up. He walked up to her until they were a foot apart. “I believe that since you got that rose you’ll be gushing over a stupid ever and believing that your some princess!” He then crossed his arms to challenge her. At first she just glared with her dark brown eyes then she stepped up to him “No I’m not acting like that I don’t care! I destroyed the rose and threw it somewhere the moment I got it!” and on the last part she shoved him into the side of the tunnel. Regan immediately responded by grabbing her hair and tossing her to the ground. “YEAH!!!!” Regan heard low raspy growling voices at first he thought it was the wolves, but when he turned he saw something worse. ADAM and Theo. One blonde (Theo) one with brown hair (ADAM) two phsycho Nevers who have no filter and loved brutal death and got hyped off the sight of blood. “FIGHT!!!” Theo bellowed “KILL EM’” ADAM screamed “RIP OFF HER HEAD!!!” They demanded in unison. Regan wasn’t looking to kill any one, but he was paying so much attention to ADAM and Theo that by time he noticed the girl getting up it was too late. She slammed her knee into his stomach and kicked his leg so he’d loose balance and fall. “YEAH!!”ADAM rasped “MAKE A PAINTING FROM HIS BLOOD RIP OFF HIS SKIN AND PUT IT ON THE WALLS!!!!!!!” Theo laughed and slapped ADAM on the back “NICE ONE BUDDY!!!!!” but before Regan had a chance to throw a punch him and the girl were separated. The wolves had come. ADAM and Theo cursed at them then before they got too crazy the wolves sent them away. “Hey no need to be mad!” Regan tried to reason “just a little Never fun” the wolves just growled at him before the girl claimed “he started it!” Regan scoffed. Was she serious? “um no you tackled me then shoved me because I hurt your little feelings” he mocked. “Both of you shut up!” the head wolf snarled. And shutting up they did well except if the girl had a question or a complaint in which case the wolves would push her down until they were back in evil. The wolves let them off with a warning and dishes duty and with a last glare they parted ways. Regan stomped all the way to his room irritated by how she over reacted it was just a joke! Regan opened the door unhappy to see his roommates there. Ashton with his spiked midnight blue hair and dark blue eyes sat on his bed emitting orange flames from his pale finger tips. Regan wasn’t a fan of Ashton and that was all he’d say in order not to get on guys even worse side because Regan didn’t believe he had a good one and his anger didn’t help either. Bates on the other hand was just downright annoying, but he did make a great **** of the joke. Regan wasn’t even going ask what he was doing in his suitcase all he knew was that sparks were coming out of it. And then there was Pietro Regan didn’t really enjoy him being there he talks but very little and Regan hadn’t seen him blink once all he knew was that Pietro had a sister at the school for evil. “saw your little fight. You got beat up by a girl.” Ashton’s voice cut through Regan’s thoughts as Bates scrambled out of his suitcase. “What was that about?” he asked his freckled face lit up with curiosity, but Regan was more focused on the smoke coming off his head. He pushed the thought away and answered “ I would’ve won if the wolves hadn’t Pietro gave a smirk then replied coolly “if it was ADAM and Theo they would’ve eaten her heart by then.” “They aren’t cannibals!” Ashton snapped “but he is right” Bates was hopping from foot to foot “if it was ADAM and Theo she would be dead!” Regan ran his fingers through his hair in frustration “Ok those two are crazy! It’s the first day and they already got sent to the doom room and when they came out they were fist pumping and chest slamming as if they just left a massive party! Guys they made the doom room look down right fun!” Ashton rolled his eyes then extinguished the flames “good luck living it down loser” just then the door burst open “GOOD NEWS” Castor snarled “YOU GOT AN EXTRA ROOMMATE!” Bates starred wide eyed Ashton slowly got up and sat at the edge of the bed eyes burning and Pietro just stayed seated. “we already have four!” Regan protested “NO YOU DON’T YOU’VE GOT FIVE NOW!” castor moved out of the way and in walked a very tall boy with dark purple hair skin so white and thin Regan could make out veins in his face fingers and neck. And his eyes were white with gray ******* “HIS NAME IS Z AND I DON’T WANT ANY TROUBLE FROM-“
    “please SHUT UP AND GET OUT!!!!” Ashton roared Castor yelled at him “ILL LEAVE WHEN IM FINISHED!!!! “
    But after that he left. Ashton was the first to speak “well you can have any of there beds I’m going back to sleep” but Z didn’t response to him he dragged his feet across the floor towards Regan “whoa you can take Bates bed but not mine!” but still Z didn’t respond instead he pulled out a dark blue metallic card with lightning on the sides and a flaming 6 in the middle. Then he took Regan’s hand in a blink of an the card was tainted with the blood of Regan’s palm. “What the-“ Regan started but then looked around wide eyed like the others Pietro whispered softly “Where’d he go?”

        peppy replied 4 years, 11 months ago

        Maybe use better grammar, and it will be perfect.
        Keep up the fantastic work! 😀

          sephtis25 replied 4 years, 11 months ago

          Ok thank you 🙂

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