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    sephtis25 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 years ago

    Mark of the Beast
    chapter 5 Digory POV
    Digory trudged up to his room head down and feet dragging. He flung open his door and slammed into his bed. He couldn’t count how many stairs and ***** looks he had gotten. Digory already felt like an outcast now he just felt like an alien. A giant amongst humans. Just then one of his roommates burst open the door. Digory looked up to see who it was and regretted it. “Hello tanner” he mumbled. “OMG Digory! I can’t believe you have eyes for a never that’s like crazy!” Tanner exclaimed while walking over to a mirror. “I don’t! I fell off my horse and the rose slipped from my hand!” Tanner rolled his bright brown eyes and continued to work on his bronze hair “Whatever! Excuses will get you nowhere!” Digory snached up his pillow and threw it at Tanner “BRO!” Tanner shouted “MY HAIR! YOUR GOING TO MESS UP MY HAIR YOU TRASH!” Tanner grabbed the pillow and threw it out the window “what the heck!” Digory yelled. Tanner wiped his hands on one of the other beds and continued to tend to his hair “clearly you are in no position to own a pillow so I threw it out for you.” He blabbed just then the door flew open and shut. “Hey Billy” they both greeted. “Sup’ guys” he replied out of breath “never lover how’s it going!” Digory had had it. He shot out of bed and tripped over a pair of Tanner’s many shoes. As he got up he growled “I’m not a never lover!” Billy scoffed “yeah right! But I’ve got bigger problems my sister Becca is at my throat!” “You have a sister?” tanner asked “yeah we’re twins but that doesn’t matter I gotta camp out here till she cools down.” “I mean its not like this isn’t your room.” Digory said Billy glared at him “I’m serious though if your gonna go down as a never lover keep me out of it!” Billy walked over to his bed and started listening to music while tanner went to look out the window. Digory was dozing in and out of sleep when he heard Tanner screaming on the floor. A murky fog like blackness swirled into the room. “What’s going on!” Billy shouted.
    Digory tried to make his way to the door but was blown to the side by forceful strong winds. By now the murky blackness was surrounding the entire room. Tanner tried to close the window since he was closer but was thrown into the wall. Digory struggled to open his eyes and when he did he saw a silhouette of a man as it walked towards him. Digory tried to back away but he was stuck in his place. The hand reached out and curled its fingers around his neck and lifted him up. The blackness showed no ****** features at all. To Digory’s horror the blackness seeped into his skin. His veins burned like fire as he saw them turn black and his heart felt heavy as a stone. Every ever breath was agonizingly painful. He was about to admit to death. Everything stopped as he fell to the ground. Tanner was passed out on the floor but Billy wasn’t there at all. Digory checked his body to see if he was alive. All was normal he thought until he saw his right arm. His sleeve was burnt off and from his shoulder blade descending down his bicep was an inking of thorns black as burning coals and ending at his elbow, and when Digory looked further down on his wrist in blood red letters it read ‘Marked by Thorn will be there Call’ .
    Where was Billy?what was the blackness? How’d the this get on his arm? All these questions ran through Digory’s ahead along with many more. But all was inturupted when Digory’s last roommate walked in. Digory looked up shaken by the experience “hey Z I have to tell you something.”

        karasutheotaku replied 5 years ago

        Whoa that was awesome! I’m totally hooked, please write more soon!

        leslie191234 replied 5 years ago

        Wow awesome job!!!

        peppy replied 5 years ago

        Amazing! 😉 🙂

        sephtis25 replied 5 years ago

        thank you

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