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    sgebooklover123456 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 11 months, 1 week ago

    This is a collab between me and @ivoryella It takes place after OTK, so there might be some spoilers. Comment if you want to be tagged or untagged!
    Chapter 1
    I popped out of the Flowerground with my best friends Aqua and Nathaniel. Aqua was also my cousin, but was part mermaid and lived in Neverland. I was from Gillikin. Nathaniel was from Foxwood, but had moved to Gillikin 2 years ago. As I first looked at the School for Good, I gasped. It was just, just so….”Huge!!”,Nathaniel gasped. “This is ENORMOUS!” Aqua sighed, “What did you think?” I agreed with Nathan. It was enormous! We walked inside to receive our uniforms, books, and room assignment. Aqua and I were in the same room, so we walked up to it. Another girl was already unpacking, and jumped to greet us. “Hi,” she said, waving, “I’m Katriana of Jaunt Jolie!” She was pretty, with long, curly, brown hair and dark skin. I waved back, “Hey, I’m Violet of Gillikin,” I pointed at my cousin, “and she’s Aqua of Neverland.” “What do you think of the room?” “ It’s very pretty!” Aqua exclaimed. I replied, “It’s very…pink” Katriana laughed, “Yeah. We definitely need some better decorations!” I started unpacking,we all had many bags and trunks, but mine was the heaviest. I had packed a bag, full of my favorite books. Aqua looked over my shoulder, “Did you pack your whole library?” I replied, “No, just my 25 top favorite books.” “I was going to do that too, but they were too heavy and we have a library,” Katriana called from across the room. I looked up interested, “Really?!?” “Yeah, it’s on the 4th and 5th floor in the Honor Tower.” she replied. I gasped, “TWO whole floors!?!?!?” She nodded, “Yup!” I flopped on my bed, which was super comfy, and sighed dramatically, “I think my life is complete.” Aqua laughed at my antics. “Do you know if we have any classes together?” I asked them. We all looked at our schedules. “What Forest Group are you in?” Katriana asked. “11,” Aqua and I replied together. Katriana gasped, “Me too!” We all squealed. “Anything else?,” I wondered aloud. “Hmmm. Looks like you and I have History of Heroism together.” Katriana told me. The fairies knocked on our door, and told us to walk to the Theater of Tales.
    I strolled into The School for Evil, with my covenmates, Detrixs and Corrisa, flanking me like bodyguards. We shoved through the crowd to the front, where they received their uniforms and books. “Ew. What is this? I think I’ll stick with my own clothes, which you could have ruined, with that dump in the sludge!” I exclaimed. “Come on girls, let’s go, we have better things to do.” We stomped through the crowd in our matching black high-heeled combat boots. We walked up the stairs to the room we wanted, Room 66, the Room that the famous Coven of Room 66 had stayed in, the Room of our idols. I yelled to the students already in the room “get out!” We walked in and held up our right wrists, which were tattooed with an image of a scepter, a heart with a dagger through it, and a crown, which was circled by a vine of thorns, and yelled, “Long live The Twilight Circle!” “Oh yeah!! We’re going to rule this school!”, Corrisa said. Corrisa was my best friend from back home in Ravenswood. “Definitely”, Detrixs added. Detrixs was a loyal friend, who was distantly related to me. She lived in Ravensbow and had a scepter that was gifted to her by the queen, who was proud of her for getting accepted into the School for Evil. It was black wood, with a dark purple orb. It could change form into black bracelet when she said “Lana Estar.” The scepter helped her with her villain talent, but she wasn’t great at it yet, as she still needed a fingerglow. My weapon of choice is generally a sword, but any type of blade works. Currently, I have 3 daggers. 1 in each boot and 1 concealed in my sleeve. Corrisa’s preferred method of fighting involved some type of martial arts, loud screams, and lots of bruises if you were on the receiving end of her bad mood. (You do not want to get on her bad side. Although, technically, she is evil, so wouldn’t every side be bad?) Corrisa’s voice broke through my thoughts, “Hey! Lith, I spray-painted a target on the wall, if you want to practice with your throwing knives.” I blinked, “Huh? Oh, yeah. Sure.” This would be a good way to clear my head. I took careful aim and, “Yes! Three bull’s-eyes!” Detrixs cheered. I shrugged, “Easy. Hey Detrixs, let’s see you try with your bow.” Detrixs pulled her first arrow out of her quiver and aimed. Almost a bulls-eye. The next one, perfect. The last one, another bulls-eye. I high-fived her. “Corrisa, let’s see you best that!” she didn’t even have time to start pummeling the straw ***** she brought, before we heard wolves. They rudely barged in and told us to go to the Theater of Tales. Corrisa growled at them, “Ugh! I was about to beat the stuffing out of that scarecrow! Rude.”

        sgebooklover123456 replied 11 months, 1 week ago

        starred word is d.ummy

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        rwbywingskeeper replied 11 months, 1 week ago

        great job, i love it.

          strawwberry-coww replied 11 months, 1 week ago

          loved it!!

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