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    sgebooklover123456 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 11 months ago

    This is a collab between me and @ivoryella It takes place after OTK, so there might be some spoilers. Comment if you want to be tagged or untagged! Constructive criticism is welcomed!!
    Chapter 2
    Aqua, Violet, and I walked in together, and sat down. I was on the edge, Aqua in the middle, and Violet next to an lithe, athletic asian girl, who had dark brown hair down to her waist, which was still very long, as the girl was taller than Violet. “Hey. I’m Liana, of Maidenvale.”, the girl said. “Hi! I’m Violet of Gillikin.” “Gillikin, the one with all the fairies?” “Yes, I’m part fairy.” she responded. What! A fairy?! She forgot to mention that!, I thought “Cool,” the girl responded “Which classes do-” They were interrupted by the sound of boots and steel. Since I was on the end, I could see what the commotion was. “The princes! They’re here!” Every girl immediately turned around to see them. There was one in the front that I immediately noticed. He was tall, with blonde, curly hair, and dreamy blue eyes. He threw his rose, I lunged and… caught it! He looked around, then his eyes landed on me. He started to walk over to me. “Hey,” I said with enthusiasm. “Hi. I’m Caspian.” “Katriana,” I responded. “See you around,” he said, as he walked away. I followed him with my eyes, and watched him sit down with 2 other boys. I looked back over at my roommates. Violet was chatting with…a boy who was cute, with dark hair that fell into his eyes, which were a beautiful gray. Who is he? I wondered. Then Violet turned to me and said, “ Oh, um, Nath, this is Katriana, my roommate. Katriana, this is Nathaniel, my friend from back home.” I waved awkwardly. I was saved from saying anything by a two-headed dog?? What!? One head looked rabid, the other, like a stuffed animal. I looked quizzically at Aqua. She just sighed and said, “You’ll see.” Not much of an answer, I thought. The rabid head started shouting, “I’M CASTOR, and I’m Pollux.” “You are here because you are predominantly good or evil.” “SO THAT MEANS ABSOLUTELY NO SWITCHING SIDES. AT. ALL.”
    Once we were in the Theater, I took a look around. Detrixs bumped me with her shoulder and exclaimed, “This place is wicked!” “Totally,” I added. Lithia scoffed, “Sure. It’s…ok. Except for the Ever side.” I mimed gagging myself. Detrixs pretended to be a princess, and pranced around. She looked at a shadow and pretended it was an Everboy. She stuck out her eyes and opened her mouth wide, “Oooooh! Everboys are so handsome!!”I made kissing noises while Lithia laughed. I motioned to them and said, “Come on! We need to find a good spot before they’re all taken!” Lithia growled but they both followed me. Lithia elected to have us sit at the back, so no one would bother her. We sat down in the second-to-last pew. The one behind us was occupied by an impish boy with dyed black hair and very pale skin, an average boy with dark skin and hair, and a mean looking boy with ***** blond hair and steely gray eyes. I leaned back and put my feet on the edge of the pew in front of us, the picture of nonchalance. Inside though, I was a wreck. I was fretting over everything. I wanted to be perfect. I was the grand-daughter of the Evil Queen! I had so much to live up to. Maybe too much. The sound of annoying boys jolted me back to reality. The Everboys ran in, fake sword-fighting. I yawned. This was a joke. I mean, please. Lithia could disarm any of them in 10 seconds. I would definitely pay to see that. Then, they throw a rose. To a girl. The prettiest girl they see. I almost laughed out loud. Are these guys for real? Apparently so. The Evergirls seemed to love it, but who knows the mysterious ways their minds work. Or if they work. Behind me, I heard one of the boys start talking,”Ugh. The Everboys are so annoying. They think they’re the center of the world. They just swoop in, grab the first princess they see, marry them, take them to their kingdom, and live happily ever after. They do no actual work, unlike us. We have to work for what we want. It doesn’t get handed to us on a gold plate.” Lithia slowly turned and looked at him, “Yeah. So. Who. Are. You.” I turned around too, the boy she was speaking to was the one with the dyed black hair. He responded, “Do. You. Have. Trouble. Speaking. In. Full. Sentences?” I gasped, as Lithia started whisper-yelling, “Who do you think you are?” she said disgustedly. “Um, Asher, the vampire.” Lithia gasps. “ What?!? I mean, um, whatever. But how are you able to be outside? How are you awake? Can you turn into a bat? Can you fly? Can you brainwash me?” Asher heaved a huge sigh, “I’m outside in the day because the teachers and the School Master put a spell on me so I can go to classes. I can turn into a bat, but only for, like, 30 seconds, so it’s kind of useless. I’m pretty sure I can’t fly, so…” Lithia nodded and added, “Will you brainwash me?” Asher groaned,” I’m not going to brainwash you!” The average looking boy popped in, “But I might.”

        sgebooklover123456 replied 11 months ago

        Sorry, this one is kind of long.

        evergirl391 replied 11 months ago


        foxwoodeagle replied 11 months ago

        THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!

          sgebooklover123456 replied 11 months ago


        rwbywingskeeper replied 11 months ago

        Awesomely amazingly great!

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