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    ~Past the Woods Beyond~
    Chapter 3: The Welcoming
    Colin had no idea what he was doing. A teacher by the name of Professor Lucian had provided them with roses and tight-fitting blue uniforms lined with gold and made them tuck their shirts in. It was dreadfully uncomfortable. They were also given swords with the order to stage a sword fight, entering the Theatre of Tales. Colin flung his sword in different directions, skipping around cluelessly trying to fight, but he was convinced he looked like he was swatting a bunch of flies. To his defence, that was sort of true. He had no experience in sword-fighting whatsoever, so he decided to treat it as if the other boys’ swords were irritating insects. It worked for the most part until Neptune decided to intentionally trip Colin, whose face had a nice introduction to the floor.
    “Bruh- what’s your problem?”
    “That’s what you get for disrespecting a prince, bruh!” Neptune exclaimed, apparently proud that he humiliated Colin in front of everyone.
    Colin smirked at the prince’s awkward use of “bruh” and tried not to explode into snorts of laughter. He got up and glanced around the theatre. On one side of the room sat a bunch of pretty girls dressed in dresses while the other side was filled with gruesome, calculating faces. He studied the crowd of scowls and black clothing, and made a note to himself that they were called the Nevers, reading the sign. He glanced at some of the Nevergirls and a beautiful one caught his eye. She noticed his stare and winked at him. Colin wasn’t sure how he was supposed to feel about that. The Nevers were a lot more interesting than the Evers. Sure, some of them looked like they were trying too hard to look edgy, but he would rather spend time with them than the absolute chads he was forced to be with. He tried to sneak a glance at the pretty girl once more, but someone else caught his gaze. That’s when Colin froze. It was him. The guy in Colin’s dreams. The one whose head was on a spike. Now that Colin saw him alive in person, he could see the boy’s features in detail. He had a cunning and cold expression. Those eerie pale blue-green eyes were even more unsettling in person. His skin was impossibly smooth and pale, which contrasted against his dark brown hair, and he looked incredibly young compared to the others. He was a tad bit funny-looking, as he had ears that stuck out and a very slim figure, but for a reason, Colin couldn’t quite put his finger on, this boy was actually handsome. One of the boy’s low-sitting eyebrows were raised, as he was scanning the Everboys. He had an evil grin with a slight overbite that wasn’t very noticeable as he spoke to a short guy, clearly mocking the Everboys. Colin quickly glanced away as the boy’s gaze passed over him. He had a feeling he wouldn’t want to be encountering this guy.
    Someone snapped Colin out of his thoughts by tapping him on the shoulder and said, “You’re supposed to toss your rose to one of the Evergirls.” Colin fumbled awkwardly and clutched his rose. “Ow! This one still has thorns!”
    “It doesn’t matter. Just toss it to someone!” the Everboy told Colin.
    Not knowing where to throw it, Colin chucked it at the crowd of Evergirls. The thorny rose landed in some girl’s hair, who wasn’t even paying attention to him. Colin’s face scrunched up in embarrassment, hoping no one saw that. Unfortunately, loads of Everboys had seen it and started laughing. The girl who had gotten the rose stuck in her hair wasn’t so fortunate either. She’d been trying to get it out of her blonde hair, and the other Evergirls were trying to help out, glowering at Colin disapprovingly. The Nevers on the other side of the theatre continued booing and saying “NEVERS RULE! EVERS STINK!” at the Everboys as they bowed to their ladies. And at the weirdest possible timing, the doors opened again, and Neptune came marching into the theatre.
    “Oh, look. Fishboy totally didn’t just walk back outside so he could have another dramatic entrance all to himself,” Colin blurted. He hadn’t realised that he said that out loud, and might he add, extremely loud. Neptune clenched his teeth in rage and tried to contain his anger. He looked as if he was about to say a curse word, but he managed to shove it back down and keep a calm face. He wore his annoying fake smile once again and threw his rose to the blonde evergirl who had gotten Colin’s rose stuck in her hair. She caught it perfectly this time and smiled sweetly at Neptune. Colin rolled his eyes and turned around, not wanting to face the annoying white grin of Neptune. Unfortunately, just when things couldn’t get worse, the boy he dreamt about was staring right at Colin with alert bloodshot eyes.

    Andric had succeeded. He brought his nemesis into this world. So far, his plan was working… Andric studied his nemesis. He scanned the boy’s body language, appearance and manner. His nemesis didn’t look as princely as Andric thought he would. The boy had the appearance of a shepherd boy with messy light brown locks, a freckled face and common hazel eyes. Completely ordinary with no features that stood out. He wasn’t even that well-built like the other Everboys. He was just a plain, simple boy with no fighting experience, so how could he possibly kill Andric, who was expertly trained from his days in Neverland? Andric didn’t have the faintest idea. He could tell that the boy was trying to avoid him based on the many head turns he did. So he does know about me, Andric thought.
    “Colin! You blo.ody bast.ard!” the overconfident merboy had bellowed angrily. The sound of that name triggered Andric. Colin. It seemed like his senses had opened up if they weren’t before, and everything about that name made Andric feel angry and restless. “So his name is Colin,” he muttered under his breath.
    David heard him and responded, “I bet he’s a halfer like me. I just prefer Evil. It’s much more enjoyable. Plus, Evers are the dumbest people you will meet.”
    A girl beside Andric heard their discussion on Evers and said, “Agreed. They’re such idiots. Out of all the Evers, which one would you like to kill first? I’d say that fishboy. He gets on my nerves, and Nylo’s.” A ruby red snake with jet black eyes that was wrapped around her neck hissed in agreement and glowered at the Everboys. So this was Tash, Andric recalled. He’d seen her in the halls scheming with two other witches. He recognized her long black hair, ******* in a high ponytail and her black eyes that contrasted against her pale ivory skin. She had unusual wings that were folded in, which made Andric wonder if she was related to Maleficent, the Dark Fairy.
    “I’d kill the fishboy too. Just by controlling his blood flow and making him die slowly. That would be so fun,” another girl said in a strangely cheery tone. This girl was extremely skinny and it was almost unhealthy, but Andric doubted that she was in bad health. She had very dark brown wavy hair, close to black and chocolate brown eyes that went well with her brownish skin tone. He recognized her features and instantly knew that this was the second girl he had seen in the halls. She bore a striking resemblance to the Queen of Hearts of Wonderland.
    “Lauren, I don’t think you should be talking about this as if it were a hobby. I would personally kill no one,” a pale icy blue-eyed girl said. Her shoulder-length jet black hair with bangs was tucked behind her elf ears. Andric recognized her as the third witch he had seen in the hall.
    Tash rolled her eyes and replied, “Mel, that’s not how you play the game. Unless you’re talking about a person named ‘No One’.”
    “Wait, this is a game?” David asked, intrigued.
    “Of course it is. It’s a game I invented when I was young called the Who-would-you-kill-first game,” Tash answered.
    “I see you were already having murder on your mind at a young age,” Mel remarked, “And to think, all I cared about was how many squirrels I could catch.”
    “I would kill that Fishboy first. He would make a nice addition to my skull collection. Especially because of how thick it is,” Andric interrupted suddenly.
    “Alright, you win, stickboy,” Tash announced. Andric ignored the fact that she called him ‘stickboy’ and smirked at his small victory.
    “How can you possibly win this game?” David asked, “I’ve read tons of books on the history of games and rules, none of which apply to any game of this sort.”
    “Well, she made up the game,” Lauren reminded him. “Which is very fun, by the way. We should play some more.”
    “No one should be playing this game in the first place,” Mel added.
    “Oh Mel, honey. Who is this person called ‘No One’ you keep speaking of?” Tash asked tauntingly. Mel was about to respond, but she was interrupted by a booming voice.

    “Welcome, Evers and Nevers!” A dark-haired male centaur bellowed. “I am Remus, the Good Welcoming Leader, and this is my brother, Romulus.”
    Romulus and Remus? Colin thought it was strange that these two were named after the twins who founded the city of Rome.
    “The Evil, and clearly better Welcoming Leader,” Romulus snapped. This centaur looked identical to his brother, but he had longer hair and wore dark clothing, looking a lot less put together.
    Remus had a forced grin as if he hated putting up with his brother’s behaviour. “As you all know, you have been selected for either the School for Good or the School for Evil. Those of you who are halfers get to choose which school to attend.”
    A boy named Wesly whispered to the others, “The rules have changed. Back then, you had to either be just Evil or Good.”
    “Then why is he in the School for Good?” Neptune asked, pointing at Colin. Neptune directed a smug smirk towards him, and as Colin was about to protest, the Welcoming Leaders continued, “No mixing schools, and no sneaking off to the other school. Otherwise, there will be consequences. Many of you are lucky to be here. The School Master chose you himself, and that is why you must never escape.”
    This didn’t reassure Colin. How was he going to ever get back to New York? And more importantly, how did the School Master choose him if Colin didn’t even belong in this world?

    Andric wasn’t paying that much attention as Remus continued, “You are all chosen for a reason: To protect the balance between Good and Evil. If that balance is ever knocked off, our world will perish.”
    Andric mouthed the words, mocking the Welcoming leaders. “Just get on with it,” he muttered impatiently.
    “Now, the rules,” Romulus added, cutting his brother short. “Students must remain in their assigned schools at all times, as you already know. You are forbidden to go into the Endless Woods after dark and you must NEVER interfere with the Storian. You are forbidden from attempting to cross the barrier on Halfway Bridge and hunting the animals in the Blue Forest. And most importantly, students will not kill their fellow students.” Andric stiffened. No killing? What was the point of the School for Evil then? He heard Lauren sadly mutter, “No more Off with their heads,” clearly mad about that rule. How was he even supposed to make sure his nemesis was killed? He obviously couldn’t murder Colin in the middle of the halls, so he figured he would have to make it look like Colin died in a way that was caused by an accident. Andric was clever enough. He knew he could do it. In fact, scheming and planning were his specialities.
    (Spoe me for the bio template because I’m too lazy to post it here)
    @LAUREN813 – Creator of Lauren
    @DAVYSMAVY – Creator of David
    @CATTYROSE – Creator of Tash
    @YAY5681 – Creator of Melody
    @2IYCRB2QAWUTOB – Creator of Abigail and Kaiden
    @EMERSONCOLIN – Creator of Darcia and Gally
    @LUNALOVEGOODFAN – (waiting for bio)
    @LSOLIVEN – Creator of Alyvia-Laurell Soliven
    @MRFORKLE4-0 – Creator of Wesly
    @RARIPLAYZ – Creator of Angie
    @ZEE110 – Creator of Evanna
    @BLAZE5681 – Creator of Conan
    @LYNXDRAGON67 – Creator of Myrtle
    @CHLOELK – Creator of Gypsy
    @EVERNEVERACADEMY – Creator of Gael
    @STELLAAAZ – Creator of Lola
    @JAFARISTHEBEST – Creator of May

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