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    Past the Woods Beyond
    Chapter 7: Surviving Fairy Tales
    (Spoe me for the bio template if you want to make one)
    So this was what the boy in Colin’s dream sounded like. He had a British accent, and his voice was slightly higher and more boyish than Colin expected. If you didn’t focus on his face, this boy didn’t look intimidating at all. He was very skinny and a bit shorter than Colin. He wore a woodsboy’s short tunic with mid-length sleeves and leather wrist cuffs, along with knee boots on his feet and a big belt on his waist. Pretty normal, but the boy’s expressions were scary as he.ll. Colin pretended not to know him. “Yeah, um, who are you?”
    “Drop the act. We both know you and I have a connection,” the boy replied. Colin’s fidgeting started getting worse.
    “No, no, no. I have no idea who you are, man. You must be mistaken. People say I look exactly like Chris Hemsworth-Evans-Pratt-Pine. You must be mistaking me for him.”
    The boy turned his head and sneered, rolling his eyes. The rest of their group wasn’t paying much attention to them, and instead, were chatting amongst themselves.
    Andric scoffed, then leapt down from the branch in the tree. He went over to Conan and the Coven, as they were the only people he knew well and said, “When are we even going to have some real challenges?”
    Tash nodded in agreement. “I’ve already studied all of the survival tips for Fairy Tales. I just showed up for this class to torment the Evers.” Tash’s soul snake, Nylo, hissed at one of the scared-looking Evergirls named May, who dropped her things and ran away screaming.
    Meanwhile, an Evergirl named Evanna was trying to start a conversation with Conan. “You seem awfully quiet. What’s your name?” she asked.
    Conan’s head ****** up, clearly shocked that a girl had approached him. “Conan.” He went back to muttering something about a tree and picking random pieces of grass, which Evanna apparently thought was very strange. “Alright then,” she responded, backing up, then chatting with Lola. So everyone was getting along here, sort of.
    “Annoying Evers, am I right?” Andric asked, sitting next to Conan.
    “Indeed,” Conan replied quietly, trying to avoid anyone’s gaze.
    Andric studied the group some more and found that Darcia was flirting with Colin this time. She poked him in the chest as he looked completely bewildered. She slightly turned around and caught Andric staring, but he quickly looked away. Good. That girl wasn’t trying to get to him anymore. She has moved on to Colin.
    Suspicious of how smooth things had been going, Andric searched around for group 4’s leader but found that he was nowhere to be found. The same thing applied to the others. Where were all of the leaders? Andric stopped in his tracks. Everyone went quiet.
    Suddenly, a beast came charging from the Blue Forest.
    Colin widened his eyes in disbelief. A hideous green Questing Beast emerged from the forest, breathing fire. It was the most terrifying thing Colin had ever seen. It seemed to have the body of a giraffe, and the head and neck of a green snake with horns. It had sharp fangs and a blo.ody red forked tongue that flickered in and out, waiting to feast on its prey. The thing looked seriously hungry. Students from both schools ran around screaming, and Darcia, the girl who had winked at Colin at the welcoming, clung onto him.
    “Let go of me!” he screamed, clearly freaked out. Darcia just smiled and pointed her finger at the beast. For a moment, her finger glowed violet, and something happened to the beast. It stopped breathing and began whimpering in pain. But suddenly, whatever Darcia did was no longer working. She fainted into Colin’s arms and she wasn’t faking it either. Wesly came to assist Colin and carried Darcia away to the safest spot. How did Darcia do that? Did she have magic? But Colin saw the same thing happening to the other students. Apparently, they all had magic and glowing fingers. Wesly commanded the Evers like he was their leader.
    “Evanna, use your water for extinguishing the fire,” he ordered. Evanna nodded and dashed away. The creature nearly burnt her to a crisp, but she had extreme reflexes which helped her dodge the flames.
    “Angie, do you have a bow and arrow?” Wesly asked. Angie turned around, showing the bow strapped to her back.
    “Good. Try to keep the monster distracted. And, Gael, I know there isn’t much stone, but can you use your stone manipulation to trap the monster?”
    Gael nodded and muttered, “Already planned that.”
    “Yes, and Myrtle, can you shrink and fly up to the monster’s face? Try to attack it from above and work together with Alyvia-Laurell when she uses her cloud to float up.” Myrtle instantly shrank and started flying while Alyvia-Laurell dramatically formed a sparkly cloud with her hands, smiling in delight. Kaiden found his way back to the Evers and said, “I’ll tend to the wounds. I can use my magic to mend them.” Wesly nodded in approval and turned to face Colin.
    “Er, Colin… Do you have experience?” he asked.
    “Um, I’ll just go help Kaiden. Or maybe hide behind a wall. Who knows,” Colin replied, not even trying to hide how frightened he was.
    Meanwhile, the Nevers were a lot more chaotic. No one was taking charge, and it all looked like a mess of fingerglows. Tash was flying around Gael’s stone pillars, trying to cast spells at the Questing Beast, as she tried controlling its mind with Nylo, and Lauren kept trying to get close to stab the beast, in an attempt to obtain its spilt blood. Mel used her telekinesis to try to control the Beast’s movements, but it was much too large to control. Gypsy fought alongside Tash, as she also had wings.
    “You also have wings?” she asked Tash.
    “Yes. From my mother Maleficent,” Tash replied, proud of her fairy tale relative. Gypsy frowned in confusion. “But she’s my mother. I’m her only child.”
    In the middle of a dark spell, Tash stopped. “What?”
    The beast shot a blast of fire at Tash as she was distracted, and Gypsy pushed Tash out of the way. But the beast’s fire hit her instead. Gypsy came tumbling out of the air until Tash caught her and saw that she was badly burned. David rushed to bring her to the safety station, as they were still trapped outside of the school with no infirmary to bring her to.
    In the meantime, Lola was using her talent of confusing people. She could make the beast think that things were in front of it, but in reality, nothing was.
    “Ugh! The stone pillars are blocking my view!” she hollered.
    Gael quickly glanced at her. “Hurry up! I’ll move them quickly, but you have to be fast.”
    Lola nodded and smiled, grateful that Gael, though from a different school, was on her side.
    Back at the safety station, David and Gally took care of the injured Nevers.
    “Since when were you a healer?” David asked his cousin.
    “Since you told me that driving the beast mad wasn’t going to help defeat it,” Gally responded quickly. He sounded nervous, but he was clearly trying to hide it.
    Conan popped up from behind and gave Gally a fright.
    “Blimey! You almost made me mess up on Gypsy’s wounds!” Gally exclaimed, holding the bandage. Conan slightly smirked, but that didn’t last long when he nearly got burnt to a crisp by the beast’s flames. Andric came out of nowhere and shoved Conan aside before he could get killed. Conan looked up in shock and made an almost-grateful expression as he was dusting himself off.
    “Mate, you better move the injured to a safer spot,” Andric warned. “Wouldn’t want cooked Nevers, would we?”
    “Where the he.ll did you come from?” Gally questioned, clearly still confused on why people kept popping out from nowhere.
    “From the tree above. I was in the branches, studying the beast,” Andric replied. He’d been watching the beast for quite a while during the fight, and he was certain about one thing: This beast wasn’t trying to harm them.
    Sorry for being terribly inconsistent with the chapters. I will try better to post every OTHER day (I can’t post every day. Apologies).
    @LAUREN813 – Creator of Lauren
    @DAVYSMAVY – Creator of David
    @CATTYROSE – Creator of Tash
    @YAY5681 – Creator of Melody
    @2IYCRB2QAWUTOB – Creator of Abigail and Kaiden
    @EMERSONCOLIN – Creator of Darcia and Gally
    @LUNALOVEGOODFAN – (waiting for bio)
    @LSOLIVEN – Creator of Alyvia-Laurell
    @MRFORKLE4-0 – Creator of Wesly
    @RARIPLAYZ – Creator of Angie
    @ZEE110 – Creator of Evanna
    @BLAZE5681 – Creator of Conan
    @LYNXDRAGON67 – Creator of Myrtle
    @CHLOELK – Creator of Gypsy
    @EVERNEVERACADEMY – Creator of Gael
    @STELLAAAZ – Creator of Lola
    @JAFARISTHEBEST – Creator of May
    @LALAGIZA – Creator of Narcissa

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        Gally: Where the heck did you come from?? o.0
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        Could I possibly get chapters 1-3 somehow? I read them but it was a while back, and i haven’t had a chance to catch up but the story line was really good

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          You can look through my activity. I’ll give a brief summary: Basically Colin got kidnapped by Andric’s shadow and they’ve been having dreams about killing each other. Colin gets brought into the enchanted world and somehow ends up in the School for Good. Colin has been avoiding Andric because of his dreams and they meet in this chapter. Chapter 2 is about them entering the school, and chapter 3 is the welcoming where they go over the rules and stuff (also many characters get introduced). For more detail, you can spoe me for the first 3 chapters.

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        Wonderfullllll chapter!!!!
        And here’s my bio:
        Name: Claire
        Nickname: N/A
        Age: Whatever fits best
        Orientation: Straight
        Gender: Female
        Pronouns: She/her
        Personality: Claire is very outgoing, she loves people. Talking, making friends, literally everything. So, obviously she’s very extroverted. But don’t let that make you think she doesn’t have a softer side either. She’s happy all the time (Most of it is real, but other times no) She is also very intelligent and will always help someone in need. She loves meeting new people and will instantly help someone warm up to her. Claire loves nature and spends most of her time photographing it, and when she’s not doing that she’s either meeting new people or studying.
        Appearance: 完成画像
        Outfit: A sweater with leggings, and a flower in her long flowy hair
        School: Good
        Kingdom: Avalon
        Fairy tale relative: No one
        Finger Glow: Sunshine yellow
        Circus Talent: Telepathy
        Crush (if you have one): (stan fictional dudes 😌✌️) Klaus Baudelaire from a Series of Unfortunate Events
        Likes: People, reading, history, the sun, nature, studying, astronomy
        Dislikes: Self-haters,
        Backstory: She lived a normal life, nothing special
        Other: Lmk if you need smth else

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